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<p>Basics of SAP &amp; Workflow in SAP(Week 1 )Basic SAP GUI NavigationWorkflow terminologyUse of workflow and workflow templatesBasic Customizing settings in the SAP Business Workflow systemInboxes:Possible inboxes for work itemsDefining substitutesProcessing work itemsArchitecture:Workflow componentsActivating templatesDetermining agents using Organizational ManagementTerminologyStructure of organizational units, positions, and jobsBuilding and using workflow( Week 2Defining workflows using the Workflow BuilderEnhancing business objects with the Business Object BuilderDefining business process steps: task definitionData definition and containersDynamic agent determination at runtimeTriggering workflows with eventsTriggering events in the systemDeadline monitoringWorkflow WizardsOptions for ad-hoc processingWeb Workflow Scenarios( Week 3 ) Use business processes that use the WF-XML interface via the InternetWF-XML structuresCustomizing WF-XMLUsing WF-XML as a workflow stepBusiness processes that run via the Internet and call Web servicesThe WebFlow Service Handler and its componentsCustomizing the WebFlow Service HandlerImporting WSDL Web Service DefinitionsUsing Web services as a workflow stepWorkflow Programming(Week 4 )ProgrammingBusiness Object Builder: defining and implementing your own BOR objectsData flow and new containersRule function modulesProgramming exits at step and workflow levelEvent generation by programmingCheck function modulesReceiver type function modulesReceiver function modulesRuntime system:StructurePerformanceAdministrationObject Oriented ABAP in Workflow( Week 5 ) Definition and implementation of ABAP-OO classes for use in the workflowDefinition of attributesDefinition of methods and error handlingDefinition of eventsTriggering ABAP-OO eventsUsing ABAP-OO classes in workflow processes</p>