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    Ride our wave to your future

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    SCTE: Essential Knowledge for

    Cable Professionals™

    SCTE Chapter Newsletter November 30, 2014

    SCTE San Diego Chapter Newsletter is produced by:

    Bob Weaver San Diego Chapter President

    Director Adam Kruse Cox Communications

    Director John Mooney Time Warner Cable

    Director Ed Mowers Time Warner Cable

    Director Andy Norton Time Warner Cable

    Associate Director James Garcia Time Warner Cable

    Associate Director Dennis Kee Time Warner Cable

    Associate Director Scott Scrimiger Cox Communications

    Associate Director Justin Serrano Cox Communications

    Table of Contents: December offering of the SCTE LiveLearning Webinars™

    SCTE Tech Tips & Facts… a “cool” SCTE member only resource We need to hear from you! / 2014 SCTE SoCal Vendor Days legacy of excellence

    2014 SCTE SoCal Vendor Days Sponsors: Platinum, Gold, Silver 2014 SoCal Vendor Days Photos

    SCTE San Diego Chapter Board of Directors Annual Election Final Notification SCTE San Diego Chapter Members Photography Forum

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    SCTE - Region 1 Representative Shane Portfolio

    December Webinar

    SCTE LiveLearning Webinars™

    LiveLearning Webinars are a series of live, interactive, web-based seminars offered on the third Wednesday of every month. This educational program is a

    member benefit which is free for SCTE members and $29 for nonmembers.

    MoCA Enabled

    Presentation by:

    Dennis Brown, Technical Facilitator Business Services, TimeWarner Cable

    Wednesday, December 17, 2014

    11:00 am Pacific Time Please note that online registration for this event

    will close at 8:00 am eastern on the day of the event. Click on the button below to navigate to the

    SCTE website and for registering information.

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    Coaxial Cable Attenuation Changes versus Temperature

    A characteristic of coaxial cable is that its attenuation varies with changes in temperature. This is true for both drop and hardline cable. Coaxial cable attenuation is provided at a reference of 68°F (20°C) by the manufacturer. Attenuation increases as temperature increases and decreases as temperature decreases. This is because the electrons that make up the conductors have more difficulty propagating (moving) through a warmer conductor.

    As temperature varies from the reference, cable attenuation changes at a rate of about 1.0% for every 10°F change in temperature, or 0.1% for every 1°F change in temperature. Since this effect is predictable, we can calculate the new, expected attenuation at the new temperature using the formula:

    αt = αREF[1 + 0.0011(tF – 68)]


    αt = attenuation at new temperature tF (°F)

    αREF = reference attenuation at 68°F

    tF = new temperature °F

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    We need to hear from you! The SCTE San Diego Chapter Board of Directors are currently planning for our local 2015 Technical Sessions Series. We welcome all your comments, suggestions and requests regarding the specific topics you are most interested in. We will do our best to line up industry speakers and host the sessions throughout the year. So get your thinking caps on and send a desired topic you would like for next year.

    Send your request to: Bob Weaver, SCTE San Diego Chapter President. Bob.Weaver@Cox.Com

    SCTE SoCal Vendor Days continues to prove a legacy of excellent! Chapter Presidents: Ron Lopez – SoCal; Bob Weaver – San Diego; Mike Nelson - Desert

    Total attendees: 610

    Technical Sessions Key Highlights are:

     Total Topics: 8

     Total Sessions: 28

     Total Session hours: 42

     Total Session attendees: 669

    On behalf of the three collaborating SCTE Chapters (Desert, San Diego, SoCal) we would like to sincerely thank our Technical Session speakers for their generous support of this event as well as their associated organizations:

    Arcom Mark Graves, Digital Leakage and LTE interference Arris Ayham Al-Banna , DOCSIS 3.1 Aurora Jim Omori, RFoG Overview and Troubleshooting Fluke Thomas Kurata, Wi-Fi Troubleshooting JDSU Juan Castro, Optimizing Digital Carriers VeEx Eve Danel, Ethernet Transport & VoIP Trunking SCTE, Nat’l Pam Nobles, Video Fundamentals Sumitomo Jorge Figueroa , EPON / DPoE 101 Sumitomo Sergio Ahumada , EPON / DPoE 101 (last session day 2)

    In addition special thanks goes out to Bob Acheson, San Bruno Cable TV, Event Chair, SoCal Chapter; Paul Graves, CableCom SoCal Chapter, Registrations Chair; Bob Weaver, Cox Communications, San Diego Chapter, Technical Sessions Chair; Joe Haro, Charter SoCal Chapter, Event Treasurer, Andy Jensen, TimeWarner SoCal Chapter, for his work on printing the event and technical sessions signage as well as his collaborative teamwork early morning on Wednesday 10/29 partnering with Joe Haro, Charter Communications, SoCal Chapter, on the strategic placement of the tech session room signs. And finally, we are very thankful to the onsite volunteers from the San Diego Chapter Board who were able to clear their schedule to provide support of this significant professional development undertaking. Corning Gilbert, Ron Carso TimeWarner, Dennis Kee TimeWarner, Andy Norton Power & Tel, Tom Kennedy Cox Communications, Dan Sullivan Cox Communications, Brian Wesley


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    2014 SCTE SoCal Vendor Days, Ontario CA.

    Please visit our SCTE San Diego Chapter Facebook Page for the entire set of the 2014 SoCal Vendor Days Event

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    Final Notice* SCTE San Diego Chapter Board of Directors Election Notification

    Each year we open half of our board seats for membership opportunity to serve and contribute towards the mission of the Society. Six seats are available for a two year term from 2015 through 2016. Directors are representatives for the Society and the Chapter Board collectively. Directors are dedicated to the professional and technical development of its membership and the broadband telecommunications industry.

    Candidate Eligibility • Current member of the SCTE • Employed (present or past) in a company that serves in the Cable Telecommunications industry • 18 years of age or older • Ability to commitment to a 2-year term and faithfully attend and contribute


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