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<ul><li><p>Gateway Arch/Jefferson National Expansion Memorial While AALL celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2006 St. Louiss famed Gateway Arch (aka The Arch) celebrates its 41st anniversary. The 630 foot tall monument had its beginnings in 1933 when lawyer Luther Elm Smith came up with the idea for a memorial in St. Louis as a way to beautify the citys run-down waterfront the first glimpse many visitors got of St. Louis. The memorial would mark </p><p>Jeffersons role in the nations westward expansion and the 19th century migration of hundreds of thousands of people to the West, at a time when St. Louis was the last major city before the frontier. Smith began raising $225,000 for a national design competition and even went back to one large donor, who pointed out that he had already contributed! </p><p>While work was done to secure and clear 90 acres, the idea for a memorial was not revitalized until two years after World War II. In 1947-48 the design competition had 172 submissions including ones from Eliel Saarinen as well as his 38 year old son Eero. The winner in the competition was architect Eero Saarinen whose idea of a giant stainless steel arch in the shape of an inverted catenary curve is a complex engineering feat. He constructed his first model of the arch out of pipe cleaners. In 1963, construction began on The Arch and was completed in 1965. Sadly, Eero Saarinen died in 1961. </p><p>The Gateway Arch, one of the newest monuments in the National Park system -- and its tallest -- is 75 feet taller than the Washington Monument and more than twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty. There are a Museum, two movie theatres and exhibits underneath the Arch; and a 40-passenger tram system in each leg which delivers visitors to the top for stunning views of the city. The Arch and the nearby Old Courthouse make up the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. </p><p>National Library Week begins this year on April 2nd. This week gives the membership a chance to spotlight the library, or information center, within your organization and community. Social gatherings, games, displays, giveaways and special training sessions provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the librarys or information centers contribution to the workplace. There are a lot of good links that may help springboard activities or presentations devoted to National Library Week. Some of them are at: </p><p>Other upcoming events on the SANDALL Calendar this spring include a Joint Meeting. On Friday May 26th in the late afternoon, SANDALL will be hosting a joint meeting with SLA focusing on career issues such as resume writing, looking for work and networking. We will be extending an invitation to library staff or law students who are interested in becoming a law librarian or special librarian. Hopefully, this meeting will give us a chance to network with other professionals and students who are in our librarian community that we may not have met before. </p><p>Submitted by Ellie Slade, SANDALL President </p><p>P R E S I D E N T S C O L U M N </p><p>A C</p><p>HA</p><p>PT</p><p>ER</p><p> OF</p><p> TH</p><p>E </p><p>AM</p><p>ER</p><p>ICA</p><p>N A</p><p>SS</p><p>OC</p><p>IAT</p><p>ION</p><p> O</p><p>F L</p><p>AW</p><p> LIB</p><p>RA</p><p>RIE</p><p>S </p><p>S A N D A L L N E W S </p><p>M A R C H , 2 0 0 6 </p><p>V O L U M E 8 I S S U E 4 </p><p>I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : </p><p>B R O W N B A G S 2 </p><p>L I B R A R Y P R O F I L E </p><p>4 </p><p>B O A R D M E E T I N G M I N U T E S </p><p>7 </p><p>V I S I T I N G S T . L O U I S </p><p>1 0 </p></li><li><p>On Monday, January 23rd the SANDALL membership enjoyed a Brown Bag Lunch with guest speaker Salvador Torres, a Mexican-American artist and muralist. Approximately 17 attendees viewed many beautiful slides of Mr. Torres' work, primarily in the Logan Heights area. It was amazing to see the transformation from trash filled wasteland to a beautiful park with fabulous murals, now named Chicano Park. We were treated to a walk back through history during the times of the tuna fishing and canning industry. We also saw the beautiful column structure of the Coronado Bridge before and after the murals were created. Mr. Torres takes pride in educating the community about Chicano culture through art and in transforming the environment. It was an enjoyable and educational session. </p><p>Further background on the artist can be found at: </p><p>Submitted by Patricia Rusheen. </p><p>2 R E C E N T B R O W N B A G S E D U C A T E O U R L I B R A R I A N C O M M U N I T Y </p><p>Page 2 S A N D A L L N E W S </p><p>Viva la Raza by Salvador Roberto Torres </p><p>On March 10, 2006, twenty SANDALL members traveled to Thomas Jefferson School of Law to attend a fascinating counterpoint presentation by Kevin M. Keenan, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties, and John Parmley, Assistant United States Attorney in the Counter Terrorism division. The speakers were instructed to direct their comments to the topic of the Patriot Act as it applies to confidentiality of library records. Mr. Keenan began the discussion by detailing