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Samurai vs Zombies Defense Cheats & Tips + Walkthrough (Iphone&Android)Published on March 19th, 2012 Written by: admin Next Skip to Responses Prev Samurai vs Zombies Defense is the newest Strategy, Action Strategy & Action game from Glu Games Inc.

Play as the heroic Samurai and defend your village against hordes of

attacking zombies! Recruit allies and build defenses to stop them! STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: set up your defenses against hordes of zombies! WORK WITH ALLIES: get some help in the store with farmers, warriors, archers and much more! WIN BIG IN MINI GAMES: play Pachinko to earn rare items! UPGRADE YOUR SAMURAI: Become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses and magical abilities! Tips - You can block an attack by pressing back - Upgrade your Summoning Level to get more better minions - Upgrade your Sword and Bow as soon as you can - Kill the Zombies Archers first by going ahead - Always get the loot from your killed zombies - Upgrade your spell specially the Lightning Fighting Tips You can block an attack by going back slightly Move slightly away from your enemy to use your bow Put some distance against the zombies to get an advantage Let your minions tank and attack archers first Do not attack while picking up the loot Use your spells at all times, katana slash and lightning is your base spell at the beginning Get Bowmen Guard and Warding Bell to help you kill the upcoming zombies Level up your Gate for better survival Use Warrior Sword if you have zombies in melee Bowman and if you steal striker Do not use your gems to boost or any other purchases How To Get More Gems You can get them from loots and after completing each wave Gems can be obtain in play Pachinko or Pinball Gems you can get for free by going to the rest of the program affiliates and their requirements Daily Gems bonus from your reward Buy them at the cost of real money from 99.99USD to 1.99USD. Walkthrough: Samurai vs Zombies Walkthrough To start a game, you will start a wave, which is not necessary to explain what it takes to. Just press your phone left and right and attack automatically and youre done, at any time. If you die, never use your gems for you to relive, unless you are too desperate to finish it. You can still get some of your parts and fairly well to add it to your pocket. Samurai vs Zombies Defense Wave 1 to Wave 10 Walkthrough The basic, just get your basic spells such as Lightning and Katana Slash to help you. Improve your sword and bow to increase the chances of winning.

Hire an archer and a warrior sword to help you complete each wave. Do not forget to play Pachinko for more coins. Wave 10 to Wave 20 Walkthrough its time to level up your Lightning spells and replace your Katana Slash with Divine Intervention. Improve your Swords, Bow and your life. You will need to obtain assistance from your archers village guards. Wave 20 to Wave 30 Samurai vs Zombies Walkthrough Get Samurai Panzer, Frosite Bowman Nobunga to help you with every wave. Get the Warding Bell to help you with your defense a bit. Maximize your Panzer Samurai to block certain melee solid. In some Waves, first kill the archers and spell casters bad before attacking zombies in melee. Continue to play Pachinko for more coins. Samurai vs Zombies Defense Wave 30 to Wave 40 Walkthrough This is when Samurai Vs Zombies Defenses get frustrating wave and you will be tempted to use your gems. Use it if you must be wise, but you will need lots of patience and money to level all your gear. Max Frostie Bowman, Summons Tornado and Lethargy to help you more in fighting. Samurai vs Zombies Defense Walkthrough Wave 40 to Wave 49 The best combo to complete this Wave is to use Lethargy and Troop Trample in a right timing. Lethargy will slowdown your Zombies and thats will buy you some times to kill some archers and casters then Trample for the finish. The best Minion you can use here is BowMan because its cheapest than Frostie and then combine it with GunSmith that will boost their attack. BowMan gaves mini-stun so thats enough slowdown your zombies. Panzier is still the best Melee tanker and attacker to face some big guys while your ranger attacker it on back up. Keep on trying finishing every wave and dont lost hope as you gain some golds, buy it to level up all your skills and equipment. Wave 50 Final Boss Stage This is the last chapter, the final boss is really hard to beat, so your temped to buy Gems to just finished this. Since this is the last wave, use all your items if your desperate to finish it. Use all your charms to boost your attack and defense, use your sushi to heal and use your Revive just to finish it. Once youre done, you can now play at all levels. To defeat the final boost, youll need all the patience you can give. Use all your resources just to defeat this giant crazy. Avoid the attack Final Boss is easy, but the upcoming Zombies minions are really pain in the ass. The trick is to dealing with this giant is to get in front of him once he is about to attack, then move forward some of its middle and then attack. After blowing his attack get in front of him again and do the same again. Get more archers to slow him down and get your dealer to give a mini-stun effect, that way it will buy time to complete it while you are also occupied by the elimination of his henchmen .

