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  • Salt Caves and Salt Saunas

  • Equip-Med specialises in design and construction of Wellness & SPA facilities all over the World. The products of our Company hold SOLANA trademark. Currently, we are focused on design and construction of SOLANA salt caves, SOLANA salt saunas and various salt arrangements.

    We use natural construction materials: orange and red Himalayan SaltDead Sea Saltwhite and pink rock salt and stone or wood

    At the same time, we use state-of-the-art halogenerators with various concentrations of salt in the salt mist. We are the exclusive distributor of halogenerator Salina VITA k-9 produced by a renowned manufacturer of medical devices. All the materials we use in the construction process are absolutely safe and have all the required quality certificates.Individual approach to every project guarantees that each order we complete will be exceptional and unique. Before the start of each project, we prepare a preliminary design agreed with the investor.

    Company Profile

  • Solana offers three types of salt cavesTraditional Salt Caves, looking like natural rock caves, are built primarily from natural chunks of Himalayan Salt. The floor is covered with 5 mm grain natural rock salt. The thickness of the rock salt layer ranges from 6 to 8 cm. The ceiling is made of non-flammable mixture of glue and gypsum and imitates the vault of natural cave with stalactites or can be additionally covered with a layer of salt.

    Usually, on the ceiling we install optical fibre, creating starlit sky. The cave also accommodates graduation towers built from wood and stone. Graduation towers can have various forms: waterfalls, cascades, fountains or, the most popular, graduation towers made of birch twigs.

    Traditional Salt Caves

  • Solana White Salt Caves are constructed from gypsum board elements sprayed over with white rock salt or Dead Sea or Black Sea salt of grain size 0.5 to 3 mm. Another method is covering the walls with rock salt bricks or bricks formed at high-pressure from white fine salt. State-of-the-art lighting installed in the cave enables the use of chromotherapy, which in white caves is much recommended.

    Our Clients very often have their own ideas for the interior design of the salt cave. We are ready to meet their expectations and construct the salt cave of their dreams. These are usually mixed forms of our basic types of salt caves.

    White Salt Caves

  • The forms used in the construction process include salt columns, ceiling brick backlight, salt benches, salt beds in various shapes. The natural colours of the bricks are highlighted through the use of state-of-the-art lighting systems. LED, RGB or LED strips. This creates impressive visual effects. The floor is constructed from salt bricks, which may be lit up, or traditionally from natural rock salt of grain size 5 mm. The ceiling can be in various forms, often with optic fibre, for starlit sky effect. The graduation towers have forms of waterfalls, cascades or ultra-modern water walls.

    Modern Salt Caves

  • Salt Interior Dcor is an interesting element of decoration of various interiors in any SPA. We install Salt Interior Dcors, e.g. in relaxation rooms, and build salt massage cabinets, where the walls of a small room are tiled with lit up salt bricks. In a room so filled with negative ions, a relaxation massage is even more relaxing and healthy.

    Other Dcors, such as: columns in reception halls, reception desks and counters, and many more you will find at

    Salt Interior Dcor

  • The temperature in Solana Salt Sauna ranges from 55 to 95 C, humidity is average and ranges from 5 to 20%. The walls of the sauna are made of Himalayan salt chunks or bricks. The benches in the sauna, as requested, can be made of wood, e.g. abachi or Finnish aspen or of salt tiles. The salt sauna's beneficial effect consists primarily in natural peeling and disinfection of the whole body, strengthening of immune system and rest. The skin is well moisturised, toned, well-nourished and firm. The salt and negative ionisation of air in the salt sauna let you relax more and sip energy from the purest crystals of Himalayan salt. Calm lighting, warm colours and special music let you relax in salt created more than 250 million years ago.

    We offer comprehensive completion of any type of salt sauna. We are open to your needs each sauna is designed to meet your all requirements and all kinds of accessories can be added to it. The Salt Sauna can also be combined with other types of saunas.We also build Finnish Saunas.

    Salt Saunas and Finnish Saunas

  • Halogenerators Salina VITA k-9

    A halogenerator is an automated device producing salt aerosol. The size of the aerosol particles ranges from 1 to 5 micrometres.

    In most cases, we use halogenerators for increasing the concentration of salt aerosol in salt caves and inhalation rooms. The beneficial effects of halogenerators is medically proven. Halogenerator is usually installed on the outside of the outer wall of, e.g. salt cave, and salt aerosol is pumped to the inside through an opening in the wall or through a conduit.

    We recommend the professional Halogenerator Salina VITA k-9 by a renowned German manufacturer specialised in the production of this type of devices.

    MaterialsHimalayan salt tile, orange-red: 2,5*10*20cmHimalayan salt tile, orange-red: 5*10*20cmHimalayan salt tile, orange-red, one side natural: 4+*10*20Himalayan salt tile, orange-red 3*20*20cmHimalayan salt tile, orange-red: 3*20*30cmHimalayan salt tile, white: 2,5*10*20cmHimalayan salt tile, white: 5*10*20cmHimalayan salt chunks, orange-red: 1 - 50 kgFine Himalayan salt, three types: 0.1 -0.5 mm; 1 -2 mm; 4-5 mmFine White rock salt from Europe, two types: 1-2 mm; 5 mmDead Sea salt 2-5 mmBlack Sea salt 2-10 mm


    If you have any question concerning any type of cooperation, please feel free to contact us. You can visit the objects we constructed all over the World. There are more than 200 of them. You will find their addresses at

    TEL. +1 416 8222373 (EN), +1 514 2424353 (FR, EN), +48 512 360370 (EN), +48 512 360350 (DE) info @

    If you have any question concerning any type of cooperation, please feel free to contact us. You can visit the objects we constructed all over the World. There are more than 200 of them. You will find their addresses at