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  • 1. Project Name: Sales CongoBusiness Req : Salecongo is a flex based system application where all the information about theorganization of salescongo is stored and the information is analyzed for making decisions in follow-ups,Compensation plans and much other functionality in their business process.Tools and Technologies used: Apex classes and Visual force pages, FlexModule Name: LOGIN PAGEDescription: In this, when admin checks the direct login option then user can move to the Home pagedirectly otherwise if the admin did select the option called direct login then the user will get this Loginpage. Login page is as follows.Module Name: Home Page
  • 2. Description: In Home page, we will have two menu items like Application and Set up. In Application, we will havefive buttons like Hire, Train, Incent, Comply, and Inform. The default button will be Hire button and on theright side user can see a pie chart scroll with the hiring details. Whereas, in setup we will have four buttonslike Organization, Job title, Comply, Sales resource.
  • 3. Module Name: Comply PageDescription: Comply contains two tabs Dashboard, Distribute Compensation Plans. Dashboard contains threeparts. In first part, there will be a hierarchy of roles of organization; second part contains pie chartrepresenting status of the compensation plans. The other part display the sales resource, compensationplans, status of particular role when click on a particular role. When we click on the sales resource, a popupwindow appears displaying the comments, workflow of current compensation plan given by the salesresource.
  • 4. Module Name: Inform PageDescription: Inform page is used to tracking (communication) list of all organized events with complete details.The other tab named Event Notification allows the user to send new event notifications for selectedmembers of an organization.
  • 5. Module Name: Organization PageDescription: Organization consists of two tabs. Both tabs consist of hierarchal fashion (tree structure) oforganization levels. In one tab the organization level is based on job titles, the other tab consists ofinformation based on Regions.On selecting any particular item in the tree the detail list that may consists of name, email, and phonenumber etc., of the selected item will be displayed on the right side component (data grid).
  • 6. Module Name: Job Title PageDescription: The job title page consists of list of job titles with number of employee to each job title of anorganization. Selecting a particular job title provides details (Description, Training and Compensation)regarding that particular job. This page also provides users with flexibility of creating new job titles,editing, copying and deleting an existing job titles.
  • 7. Module Name: Comp PlansDescription:Comp plans page consists of all existing compensation plans. The users are facilitated with options ofcreating a new compensation plans, editing and deleting the existing compensation plans.
  • 8. Module Name: Sales ResourcesDescription: The Sales resource page consists of list of all sales resources of an organization with their detailsdisplayed on the right side component. It also provides additional benefits for the users to load group ofsales resources at a time using Bulk Load option. The users can also export all details of the salesresources into a single file using Export option.
  • 9. Developer Details: 10 Salesforce CRM Developers (1 certified), 3 Flex DevelopersImplementation model: Business Requirement gathering Requirement Document preparation Proposal Document Proposal sign off Demos for regular updates
  • 10. Project Name: Invoice SystemBusiness Requirement: Generate PDF from Quote to Invoice with multicurrency organization. Where wehave to generate Quote pdf and order pdf and invoice pdf for separate for UK and USA. Here invoice wehave fixed invoice and recurring invoice. In recurring invoice based on recurring times the mail will be sentbased on payment methods.Technical Details: Apex Classes, visual force e, Apex triggers, Workflow rules, Activities
  • 11. Fig: Quote Detailed pageFig: Quote Pdf
  • 12. Fig: Convert to Order
  • 13. Fig: Order Detail pageFig: Order Pdf
  • 14. Fig: Invoice Detail page
  • 15. Business Benefits: In this we can generate Quote pdf and order pdf and invoice pdf for separate for UKand USA. Here invoice we have fixed invoice and recurring invoice.Developer Details: 2 Salesforce CRM developersImplementation methods: Business Requirement gathering Requirement Document preparation Proposal Document Proposal sign off Demos for regular updates
  • 16. Project Name: Cloud BudgetBusiness Requirement:Cloud Budget is to alter the way small and medium size organizations manage the budgeting process. Weuse the service model to provide the clients with a secure, automated, on-demand budgeting system thatgreatly reduces expenses by: 1. Eliminating the hidden costs behind Excel approaches 2. Eliminating the need to engage consultants for implementationService Innovation with the Cloud Consultant data engine our customers achieve a fully customizedbudgeting system while avoiding the need to engage internal IT resources, purchase new hardware andsoftware, and engage outside consultants. The result is a low risk, high reward budgeting solutionTools and Technologies used: Apex classes and Visual force pages.Modules: Income: This module deals with the income of the organization like income from sales, other incomeand deferred sales. Entries: This module contains all the entries like income, manual entries, expenses, andcash in, cash out, long term, intercompany and other. Accounts Payable: This module contains expenses and inventories. Accounts Receivable: This module contains income information. Fixed Assets: Information about the assets of the organization. Borrowings: Information about the liabilities of the organization. Expenses: Information about the expenses to run the business. Materials Movement: Information about the materials of the organization that have purchased. Wage: Information about the salaries of the employees.
  • 17. Business benefits: Cloud Budget is a targeted budgeting solution that goes much deeper into thebudgeting process than other SaaS performance management packages that typically contain budgetingas one aspect of their diversified service. Cloud Budgets compatibility with Salesforce products and itsflexible architecture make it particularly attractive to the rapidly growing Salesforce user base.
  • 18. Our goal is to gain a wide-spread reputation among finance professionals as a simple to use yet advanced,highly-cost effective, reliable, and secure way for small and medium size organizations to take control ofthe budgeting process.Team Size: 4 DevelopersImplementation methods: Business Requirement sign off Regular Requirement Gathering Implementation and testing Bug fixing
  • 19. Project Name: Davinci Template ProjectTeam Size: 2 developersDescription: For Davinci Virtual Office SolutionsDescription: Involved in creating visual force pages, visual force E-mail Templates and display the imagesdynamically based on sales representatives. Whe


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