Get more Coins - You need to finish every waves otherwise you can still have some coins if you didnt able to finish the wave. - Play the pin-ball to get more bonus and coins




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Eddiee Mar 25 - 1:54 pm Reply I am on wave 33 your TIPS dont help me at all. You suck

Anonymous Mar 25 - 8:25 pm Reply On wave 33 u need to have the slow and tornado spell and u need to summon the samurai asap

Glen Mar 26 - 7:28 am Reply wad samurai!?

Anonymous Jul 28 - 4:07 pm Reply What samuri ASAP ?

Anonymous Mar 26 - 8:25 pm Reply you suck cause i was able to get passed that level w/o a sweat.. stop blaming other people for your stupidity.. ahahah

Eddiee Mar 28 - 9:20 pm Reply Shut the fuck up I already finished the game for your information. I used the tornado and the lethargy. I bet you are still stuck on level 2

eugene ong Apr 29 - 12:30 pm Reply

i saw at youtube, it teach us to fully lvl up the farmer, and take swordsmith with you, For me, in this lvl 33 i just use one of my silver charm(the charm that Summons big silver warrior)to tank every thing in font,and you stay behind with gunsmith,archer,farmer,swordsmith, for spell i take Summons Tornado and Lethargy.until i win wave 33, the silver warrior just lost about 30% hp. how cool is that

Drew May 04 - 3:36 pm Reply Just summon ur farmers asap and keep them coming.. Slow them down and use your lightning then just keep hitting them with the farmers.

Kwon May 31 - 3:31 am Reply No, Eddieapparently, YOU might suck. I hit wave 46 with nothing but Farmers, Bowmen, Assassin, Riflemen, Nobunaga. You can do it.

Anonymous Jun 21 - 2:05 pm Reply Im stuck on wave 47 because some spider chick keeps on gettin pass my special attack

Anonymous Jun 10 - 10:23 pm Reply The trick is to strengthen the farmer. Another ris to accept losing a wave and repeating it instead of using gems to revive. Save all the gems then buy wisely! How? Upgrade the farmer to the maximum. Buy the upgrade for the soldiers which costs around 30 gems. Upgrade the slowing option (dont remember its exact name) to the maximum. Always make sure that you release 4 soldiers of each type so that they cover all the lanes and this will

save you the headache of worrying about the blue laughing balls and the Scorpio when divided to small ones. In last wave, with the upgrade I explained above, you can kill the beast by just sending the upgraded farmers and using the slowing and troops alternatively and none stop. You will surprised how the beast will be slowed down. If you havent used your coins and gems wisely, restart the game. I am playing it on my iPad and had to repeat it three times to figure what the weapons i needed most. Hope I was clear. I love this game. It now with all my upgraded weapons it has become so easy (waves restart whe wave 50 is won)

death god Jul 06 - 2:27 am Reply dude im on lvl 49 and i didnt take tips from anyone just do what u think is best all my stuff is the highest level because i use wealth and luck charms!!

Fhjhggggg Aug 09 - 7:56 pm Reply For the bombs use regular solider to attack them meanwhile u attack horse


Hae Mar 26 - 8:42 am Reply need help, stuck on wave 38 >.< thx

Sam Mar 27 - 2:39 am Reply I got stuck there too but ended up using panzer samurai as tanks and sending out as many bowman as possible.

Tak Mar 27 - 5:34 am Reply Before I can send a panzer samurai, those lantern guys overrun the gate. How do you