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Strategic Partnerships and Co-locations Presented by: Sam Lippman President, ISM

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Strategic Partnerships and Co-locations

Presented by: Sam LippmanPresident, ISM

Co-located Events

• Same location and time – own identities• Overlapping exhibitors/sponsors • Increased attendee quantity & quality• Decreased logistical costs• Double attendee marketing efforts

Volunteer and Staff Leadership Engaged

Fill in each others gaps

Fill in each others gaps

About Sam Lippman• President of ISM based in Arlington, VA• Organizer of ECEF, Large Show Roundtables (LSR), Attendee Acquisition

Roundtable (AAR), and the Exhibitor Sales Roundtable (ESR)• 35 years experience managing and producing exhibitions, conventions,

conferences, forums, and roundtables• Consults in strategic planning, management and marketing• Facilitates board meetings, customer/user groups and attendee and

exhibitor focus groups. • Before ISM, produced International CES, GRAPH EXPO, PRINT and the

National Computer Conference

Sam LippmanIntegrated Show Management & Marketing

3103 S. 14th StreetArlington, VA 22204

[email protected]