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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Sap Sd Know Things</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Re: what are the things to know in SD module?</p><p>The first things in my view to know in SAP SD are:1.Sales Organizations to be setup/already exists2.Different sales areas which include various distributionchannels &amp; Division3. Plant &amp; shipping area set up</p><p>3. Next comes the Order process flow4. Logistcs execution process5. Pricing, discounts &amp; Taxes6. customer service &amp; response process7. OUTPUT, Partner &amp; Text determination processes.</p><p>------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; for SAP SD Interview questions and</p><p>other help related to job definiton on</p><p>SAP SD Module.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;&gt;&gt;&gt;SAP SD Configuration Hintsand Tips.</p><p>inclding the work structurein SAP.</p><p>Also, different T-codes forgenerating</p><p>reports in SAP are shown inthe link.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p><p>very useful help link for sap:jz chk out :- DATA TABLES:</p><p>CEPC = Profit Center Master Data TableCSKS = Cost Center MasterKNA1 = Cutomer Master (General Data)LFA1 = Vendor Master (General Data)</p><p>MARA = Material Master (General Data)SKB1 = G/L Account Master (Company Code)T001W = Plants/BranchesT001 = Company Code--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAP SD Tables:VA21 Quotation CreationVA22 Quaotation ChangeVA23 Quotation DisplayVA01 Sales Order CreationVA02 Sales Order ChangeVA03 Sales Order Display</p><p>Vl01N Delivery Creation, Post goods issueVL02n Delivery Change, post goods issueVL03N Delivery Display</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Sap Sd Know Things</p><p> 2/4</p><p>VL09 Reversal of the postgoods issueVL02N Deletion of the delivery documentVF01 Invoice creationVF02 Changes of the invoiceVF03 Display of the invoiceVF04 Invoice creation, batch or massVF11 Invoice Cancellation</p><p>VD01 Cusomer Creation (Sales Area level)VD02 Change of the customer master (Sales area level)VD03 Display Customer masterXD01 Cusomer Creation (Company Code level)XD02 Change of the customer master (Company Code level)XD03 Display Customer masterVL10B Creation of the delivery for the stock transfer orderME21N Stock transfer order creationME22N Change of the stock transfer orderVA05 Sales order reportVF05 Invoice reportVOK0 Pricing Configuration</p><p>CO09Simulation of the availabilty checkLT01 Transfer order creation</p><p>MB03 Display fo the material documentFB03 Display of the accounting document---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAP SD Tables</p><p>KNA1 Customer MasterADRC Address of the customers / PartnersVBAK Sales order headerVBAP Sales order Line itemVBEP Schedule Line</p><p>LIKP Delivery HeaderLIPS Delivery Line itemVBRK Invoice headerVBRP- Invoice Line item levelVBFA Document FlowVBUP Status of the sales document (Header/Line item)VBKD Sales order business dataVBPA Partner information (Header / Line item). Header information is stored withline item number as 000000.A*** Condition tables (where as *** is codnition table number).MARA Material MasterKONV Conditions transaction DataMVKE Sales data for material master.*************************************************************************************************************************************The most frequently used transaction codes are as follows:1. VS00 - Master data2. VC00 - Sales Support3. VA00 - Sales4. VL00 - Shipping5. VT00 - Transportation6. VF00 - Billing</p><p>Others as follows:At Configuration:</p><p>1. VOV8 - Define Sales documents type (header)2. OVAZ - Assigning Sales area to sales documents type3. OVAU - Order reasons</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Sap Sd Know Things</p><p> 3/4</p><p>4. VOV4 - Assign Item categoreies(Item cat determination)5. VOV6 - Scedule line categories6. OVAL - To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type7. OVLK - Define delivery types8. V/06 - Pricing9. V/08 - Maintain pricing procedure10.OVKP - Pricing proc determination</p><p>11.V/07 - Access sequence</p><p>Enduser:1. Customer Master Creation-VD01 and XD01 (for full inclu company code)</p><p>VD02 - Change CustomerVD03 - Display CustomerVD04 - Customer Account ChangesVD06 - Flag for Deletion CustomerXD01 - Create CustomerXD02 - Modify CustomerXD03 - Display Customer</p><p>2. Create Other material ----MM00</p><p>3. VB11- To create material determination condition record4. CO09- Material availability Overview5. VL01 - Create outbound delivery with ref sales order6. VL04 - Collective processing of delivery7. VA11 - Create Inquiry</p><p>VA12 - Change InquiryVA13 - Display Inquiry</p><p>Sales &amp; DistributionSales order / Quote / Sched Agreement / Contract VA01 - Create Order VA02 - Change Order VA03 - Display Order</p><p> VA02 - Sales order change VA05 - List of sales orders VA32 - Scheduling agreement change VA42 - Contract change VA21 - Create Quotation VA22 - Change Quotation VA23 - Display Quotation</p><p>Billing VF02 - Change billing document VF11 - Cancel Billing document VF04 - Billing due list FBL5N - Display Customer invoices by line FBL1N - Display Vendor invoices by line</p><p>Delivery VL02N - Change delivery document VL04 - Delivery due list VKM5 - List of deliveries VL06G - List of outbound deliveries for goods issue VL06P - List of outbound deliveries for picking VL09 - Cancel goods issue VT02N - Change shipment VT70 - Output for shipments</p><p>General VKM3, VKM4 - List of sales documents VKM1 - List of blocked SD documents</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Sap Sd Know Things</p><p> 4/4</p><p> VD52 - Material Determination</p><p>****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************</p></li></ul>


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