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  • Rudolfo Anaya and Bless me, Ultima Born in 1937 in Pastura, New Mexico Attended the University of New Mexico Bless Me, Ultima was his first novel Based on personal experience Bless was awarded 1971 Premio Quinto Sol Literary Prize Part of trilogy: Heart of Aztlan and Tortugo Anaya was invited to teach creative writing at the U of NM
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  • New Mexico History Home to native cultures before Spanish explorers Explorers arrived in 1500s looking for seven cities of gold 1540 Fransisco Vasquez de Coronado arrived in NM and for 140 years afterwards, colonized it as New Spain and tried to convert and make the culture Spanish Natives accepted, then resented, these attempts led to Pueblo Revolt of 1680
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  • Spanish then took Santa Fe by force Spanish settlements became more tolerant of native religions NM shows unique mix of Catholicism and native religions Spanish governors managed NM until 1821 when Mexico gained independence During Mexican American war, US colonel took NM and gave citizenship to people As a result, population increased and was more industrious In 1912 NM became 47 th state, after 2 failed attempts
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  • Point of View of Bless Me, Ultima Bildungsroman- follows progress of a youth to man Similar to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (James Joyce) and The Red Badge of Courage (Stephen Crane) Uses first person Told chronologically Set in New Mexico during World War II
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  • Historical Context Effects of war are evident on Lupito He is a war-damaged soldier and at his death believes he is surrounded by Japanese soldiers
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  • Plot Summary Antonios experiences throughout conflict and crises These include death of Lupito, the curse on Uncle Lucas, the encounter between Ultima and Tenorio after Tenorios daughter dies, death of Narciso, the curse on the Tellez family, Florences drowning, final encounter between Tenorio and Ultima
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  • Conflicts Between parents expectations and the three older sons behavior Fathers family were vaqueros on llano and mothers family were farmers in Las Pasturas Mother is devout Catholic and father is not Mom wants Antonio to be scholar priest and father wants him to be a vaquero Antonio finds that mom and dads views can peacefully coexist in the natural world
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  • Students speak Spanish and teachers speak English Ultima helps people and Tenorios daughters seek to harm people Ultima is a force of good and Tenorio is the embodiment of evil Antonio is torn between mothers Catholicism and folk beliefs Seems to lean away from church because of many unexplained phenomenon and toward a spirituality grounded in nature and folk beliefs Learns that these two can coexist or perhaps make something new
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  • Dreams Foreshadow events and highlight inner conflicts and spiritual dilemmas Show earlier events, such as birth of Tony Bring supernatural elements such as Ultimas owl, Trementina sisters, golden carp, and mer-woman
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  • Water Images River has presence of its own Guadalupe is surrounded by water Mermaid lake and Blue lake, where Florence drowns
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  • Natural World Emphasis on plants from mothers side of the family Ultima picking herbs Narcisos beautiful garden Significant events occurring near juniper tree
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  • The Number Three Three brothers of Tony Three Trementina sisters Three cultures: Spanish, Mexican, Native American Three deaths witnessed: Narciso, Lupito, and Florence Three ghosts of Indians The Trinity: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
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  • Style Magical Realism: rational and irrational appear together in a realistic setting Path toward adulthood Influenced by A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Example: story of bird and eternity
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  • Section 2
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  • United Fruit Co. Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) Neruda was born in Passal, Chile Began writing poetry as a teenager In 1924 published 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair and was translated into 20 languages Believed in poetry of real life and rejected beautiful in favor of harsh and elemental Believed poems should be in plain language and be real Served in Chilean consular service Political views were radical and joined Communist party Member of senate in Chile Went into exile
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  • Came back from exile and elected presidential candidate, but supported the winning candidate Won the Nobel Prize for literature Published The Elementary Odes Died of cancer in 1973 United Fruit Co was part of longer work titled Canto General, an epic poem Tells history of Latin America from Marxist perspective Lament about Latin American nations losing their abundant natural resources to powerful North American commercial interests
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  • The Switchman Juan Jose Arreola (1918-2001) Juan born in Zapotlan in Jalisco, Mexico Teacher of history and literature Along with Antonio Alatorre, he founded a literary magazine called Pan in 1945 Published book Varia Invencion in 1949,Confabulario in 1952, and La Feria in 1963 Pioneer of non-realistic literature The Switchman is satire of less than perfect Mexican train system and efforts to improve it Criticizes absurdities of authority and willingness of people to comply with it
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  • Painting to Survive Mario Vargas Llosa (B. 1936) Born in Peru, raised in Bolivia Starting writing novels in 1960s Ran for president of Peru in 1990, but lost to Alberto Fujimori The Language of Passion- book of essays completed in 2001. Painting to Survive was printed in this book A Biography of Frida Khalo (1983) inspired Painting to Survive
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  • Juana Ines De La Cruz (1648?-1695) A nun, scientist, musician and writer At about 16, moved to Mexico City Major poems Divine Narcissus and First Dream Theatrical works: Allegorical Neptune and The Trials of a Noble House Took nuns vows at Convent of San Jeronimo, 1667 1690- The Athenagoric Letter published by Bishop of Puebla with a letter by Sor Filotea 1694- renewed her vows 1695- died during an epidemic Sonnet 27 is written in the style of an Italian sonnet Addresses a friend, a false portrait Sonnet 28 similar to Sonnet 27 in style, but with different subject matter and tone
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  • The Ruby Ruben Dario (1865 1916) Famous writer of poetry and prose Father of modern Spanish literature Born in Nicaragua but moved to El Salvador then to Chile Newspaperman 1888 published Azul The Ruby is a contrast of artificial rubies and a natural ruby Based on a fairytale and characters are based on A Midsummer Nights Dream
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  • La Extranjera Gabriela Mistral 1881-1957 Wanted children and her poetry sings to the children of others Beautiful lullabies, moods, and scenery Sonetos de la Muerte (Sonnets of Death) written after lovers suicide Successful teacher, Notable impact on education systems 1922-1938 worked in Europe Proceeds of Tala went to relief of Basque Children left homeless Sympathizes with homeless without families in war-torn nations La Extranjera about homeless refugee far from her homeland Sympathetic observer, stranger has known passion and if more was told, there would be an avalanche of emotions