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November 09, 2012 edition of the Salmon Arm Observer


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    Shuswap Market News

    Your Classified Connection / Vol. 23 No. 45 Friday, November 9, 2012


    Pair arrested for Tyler Myers murder # Police tape marked off the area where Tyler Myers body was found on Nov. 21, 2008. He died from a single gunshot wound. A 20-year-old man and 21-year-old woman have now been charged with first-degree murder.

    Four years to the month he was killed, police have charged two people in the murder of 22-year-old Ty-ler Myers of Salmon Arm.

    Myers died of a gunshot wound on the evening of Nov. 21, 2008, his body discovered by a passerby about 7:30 p.m. on a trail on the grounds of Bastion Elementary School.

    On Monday of this week, police arrested a 20-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman, both who were under 18 years at the time of the murder so cant be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

    Both are residents of Salmon Arm and both have been charged with fi rst-de-gree murder.

    The pair appeared briefl y in Salmon Arm Court on Tuesday where the charges

    were read out. They were ordered to be held in cus-tody until their next joint court appearance on Nov. 20. The parents of the ac-cused man and the mother of the accused woman were also present in the court-room.

    At a news conference at the Salmon Arm RCMP detachment Tuesday after-noon, Insp. Gary Shinkaruk of the RCMPs E Division Major Crime Section said

    the man had been arrested at his home in Salmon Arm

    while the woman was ar-rested in a public setting in Vernon both without inci-dent.

    Both were known to the deceased, he said.

    We talked to the Myers family certainly it was a very emotional time for them as we can all imag-ine... We told them who they were, they were aware


    By Martha WickettMARKET NEWS STAFF

    Tyler Myers

    See Police on page 2

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  • A2 Friday, November 9, 2012 Shuswap Market News

    of both the individuals. The three individuals Mr. Myers and the two charged, knew each other. I wont go into the specifi cs of that relationship; well let that come out in court. Certainly the families also knew each other and I think that the Myers family was sur-prised at who has been charged...

    Shinkaruk empha-sized that the investiga-tion remains active and further charges could be laid.

    Certainly we fi nd often that once charges are laid, some people at that point may feel safer or may have in-formation they didnt want to really bring forward for a variety of reasons.

    Shinkaruk said he would encourage any-one who has any in-formation regarding the crime to contact police.

    The courtroom was almost fi lled to capac-ity with many young people, some of whom were expressing shock at the identities of the accused. Many said they felt compelled to come to court to try and look the accused killers in the eye.

    Shinkaruk was asked at the news conference if the murder could have been drug-relat-ed.

    He replied: Tyler Myers, a 22-year-old Salmon Arm youth, did not deserve in any way to be murdered in 2008

    or any time. The inves-tigation, the details of what motive or other details are best coming out in court, respecting the charter rights, but certainly, well say the three individuals did know each other. We dont believe this was a random murder. By virtue of the fi rst-de-gree murder charge we believe it was a planned and deliberate murder of Tyler Myers.

    He said the investi-gation went through several stages. He credited the Salmon Arm RCMP Detach-ment for its thorough preservation of evi-dence, initial investiga-tions, interviews and follow-up interviews.

    The RCMP Southeast District Major Crimes Unit then joined the investigation, which Shinkaruk also credit-ed for its work in mov-ing the investigation forward. This year, the Unsolved Homicides Unit took on the in-vestigation from the Southeast District and has been working on it full time.

    Certainly when Unsolved comes on, it gives the opportunity

    to focus full time on that... It allowed a team of dedicated investiga-tors to concentrate on this, he said, noting that the earlier investi-gations paved the way for the arrests.

    The murder took place when there was a function going on at the elementary school, Shinkaruk said, noting that Salmon Arm is a small, safe community and this crime was a shock.

    It was after school hours but there were adults that were there... It reinforces that when people do murder in public places, in open-air places, it really does put people at risk. This happened in a trail on a school ground. People heard the shots when they were at a school function.

    Police claim murder pre-planned

    # RCMP Insp. Gary Shinkaruk, from the Major Crimes Section, speaks to the media outside the Salmon Arm detachment about the charges laid against two suspects, a male and female, who have been arrested for the 2008 murder of Salmon Arm resident Tyler Myers.

    Continued from front


    By virtue of the first-degree murder charge we believe it

    was a planned and deliberate murder of Tyler

    Myers.- RCMP Insp.

    Gary Shinkaruk




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    Sturgis North is returning to the Shuswap in 2013.

    A joint news release from Joan Hansen, president of Sturgis North, and Chief Judy Wilson, chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band, was issued Wednesday, Nov. 7, announcing that Sturgis North and