how the Patriot Act undermines the checks and balances of the U.S. Constitution by not properly allowing for judicial review when library records are subpoenaed. Mr. Parmley focused on how the reauthorization of the Patriot Act has made his job and the job of the FBI more difficult to investigate and prosecute suspected terrorists. He pointed out that a U.S. Attorney has the power to subpoena library records in any other type of case except terrorism. If it is a terrorism case the attorney or FBI agent is investigating, then permission to issue the subpoena for library records must come from very high in the FBI. These two excellent speakers with opposing views on such a controversial and current subject created an interesting event for our SANDALL membership. </p><p> Submitted by Amy Moberly </p><p>John Parmley, Assistant United States Attorney and Kevin Keenan, Executive Director of the ACLU </p><p>for San Diego and Imperial counties </p><p></p></li><li><p>Page 3 V O L U M E 8 I S S U E 4 </p><p>Contact Craig and John, your West Librarian Relations Managers. Law librarians are very important to West, which is why were here to provide you with personal, locally based service for: </p><p> Advanced practice-area and non-legal training on Westlaw </p><p> Continuing education </p><p> Cost-recovery solutions </p><p> Professional development </p><p> West account support </p><p> Scholarships for working and future law librarians </p><p>As experienced law librarians, we understand the work you doand know the challenges you face. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you and personally working with you. </p><p>Please let us know how we can help you. </p><p>Call Craig at 415-344-3961 or toll-free at 800-957-9378 ext. 3961 e-mail him at </p><p>Call John at 213-337-3292, or toll-free at 800-550-5088 ext. 3292 e-mail him at </p><p>or visit our Web site: </p><p> 2006 West, a Thomson business L-320166/2-06 </p></li><li><p>On March 3, 2006, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Library at the San </p><p>Diego office of Latham and Watkins (L &amp; W). The outer walls of the Library are </p><p>made of floor to ceiling glass which affords some quite lovely views from its </p><p>18th floor vantage point. The Librarians at Latham &amp; Watkins are a dedicated </p><p>crew who do everything from reference work to providing attorneys online </p><p>access to case files to coordinating the filing of papers with the court. The </p><p>Library contains over 2000 titles and uses both fixed and compact shelving to </p><p>house the volumes. The firm itself is very supportive of professional </p><p>development for its librarians. Latham is the firm with the largest contingent of </p><p>SANDALL members. Also, the librarians are sent to either AALL or SLA each </p><p>year. Since Latham &amp; Watkins is a global firm, there are Latham librarians from </p><p>all over the world. This year, Brent Naritomi, the Information Resources </p><p>Manager of the Latham &amp; Watkins library in San Diego, and the other L &amp; W Library Managers from many other offices are </p><p>going to St. Louis for AALL. While there, they will be attending an all-day meeting for </p><p>L &amp; W managers. The L &amp; W Reference Librarians will also attend an all-day meeting </p><p>while they are in Baltimore for the SLA Annual Conference. </p><p>A typical day for the Information Resources Manager at L &amp; W is chocked full of </p><p>meetings, budgeting, personnel matters and more. Brent Naritomi also handles </p><p>some reference work as well as writes policies and procedures for the Librarys staff. </p><p>Brent does the hiring and training of staff and provides direction for special projects. </p><p>A project he currently has in the works is the inclusion of an additional 2000 linear </p><p>feet of shelving for records and implementing a new position for records retention. </p><p>Brent is also busy cross-training the staff so that everyone has the ability to work across </p><p>departments allowing for uninterrupted coverage throughout the </p><p>month. </p><p>Melinda Briggs is a Reference Librarian and long-term veteran of L &amp; </p><p>W. Although everyone in the office handles reference work at one time </p><p>or another, reference is Melindas forte. Melinda supports the San </p><p>Diego L &amp; W office and the North County office. Since L &amp; W has </p><p>offices all over the world, Melinda even receives reference questions </p><p>from offices in Europe and Asia. The day I visited, Melinda was working </p><p>on a question from an attorney in London. The London librarians had </p><p>already left for the day so the attorney went back in time to San </p><p>Diego. </p><p> (Continued on page 5) </p><p>L I B R A R Y P R O F I L E </p><p>Page 4 S A N D A L L N E W S </p><p>Latham &amp; Watkins, LLP </p><p>From left to right: Tess Medina, Melinda Briggs, Grace Viola, Deborah May and Brent Naritomi. </p><p>Brent Naritomi </p><p>Brent, Grace and Deborah among the compact shelving </p></li><li><p>Tess Medina is described as the procedural guru for the firm. When </p><p>attorneys cant make heads nor tails of the court rules, its Tess to whom </p><p>they turn. Between answering questions on the finer