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Industrial Design Portfolio 2016E D U C AT I O NBachelors program in Industrial Design Lund University School of Industrial Design, Lund, Sweden Exchange Industrial Design Major Georgia Institute of TechnologyAtlanta,USAIndustrial Design and Technology Polhem Upper secondary school Gothenburg, SwedenA C H I E V E M E N T SLund university:International Host Committee Hosting events for exchange studentsNomination Committee Interviews and nominated posts to corporation, Introduction week Mentor for freshmen studentsDriving licence B C V1Aug 2013 - Fall 2015 2011-2013NameBirthCell phoneEmail 2013-2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2014A B O U TSandra Laksj Svensson29th of September, 19940046737851550sandralaksjosvensson@gmail.comW O R K E X P E R I E N C EMarketing assistantBiolin ScientificGothenburg Made articles in indesign Graphic designerKristianstad nationLund Student organization Rollercoaster workerFast food workerLiseberg AB GothenburgAdministrative assistant Q-senseGothenburg Updated a database of scientific articlesDesign InternJerker Andersson DesignGothenburgSketching and ideation 2Dec 2014 - Aug 2015 Aug 2013 - June 2015 Summer of 2015 Summer of 2013 & 2014Apr 2011Feb 2010S O F T WA R E S K I L L S SolidworksRhinoceros (now learning)Autodesk - Fusion 360Autodesk - Inventor Sketch-upAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorAdobe IndesignAdobe After EffectKeyshot Axure - Interactive Wireframe Software & Mockup ToolL A N G U A G ESwedish NativeEnglish FluentFrench Very basic34T H U L E O U T D O O R C O A S T E RT H U L E O U T D O O R C O A S T E RSUPERVISOR: Charlotte Sjdell & Jasjit SinghCOLLABORATION:DURATION:6 weeksEXTERNAL SUPERVISOR: Bendik Torvin & Joel Alexandersson from: Create a vision for a child carrier inspired by the Thule Chariot coaster and identify activities that make a child transporter into an enjoyable outdoor experience.O B J E C T I V E78 Children at outdoor kindergarten have lower frequency of sick leave B A C K G R O U N DDuring the last 20 years the change to be allergic have an increase 3-4 times and today one third of the kids in Sweden have some sort of allergic disease. Scientists have many theories why and one of them is our modern lifestyle. Parents are afraid expose their kids with dirt and bacteria and bad weather so they are protecting their kids too well.Fortunately, a current trend in Sweden today is to place children in a kindergarten which have their activity outside. A study from says that children on outdoor kindergarden had lower sickness non-attendance than kids on a traditionally kinder garden inside. One reason is that the contamination is lower outside and the outdoor environment is less stressful. It is not dangerous for kids to be outside. As long as the kid wear clothes for right weather conditions, it is only healthy. Thule outdoor coaster is following the trend.9T A R G E TFamily with two 5 year old kidsOutdoor enthusiasts, like to be in the nature independing of weather conditions.They are transporting their kids every day from home to kindergartenThe family does not have a car or garage1 0PROSEasy access to storage in the backEasy to connect with bikeEasy to operate with bike aswell as strollerO B S E R VA T I O N SFlexible handle adapted to running or walking. 1 1CONSGood attention drawer, but annoyingAll made of fabric, easily break the bottomHave to be stored insideVery bad condition after some years in use1 2In a discussions during the project I started to think about why it is such a big step between Thule chair and Thule coaster. V.SThe kid is always sitting outside The chair is stationary on the bikeThe kid is sitting inside a tent.All made in fabricT R A I L E R C H A I RA G A P1 3 My child wear rain clothing, just like me PARENTS U R V E YTrailerBicycle chairBothWhat do you prefer, abicycle chair or a trailer?Do you bike with your child on a bicycle chair even if its raining?I asked 15 parents 20 questions about habits regarding coasters vs bike chairsYesNoIs it important that your kids are protected from the wind while