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  • Sam

    Born on the 13th March 1996, aged 17.

    Sam grew up in Cambridge. Sam's Mum passed away when he was at a very young age of 2. He grew up with his Dad who abused him. At the age of 14 Sam was in a car accident where his Dad was killed and Sam was left in a coma. After waking up from his coma 2 months later he discovered he had powers. One of these included giving others powers of his choice.

    Sam was recently moved from one foster home to another, causing him to move Sixth Form. He doesn't have any new friends at his new college as he has not yet started there. He is very interested in the different types of people that attend and the different groups that are formed.

    Sam is tall with brown hair. He has bright blue eyes and perfect teeth. He is very tall and well build. He wears casual clothes, shirt, jeans and a pair of converse.

    Sam has set out to give others an opportunity. He spends a lot of time deciding who to choose and settles on Leo, Max and Scott as they are just average teenager boys. He wants to give them a life changing opportunity and see how they react. This for Sam, is just an experiment. Sam wants to make new friends at the college and this is the test to see if they are good enough, if they are nice enough people. If the three boys act in a bad way with their powers, for example, seek fame or physically hurt

    those around them, then Sam will step in and turn back time.

    Sam is doing this because he is shy. He has never had a close group of friends. He has never had a meaningful relationship. He has always felt like a part of him is missing. This is his way to make friends.