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1. SalesForce Review 2. What is it? An advanced system. CRM 3. How popular is it? Largest Provider 13,300 Employees $4.1 billion in revenue 4. What it does well? Advanced Features Tons of Integration Fully Customizable Learn More Here 5. What does it not do well? even for basic CRM tasks High learning curve Difficult to learn in & outs Learn More Here 6. If social media integration is important to you then check out: Learn More Here 7. If you need more features Check out Check Out Our Guide 8. Who does it work well for? Need Customization Large Businesses Automation Integration Learn More Here 9. High Cost Who does it not work well for? Overly Complex Large Businesses Learn More Here 10. Free Edition? No.But theres a 30 day free trial. Learn More Here 11. Price Compared to Competitors? High. Learn More Here 12. Type of Solution Cloud & Mobile.Learn More Here 13. Similar products? Learn More Here 14. US Based? YES! Company & Customer Service Learn More Here 15. Customer Reviews? Excellent. Learn More Here 16. For a full overview Of everything Salesforce CRM offers visit the At Click HereReview

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