samsung galaxy s2 now available android jelly bean 4.1 os

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  1. 1. Samsung Galaxy S2 Finally Announced as Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1 UpdateUsers of the Samsung Galaxy S2 are going to be more happy to hear that their is some good newssurrounding the Jelly Bean update, as it appears to not be that far away. The Jelly Bean update for theSamsung Galaxy S II has leaked online for the international variant, which suggests that we could beseeing an official one for the Galaxy S2 here in the states.The latest OS from Android is the Jelly bean and since its official releases it has been very much indemand. International markets had registered the needs for the top segment devices to get the latestOS as the top segment devices have nothing but the best and the users simply rest for nothing but thebest. That is why the top segment siren, the Samsung Galaxy s2 has now been officially rolled out withthe Jelly bean OS. had announced it to the users and people were eagerly waiting forthe s2 to hit the markets with the new OS.You can thank XDA Developers for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update leak. The update is for the I-9100international version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Reports are saying that the update is bug free, which isleading to suspicions of the update being the final version. Samsung has previously said that the updatewould be on rolling out to devices at some point in November (an official date wasnt confirmed). Wereonly a few days away from December, which means we could be seeing this update roll out at anymoment.When owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 get the update to Jelly Bean they will have the newTouchwiz interface and lots of new Jelly Bean features such as Google Now.
  2. 2. The Damn slim look of the mobile combines with the elegant array of functionality. The consequencemakes way for sleek and savvy exploration through the deals of taking, texting, chatting, browsing anddownloading. MHL, which makes for classy video shooting to the power of 1080 pixels, is one of thestartling features all in just avaialble in Samsung Galaxy S II.After Hearing the news of the new galaxy s2 with the Latest jelly bean OS has been quite a thing formany of the other brands in the mobile Phones markets and If youre looking for the best offers on thenprepaymania offers you best Deal of Mobile Phones and mobile accessories, you are at the right place.


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