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  • 1. Photography
    Career Portfolio of
    Samantha Jolley

2. Personal Guiding Statement:
I value honesty, creativity, fairness, and regular self-improvement as a woman, wife and most importantly, mother.
Career Goal
My long-term career goal is to one day become a professional photographer and own my own business.In the meantime, I am a student of photography and I plan to shadow those with more knowledge in the art of photography than me.
3. Work History
U.S. Navy
Postal Clerk-Collected and delivered mail to commands on base.
April 26, 2003 March 18, 2005
Highest rank- Seaman (E-3)
Released with an Honorable Discharge on Parenthood
United Solutions
Floating Teller- Fill-in for Credit Union Tellers when they are away.
March 2006- August 2006
4. Education
Minico High School
Rupert, Idaho
Attended from August 1998-May 2001
Graduated with a 3.1 G.P.A
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division
Attended from March 2010- Present
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5. Hobbies and Interests
Photography- I love taking pictures and editing them.When my third child was born, I took his picture, edited it and created my own birth announcements.I had a lot of fun and I became hooked!
Scrapbooking- I have lot of fun decorating pictures and piecing things together, kind of like a puzzle.I enjoy making birthday cards the best.
Crocheting- I have been crocheting since I was 9 years old.I have made just about everything with just yarn and a hook!
Bow making- This is the newest of my hobbies.My daughter really enjoys the fact that I do this because she gets a lot of neat hair bows out of it.
Reading- I am into Vampire stories and it all began with Twilight.
Playing with my children- This is my favorite hobby of all time!There is nothing like a childs mind!
6. Sample Photos