points of civil </p><p>procedure, Tess handles the calendaring for the entire litigation department </p><p>at the San Diego office (with a little help from CompuLaw). If this isnt </p><p>enough to keep Tess busy, she also coordinates the filing of papers with the </p><p>court. Tess commented that her day often gets hectic at around 3:00PM </p><p>when attorneys want their papers filed that afternoon. </p><p>L &amp; Ws Dockets Librarian is Deborah May. Deborah uses software that was developed in-house to digitize and organize all </p><p>of the pleadings and other documents that are generated by the firm. It was described to me as an internal version of Pacer. </p><p>The pleadings are scanned, then uploaded into the database. Then an attorney can pull up a case file on the firms Intranet </p><p>and have all of the paperwork right there on the desktop. Just between you and me this is an amazing service! </p><p>Unfortunately, Linda Lebhar was not in the office the day I visited, but she is a Senior Library Assistant for L &amp; W. Linda </p><p>handles some of the reference work, does cite and quote checking, ILL's, processes invoices, and maintains the physical </p><p>appearance of the library (shelving). </p><p>Grace Viola is L &amp; Ws Information Resources Technician. Grace almost literally does it all. Grace does research, backs </p><p>Deborah up on the dockets, handles the library checkins and processing. She is the Acquisitions department, deals with </p><p>vendors and invoicing, sends out the routing, and handles the database maintenance. Phew! And she still had time to show </p><p>me L &amp; Ws amazing Intranet. </p><p>The firms Intranet provides access to all of the electronic </p><p>databases that are available to attorneys and paralegals. When </p><p>I asked how many databases there were, the answer was a lot. </p><p>I can certainly attest to that!! All database passwords and </p><p>access parameters are maintained by a Latham department </p><p>called GSO (Global Services Office). Along with the A-Z list of </p><p>electronic resources, Lathams Intranet also has these resources </p><p>arranged by Areas of Law. Attorneys can research using the </p><p>Intranet, they can see their routings, and they can get MCLE </p><p>credits by watching videos that have been digitized. </p><p>It was indeed a pleasure to visit the Latham and Watkins Library. It is a beautiful and very well-run facility with a friendly, </p><p>service-oriented staff. Thank you for allowing me to visit!! </p><p> Amy Moberly </p><p>(Continued from page 4) </p><p>Page 5 S A N D A L L N E W S </p><p>Tess Medina </p></li><li><p>Page 6 S A N D A L L N E W S </p></li><li><p>Page 7 S A N D A L L N E W S </p><p>BOARD MEETING MINUTES , January 12, 2006 BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Ellie Slade, Bob F. Richards and Ruth Levor LOCATION: USD Legal Research Center , 5998 Alcal Park , San Diego , CA 92110 TIME: 11:30 am The meeting was called to order at 12:00 p.m. by Ellie Slade. Minutes of the 12/12/05 Board Meeting previously approved via e-mail. </p><p>Treasurer's Report (Ruth Levor) Treasurer report submitted. The treasurer's report was accepted as presented. </p><p>Nominations Committee The Nominations Committee will begin searching for suitable candidates in February. </p><p>Joint Institute (JI) Update SANDALL's role &amp; responsibilities for the JI were discussed. SANDALL will stuff and mail registration form brochures. The exact date of "stuffing" still to be determined in late January or early February. Other details regarding badges, collection of funds and meal tickets were discussed. Grants for the Joint Institute were discussed. It was determined that $300 would be the amount per grant issued. </p><p>Next Board Meeting scheduled for Feb. 21, 2006 at 12:00 pm at Luce Forward. The board meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM. </p><p> Respectfully submitted (from notes taken by Bob F. Richards), Pat Rusheen Secretary January 23, 2006 </p></li><li><p>Page 8 S A N D A L L N E W S </p><p>Executive Session Minutes February 7, 2006 </p><p>BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Ellie Slade, Bob F. Richards, Valerie Railey, Pat Rusheen and Annette Jackson LOCATION: Luce Forward Law Firm, 600 West Broadway Suite 2600, San Diego , CA 92101 TIME: 11:30 am </p><p>The executive session was called to order at 12:19 p.m. by Ellie Slade. </p><p>Minutes of the 1/12/06 Board Meeting approved via previous e-mails and at this session. </p><p>Discussion Items: </p><p> The newly appointed SANDALL treasurer, Annette Jackson was introduced to the board. The transition logistics for the new treasurer were discussed. Annette has already been in contact with Ruth regarding steps needed to change account information and to transfer necessary documents and has made plans to do this in person and via mail as needed. </p><p> Per previous e-mails to the board and membership, it was confirmed that Ruth would continue in her capacity as Business Manager for the Newsletter and as a member of the All California Joint Institute committee and the board acknowledged Ruth's dedicated service to the membership in these areas. </p><p>The following have been tabled until t...</p></li></ul>