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  2. 2. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Your Attitude and Self Image Is Formed by M.F.T.P. The Power of Daily Affirmations Focus on Your Strengths! Give Yourself Permission to Fail! Understand the Meaning of F.E.A.R.
  5. 5. UNDERSTANDING THE FOUR PERSONALITY STYLES 1. Driver/Director 2. Expressive/Socializer 3. Analytical/Detail 4. Amiable
  6. 6. EIGHT WAYS TO ACTIVE LISTENING 1. Use open and relaxed body language. 2. Establish good eye contact. 3. Use appropriate facial expressions and head nods. 4. Use appropriate sub vocal such as mmm and uhuh. 5. Filter out distractions. 6. Dont create distractions. 7. Take notes of appropriate. 8. Using give feedback-respond with open ended questions.
  7. 7. ESTABLISHING RAPPORT People do business with people who they like who are like them. Dr. Rick Goodman
  8. 8. PRESENT TIME CONSCIOUSNESS People must always think they are appreciated, listened to, and understood!
  9. 9. IF YOU DONT A.S.K., YOU G.E.T.! Communicating Your Goals Explaining Your Needs
  10. 10. RELATIONSHIP AND POSITIONAL SELLING The value that is built into your product is a more important asset than a lower price.
  11. 11. KEY #1 YOU MUST PLAN AHEAD IN ORDER TO HAVE AN EFFECTIVE SALES CALL! If you say the right thing at the right time you can turn the transaction around when the order giving decision is in your favor. -Dr. Rick Goodman
  12. 12. THE TWO DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SELLING Functional Level: This where youre saying to the buyer I want to help solve your problems! Interpersonal Level: This is where youre saying I want to solve your problems and build a lasting relationship!
  13. 13. KEY # 2 If youre using your Functional Head to sell what you are selling is from the neck up, youre using your head not your heart. If youre selling at the Interpersonal Level, youre selling from the neck down using your heart but not your head.
  14. 14. POSITIONAL SELLING This is when you blend the functional and interpersonal sides of selling. This is when you combine your sensitivity to the customer as a person with your commitment to becoming a problem solver.
  15. 15. FAST FACT ABOUT SELLING The customer will find something wrong with what youre selling when they find something wrong with you. All Things Being Equal between Price, Service, Quality and Delivery You Make the Difference!
  16. 16. STRATEGY #1 TAKE THE LEAD If you cant get excited about what youre selling how can anybody else! When a sales person feels like a subordinate, count on them to act like it. Their relationship to the buyer looks like this: Buyer Salesperson NOT like this: Sales person Buyer
  17. 17. I dont want to take too much of your time, but I know youre busy, so Ill make it quick. Take your time - Ive got all day. Ill be glad to come back later when you have more time. Would it be alright if I cover these ideas with you today? THE LANGUAGE THAT WILL MAKE YOU A LOSER!
  18. 18. AROUND THE OFFICE THE SALESMAN WILL SAY I dont know if it will work. I dont think they will like it. What if they consider the price too high? I wish I didnt have to show this idea to his partner. If only I could catch a break!
  19. 19. KEYS TO SUCCESS FOR STRATEGY #1 Be Confident Be Self Assured Being Knowledgeable Be Assertive
  20. 20. UNDERSTAND THE EMOTIONAL LEVELS OF DISAPPOINTMENT Shock Denial Blaming Acceptance Renewal
  21. 21. ACTION STEPS Create a Victory Book Use Positive Imaging Put a New Message in Your Head
  22. 22. STRATEGY #2 STOP LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE Operating Reality: When we are focused on ourselves the salesman who is in his operating reality is out of position! Customers Reality: Whats Important to Them! What Needs Are They Trying to Satisfy? What Results Are They Trying to Achieve?
  23. 23. BUYER REALITY Dont tell me how good you make your products. Tell me how good your products are going to make me! To be in your own O.R. is human nature. To get into another persons O.R. is human relations!
  24. 24. WHAT ARE YOUR BUYERS LISTENING TO? Every buyer is listening to the same radio station: WIIFM 97.6 Whats in it for ME?
  25. 25. STRATEGY #3 INVEST IN THE RELATIONSHIP LAER: Is a Key Positional Selling Strategy Listen Acknowledge Explore Respond
  26. 26. LAER LAER Is the strategy that demonstrates your care and concern for the customers point of view. Its a deposit in their emotional relationship bank. Communication is meeting people halfway. LAER is going a little bit farther.
