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  • Skid Mounted Packages

    With nothing more than a P&ID , the Shabia Group can provide full skid mount pacakaging of your process system. From designing skids to withstand high seismic activity, to fabrication and testing of your product to meet the strin-gent requirements of any client, we are with you from start to end. Water-treatment packages from Ion Exchangers and multi-media filters to electro-chlorinators and mixed bed exchangers are a part of our regular product line. Custom solutions can also be developed with our technology partners in Italy.

    Ion Exchanger Package Cu-Ni Sea-water Booster Skid Assembly

    Electrochlorinator Package

  • Complete Skid Packages and Piping Projects

    Expansions to the pipe shop to support our structural projects, have al-lowed for the development of our skid packaging unit which allows us the ability to reduce turnaround time to meet the urgent requirements of our clients where rapid project deployment is essential. A full com-plement of trained QC engineers ensures that the quality of the prod-ucts that leave our yard, meets your stringent requirement, from code approved material inspection to NACE approved painting inspections.

    Subsea Pipeline Installation -aids (Startup Heads)

    Al Shabias piping division is a dedicated, stand-alone department with a production capac-ity in excess of 10,000 inch diameter of piping per month. Our facilities allow us to produce spools in carbon steel, low alloy (P91), stainless steel, CuNi and duplex in a controlled environ-ment. In addition to localized and furance based heat treatment, non-destructive testing of all kinds including MPI, UT and radiography are carried out on-site including hydrotesting up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi).

    Piping ranging from 1/4 to over 46 bore is continuously produced for clients in applications as diverse as Oil & Gas, Offshore, Petrochemical, Water-treatment and Industrial. Due to the skilled, higly experienced staff available at the facility, we can work to a number of codes to meet the requirements of local and international clients.

    Continuous batch production of boiler piping

  • Pressure Vessels and Tanks

    From Water-treatment to Oil & Gas and Industrial appplications, the Shabia Group offers a diverse range of pressure vessels to meet your needs. Full ASME approved designs are produced using the latest software by experienced engineers. Pressure vessels upto 100 mm thick can be designed and built by our team. With in-house design capbilities for both ASME U-Stamped vessels and the corresponding structural skids we support proc-ess designers througout the world with the engineering and production of a full suite of pressure vessels. Vessels include unlined, rubber-lined, and coating systems from epoxy to glass-flaking.

    A variety of storage tanks, from API 650 specifications to custom designed storage tanks for crude oil, fuel and water are also part of our regular product range.

    A rich history of reliable service to the Offshore and Marine Industry throughout the MENA region has allowed us to expand our resources and capabilities .

    Mixed Bed Exchangers under fabrication

    Mass production of Oil & Gas and Water Treatment vessels

    10 Man DNV approved Saturation Diving System with HRC

    ABS and ASME-U Certified P Tanks for Marine applications

  • Sample of Tanks & Pressure Vessels built in 2013

    Dryer drums for Asphalt Processing Plant

    Oil Coalescer Filters

    Acid Storage Tanks

    Vessel Type Media O p e rat i n g PressureCapacity

    (m3)Coating Qty

    End User

    Oil Coalescer FiltersO i l y - W a t e r

    emulsion10 bar 30

    Aluminum-poly-urethane external

    Phenolic Epoxy internal




    (Thai Oil)

    Divers Decompression Chambers (DDC)

    Human Occu-pancy

    13 bar (test) 6.1

    Marine Epoxy External 6

    Unique Sys-


    ABS Certified Sprinkler Tanks

    Potable Water 10 bar 3Marine Epoxy External

    2Solas Marine

    Activated Carbon Filters

    Treated Water 10 bar 30

    Aluminum-poly-urethane external

    Phenolic Epoxy internal




    (Thai Oil)

    Multimedia Filters Raw Water

    3 bar (operat-ing)

    7 bar (test)


    Poly urethane External

    3mm Rubber lin-ing internal


    Hyundai Engineering (Oman Oil Company E&P)

    Mixed Bed Exchangers Raw Water 4.5 bar 3

    Poly urethane External

    3mm Rubber lin-ing internal


    Hyundai Engineering (Oman Oil Company E&P)

    Air Receiver Shop Air

    8.5 bar (oper-ating)

    10 bar (test)


    Polyurethane External

    Pehnolic Epoxy internal


    Hyundai Engineering (Oman Oil Company E&P)

  • Customized hydrotesting tanks for Saipem

    Middle East



    Media Oper-ating Pressure

    Capacity (m3)

    Coating Quantity End User

    Surge Vessel Sewage 2-6 bar (cylic) 17.2Coal Tar Epoxy External

    3Black and Ve-atch/ SEWA

    Mud Gas Separator Drill Mud 6 bar 4.5Marine Epoxy External

    1Nabors Drilling

    Degasser (NB-R Stamp lteration)

    Drill Mud 6 bar 4.5Marine Epoxy External

    1Noble Drilling

    Air Receivers Instrument Air 4 bar 6Marine Epoxy Inter-nal and External

    6Doha Airport

    Breathing Air Receivers Breathing Air 1.2 bar 1.3Marine Expoxy External - Biosafe Ineternal

    7Unique Systems

    Dual Media Filters Raw Water7 bar

    (20 bar test)18.3

    Epoxy External, Polyamide Inernal


    Mixed Bed Exchangers Raw Water4 bar

    (20 bar test)17.1

    Eporxy External - 33m Rubbler Lining Internal


    Cement Silos (also ABS classed)

    Bulk Cement 5 bar 30 Epoxy External 4STG

    Sample U-Stamped Pressure Vessels built in 2012

  • Oil and Gas

    As regular supplier to end users such as BP, Ras Gas (Exxon), Shell and others, the Shabia Group has developed a reputation as a skilled supplier of precision engineered and manufactured products. From pressure vessels to piping and structural components, our service profile ensures that your requirements are met and exceeded, every time. All operations are carried out under the govern-ance of our ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001 certified QHSE system, by trained engineers and technicians. Our priority will always be the delivery of the high-est quality product, safely and on time.

    Marine Our veteran marine team started in the field of ship repair over a quarter of a century ago and the tradition of rapid response and prompt, efficient service has carried through into our operations today. Whether it be new-build operations, conversion projects, re-furbishment or maintenance, we understand that time is of the essence and your success hinges on our deliveries. The Shabia Groups readiness to rise to these demands has en-sured our steady growth in the industry in which we were forged.

    Providing site and workshop services including fabrication and maintenance for clients such as BP, Petrofac and Emarat has built Shabias strong reputation for reliability and service.

    FPSO Vitoria- Shop fabrication of Piperacks, 57km piping , onboard installation and module hookup

    Fabrication of 36 m tugboats and 57m oceangoing supply vessels

  • Offshore and Onboard Subsea

    Shop fabrication, inspection and NDT of piping in carbon steel, stainless and CuNi followed by onboard installation, linewalks and commissioning assistance onboard FPSO Gimboa and FPSO Vitoria

    Subsea riser guide clamps Subsea riser bellmouth forming

    62 m intermediate subsea tie-in spools

    Subsea tie-in spool, fabrication, NDT loadout and seafastening

  • Fabrication and installation of flare boom

    Offshore and Onboard

    Fabrication of jackhouses for Talisman MOPU-STOR unit Fabrication of 550 MT pontoon column ballast blocks