biking?YesNoIn the garageOutside undera hutOutsideWhere do you store your trailer during the night?In the garageOutside under a hutOutsideTrailerBicycle chairBothYesNoYesNo1 4I D E N T I F I E D N E E D Soffer durabilityofferluggagespace transport two kidswithstand outdoor storageoutdoor adaptedoffer wind protecting Based on my observations, survey and interviews I identified needs to fill with my concept.1 5 Create a combined stroller and bicycle trailer for outdoor use. The product should be robust and durable and withstand outdoor storageB R I E F1 6I D E A T I O NConcept sketching based on defined needs1 71 8E VA L U A T I O NFor two kids, Offer storage,wind screen, robust lookO U T D O O R C O A S T E R1 9legspacereflectortemporary storagepadlock storage2 0moulded ABS plastic2 12 2THEBUCKLEDISPENSERSUPERVISOR: Herb Velazquez & David CowanDURATION: Two weeksCOLLABORATION:THEBUCKLEDISPENSERAccording to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) there is approximately 49 000 homeless veterans living on the street in USA. 70% of them have substance abuse problems, various diseases and need different kinds of medication. Each year, the organization VAs (U.S. B A C K G R O U N DP E R S O N ADepartment of Veterans Affairs) specialized homelessness programs provide health care to almost 150,000 homeless veterans. During this conceptual project we explored issues that veterans have when trying to manage their routines with the medication. Some of them are having up to 12 pills which have to be taken different times during the day. Homeless veteran livving on the street 65 years old2 5 under VA insurance taking 4 pills 4 times every dayCharlie White3 2Design a medication dispensing system that holds medication that need to be taken 4 times a day. The concept should fit the needs of a homeless veteran.Inconspicuous Temperature controlPortability Secure Proof of prescriptionThe police write him a ticket for the pills as Charlie cannot show a prescription and arrest him.Charlies medication is stolen.It is an unusually hot week and some of Charlies medication has crystalized.S C E N A R I O2 6I D E A T I O N2 7Developing different concepts fulfilling different needsE VA L U A T I O N2 8I evaluate all the concepts based on the needs and 07 and 08 together fulfilles them all. To have the dispenser combined with a belt makes it inconspicuous and portable. A QR-code is also easy to attach as a sticker on the belt with proof of prescription.Got the medication insurence from VAAlso got a sticker with a QR code with proof of prescription that he place on the beltHe put pills for 4 days in the bucklet and the rest in his P.O. box.He set the vibration alarm when he is suppost to take pills.S T O R Y B O A R D2 9reminder systemWhen the reminder vibrate, He removing the box from the bucklet witch is connected by strong magnetismThe police asking for proof of prescription. He scanning the QR codeSince the belt is so descret, their is less chance for the thiefs to recognize it as a pill box3 0proof of prescriptionaluminumTHELUMINAIRESUPERVISOR: Olof KolteDURATION: 3 weeksBRIEF:Create a lightsource using 3 LEDs Make a reading lamp that fits in a corner behind a sofa O B J E C T I V E3 33 4A S S E M B L Y3 53 6T H E L U M I N A I R E3 73 8PHILIPSPONTESYSTEMSUPERVISOR: Herb Velazquez & David CowanEXTERNAL SUPERVISOR: Russell Kroll fromFormation Design DURATION:6 weeks PARTNERSHIP:Emory Healthcare &OTHER: 13-person group project.My main responsibility was the physical hardware of the system and its design.B A C K G R O U N DThere is a great disconnect between patients and healthcare providers. Many patients report feeling insecure because of a lack of knowledge or contact with Congestive Heart Failure Disconnecta professional. It is our goal with Philips Ponte to bridge that gap and increase patient-provider communication in order to reduce CHF patient readmissions and mortality.Patient insecurity Clinical knowledge4 1B A C K G R O U N D W H A T I S C H F ?Americas number one killer Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a chronic condition in which the heart does not pump blood as well as it should. 