  27. 27. STRATEGY #4 BRING YOUR ENERGY TO THE CUSTOMER Energy is positive contact with the customer! When you bring your energy to the customer you put yourself in the position for the best sales call of your career every time!
  28. 28. SIX STEPS FOR BRINGING ENERGY TO YOUR CUSTOMER 1. Get out of the assembly area! Take that hill now! 2. Earned Position vs. Provided Position 3. Feel good about the people youre calling on! 4. Touch everyone! 5. Use all your assets! 6. Share your excitement!
  29. 29. SHARE YOUR EXCITEMENT A person who is prepared shows their preparedness. A person who is confident brings confidence into the room. A person who is successful breeds success!
  30. 30. BENEFITS TO SHARING YOUR EXCITEMENT The customer will be glad to see if you are up. It helps lift their spirits. Customers like to deal with successful people not losers! You Want to Look Sharp You Want to Feel Sharp You Want to Be Sharp
  31. 31. STRATEGY #4 GET ORGANIZED Its been estimated that for every hour you spend planning a call you save three hours of wasted time!
  32. 32. STRATEGIC SELLING PLAN Who are the decision-makers are and how you should approach them. What information do you need to have about a customer in order to match a product or service to their needs? What do you hope to accomplish on each sales call. Your step-by-step activities for accomplishing these goals.
  33. 33. STRATEGY#6 FIND THE AREA OF OPPORTUNITY Exploratory Process in this strategy the goal is to get you out of your operating reality and into the customers operating reality. In the exploratory process if you ask the right questions you can help the customer discover what they need. You find a problem that needs solving rather than taking your solution around in search of a problem.
  34. 34. THE GAP The Gap: This is your area of opportunity! The gap is the difference between what is important to the customer and what is currently happening. This is a gap that creates the area of opportunity. Your Job As the Salesperson Is to Close the Gap!
  35. 35. STRATEGY #7 MAKE THE CUSTOMER PART OF THE SOLUTION This strategy incorporates a model that makes the customer part of the solution by including their ideas, their needs, and their contributions in the presentation.
  36. 36. FIVE KEY STEPS TO MAKING THE CUSTOMER PART OF THE SOLUTION 1. Positive Contact bring your energy to the customer! 2. Proposal Step tell them what youre going to tell them! 3. Solution Step tell them the features, the advantages, and benefits to solving a problem. 4. Summary Closure Steps this is where you tell them what you told them. 5. Response Check is the customer still there? Are they still listening to you? Do they have any hidden concerns?
  37. 37. STRATEGY #8 ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY You are the expert its not up to the buyer to manage all the dynamics in the sales process its up to you! When you control your own behavior it will influence the buying decision: More than price! More than technical knowledge! More than capability statements!
  38. 38. HOW THE BUYING DECISION IS BASED Who You Are How You Behave What You Say How You Say It When You Say
  39. 39. STRATEGY#9 PUT IT IN WRITING Summary Sales Proposal: After making the sales presentation the salesperson who always stands out is the one who sends the client a summary sales proposal. The 9th strategy is all the things you do after the sales call to keep you in the customers mind. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!
  40. 40. THE BENEFITS OF PROPOSALS Maintain a presence in front of the buyer Selling in your absence Eliminating confusion Improving secondhand delivery of your recommendations Reaching key people you dont have access to
  41. 41. 10 WAYS TO MAINTAIN AND BUILD POSITION 1. Make sure your proposal is specifically designed for the customer. 2. Refer to the proposal in your follow-up calls and correspondents. 3. Be ready to revise your proposal! 4. Use your best friend-overnight delivery. 5. Sell on two fronts. 6. Put a terminal point on every transaction. 7. Dont get pushed down the hill! 8. Dont get into the mood of the buyer! 9. Cut them off at the pass! 10. Break the boundaries.
  42. 42. STRATEGY #10 BECOME THE ONLY CHOICE Its a matter of doing the right thing and doing it right! The 10th position focuses on the final phone call. This comes from a person whose trust in you is well justified!
  43. 43. CONTACT INFO Dr. Rick Goodman Website: P 888.267.6098|F 954.404.6402 Email: