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  • Salesforce Chatter Connector Software Version 12.4

    Administration Guide

    Document Release Date: October 2019 Software Release Date: October 2019

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    Administration Guide

    Salesforce Chatter Connector (12.4) Page 2 of 90

  • Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction 7 Salesforce Chatter Connector 7

    Features and Capabilities 7 Supported Actions 8 Mapped Security 9 Display Online Help 9

    Connector Framework Server 9

    The IDOL Platform 11

    System Architecture 12

    Chapter 2: Install Salesforce Chatter Connector 14 System Requirements 14

    Create an Application to Represent the Connector 14

    Install Salesforce Chatter Connector on Windows 14

    Install Salesforce Chatter Connector on Linux 17

    Configure OAuth Authentication 18

    Chapter 3: Configure Salesforce Chatter Connector 20 Salesforce Chatter Connector Configuration File 20

    Modify Configuration Parameter Values 22

    Include an External Configuration File 23 Include the Whole External Configuration File 24 Include Sections of an External Configuration File 24 Include Parameters from an External Configuration File 25 Merge a Section from an External Configuration File 25

    Encrypt Passwords 26 Create a Key File 26 Encrypt a Password 27 Decrypt a Password 28

    Configure Client Authorization 28

    Register with a Distributed Connector 30

    Set Up Secure Communication 31 Configure Outgoing SSL Connections 31 Configure Incoming SSL Connections 32

    Backup and Restore the Connector’s State 33

    Administration Guide

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  • Backup a Connector’s State 33 Restore a Connector’s State 34

    Validate the Configuration File 34

    Chapter 4: Start and Stop the Connector 36 Start the Connector 36

    Verify that Salesforce Chatter Connector is Running 37 GetStatus 37 GetLicenseInfo 37

    Stop the Connector 37

    Chapter 5: Send Actions to Salesforce Chatter Connector 39 Send Actions to Salesforce Chatter Connector 39

    Asynchronous Actions 39 Check the Status of an Asynchronous Action 40 Cancel an Asynchronous Action that is Queued 40 Stop an Asynchronous Action that is Running 41

    Store Action Queues in an External Database 41 Prerequisites 42 Configure Salesforce Chatter Connector 42

    Store Action Queues in Memory 44

    Use XSL Templates to Transform Action Responses 45 Example XSL Templates 46

    Chapter 6: Use the Connector 47 Retrieve Information from Salesforce Chatter 47

    Salesforce Chatter Documents 48

    Schedule Fetch Tasks 48

    Synchronize from Identifiers 50

    Chapter 7: Manipulate Documents 51 Introduction 51

    Add a Field to Documents using an Ingest Action 51

    Customize Document Processing 52

    Standardize Field Names 53 Configure Field Standardization 53 Customize Field Standardization 54

    Run Lua Scripts 58

    Administration Guide

    Salesforce Chatter Connector (12.4) Page 4 of 90

  • Write a Lua Script 59 Run a Lua Script using an Ingest Action 60

    Example Lua Scripts 61 Add a Field to a Document 61 Merge Document Fields 62

    Chapter 8: Ingestion 63 Introduction 63

    Send Data to Connector Framework Server 64

    Send Data to Another Repository 65

    Index Documents Directly into IDOL Server 66

    Index Documents into Vertica 67 Prepare the Vertica Database 68 Send Data to Vertica 69

    Send Data to a MetaStore 70

    Run a Lua Script after Ingestion 71

    Chapter 9: Monitor the Connector 73 IDOL Admin 73

    Prerequisites 73 Install IDOL Admin 73 Access IDOL Admin 74

    View Connector Statistics 75

    Use the Connector Logs 76 Customize Logging 77

    Monitor the Progress of a Task 78

    Monitor Asynchronous Actions using Event Handlers 80 Configure an Event Handler 81 Write a Lua Script to Handle Events 82

    Set Up Performance Monitoring 82 Configure the Connector to Pause 82 Determine if an Action is Paused 84

    Set Up Document Tracking 84

    Glossary 87

    Send documentation feedback 90

    Administration Guide

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  • Page 6 of 90Salesforce Chatter Connector (12.4)

    Administration Guide

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    This section provides an overview of the Micro Focus Salesforce Chatter Connector.

    • Salesforce Chatter Connector 7 • Connector Framework Server 9 • The IDOL Platform 11 • System Architecture 12

    Salesforce Chatter Connector

    The Salesforce Chatter Connector is an IDOL Connector that retrieves content from Salesforce Chatter.

    You can use the connector to keep IDOL up-to-date with information from Salesforce Chatter. The connector retrieves information and sends it to Connector Framework Server so that it can be indexed into IDOL or IDOL OnDemand.

    After the documents are indexed, IDOL server automatically processes them, performing a number of intelligent operations in real time, such as:

    l Agents

    l Alerting

    l Automatic Query Guidance

    l Categorization

    l Channels

    l Clustering

    l Collaboration

    l Dynamic Clustering

    l Dynamic Thesaurus

    l Eduction

    l Expertise

    l Hyperlinking

    l Mailing

    l Profiling

    l Retrieval

    l Spelling Correction

    l Summarization

    l Taxonomy Generation

    Features and Capabilities

    The Salesforce Chatter Connector retrieves information from Salesforce Chatter.

    Repository Salesforce Chatter

    Data the connector can retrieve

    The connector creates documents to represent the following:

    Salesforce Chatter Connector (12.4) Page 7 of 90

  • l The authenticated user who owns the account you are indexing.

    l Other users, but only if they are referenced by another ingested document.

    l All groups that the user owns or is a member of.

    l All files shared with the user, or that the user owns.

    l All conversations that the user participates in.

    l All entries in the user's news feed, with comments and like information.

    For more information about the documents produced by the connector, see Salesforce Chatter Documents, on page 48.

    Supported Actions

    The Salesforce Chatter Connector supports the following actions.

    Action Supported


    Synchronize (identifiers)

    Synchronize Groups










    Administration Guide Chapter 1: Introduction

    Salesforce Chatter Connector (12.4) Page

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