1 in 5 people develop CHFOver 159,000 women die of CHF a yearDiagnose die within 5 years50%4 2UNLESS they need to be therehave patientsreport concernsremind +motivateImprove patienthealth habitsKeep them alive and healthyKeep them out of hospital for 30 daysMain ObjectiveO B J E C T I V E4 2have clinicians monitor statusdirect communicationB R I E F Our project objective is to design an at-home heart monitoring device and interface system that reduces readmission and mortality rates for Congestive Heart Failure Patients within the 30-day post-discharge window. 4 4UnobtrusivePortableUniversaldesignDurablelastingWheelchair accessibleProvide feedback Intuitive Fitsbrandweight bloodpressurepulseDesign criteria deviceC R I T E R I A Vitals device can track4 5I D E A T I O N4 6Chamfer edge, easy step up, accessible with wheelchairSize of an average wheelchairFlexible, portable,soft materialR E F I N E M E N T4 7Link connectedwith magnetButtons instead of touch, more universalInaccessible panic button, hold two buttons at the same time4 8An at-home heart monitoring device and interface system that reduces readmission and mortality rates for Congestive Heart Failure Patients within the 30-day post-discharge window.COLLABORATION:David Bentham Head of Design PCMSPatient devices4 9weight gainweight lossstable statusClinician interfacePatient interface5 0THEOFFPISTGUIDESUPERVISOR: Claus-Christian EckhardtAnna PerssonDURATION: 6 weeksBRIEF:Create a handheld toolB A C K G R O U N DOffpist skiing is a freedom, but can also be a danger. It is important to know your position in detail and get updated weather and avalance data. Todays smartphones are equipped with GPS receivers. This means that most people do not need to buy a separate GPS device. However, the smartphones on the market in general, are not designed to meet the requirements in a cold snow landscape. So the smart phone can not be used as a GPS by a offpist rider.5 3The brightness Fragile, mechanical impact.Moisture or water.The battery doesnt work in coldness.Because of the touch function, it is not usable with ski gloves. SnowO B J E C T I V EA solution to this is to combine all the features in a modern smartphone, with a device that meets all requirements the smartphone is missing. The device should be connected to the smartphone via e.g. bluetooth. The smartphone can be stored in a waterproof case, kept in the pocket. The device will be the interface to the user with a high performance screen and easy accessable user interface to manage the GPS application in the smartphone. 5 4C O N C E P T S5 5E VA L U A T I O N5 6Can easily get lost in a crash. Already have a pair of sticks ,then you have to buy an extra pair. Add weighs and be heavier than the other stick. Snowboard riders do not use sticks. Risk of breaking the screen while bending the hand. Glove get wet. Good position on the body, close to the eye.The arm is a natural wearable location. Big robust navigation buttons to be able to use with gloves5 7Claymodels3D - printingNavigation Avalanche info Information of cracks in the mountain and the risk of avalanche.Compass5 8PushPushon/offnavigatezoom in/out1. Start the app on the smartphone which is sending information to the device via bluetooth.2. Push the on/off button on the device.3. Scroll the bottomwheel right/left to navigate between icons on the screen.Confirmation: The icon gets lighter. If you want to make operation, push the wheel inwards.4. Zoom with the upper scrollwheel.To lock the buttons, push the upperwheel inwards.H O W T O U S E3D - printingWeatherWindRain/snow degreesCallIf you have a bluetooth headset you can call people/answerClockStopwatchworld clockT A BO UR E TT A BO UR E TSUPERVISOR: Chris HardyDURATION:1 weekOTHER:This project was about exploring plastic in different conformations and apply these in a stoolMake a stool by exploring different methods of how to use plastic.O B J E C T I V E6 1sign foam vaccum form polystyrene for the moldleg support, 3d printing in ABS legs and support base dry fitmix polyster resinpouring the resincutted in CNC machinemachine legs to tolerance6 26 36