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  • 1. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Environmental Changes Affecting Sales People & Organizations n Unclear client needs Clients cannot clarify their needs/strategy Long decision period n Higher level of skills required for sales people Development of E-commerceNo information gap between clients and sales people Information, Knowledge, Network, PlanningWork in higher skilled fields is required n Limits on OJT Increase of player-managersLess time for OJT Employees who joined in the late 90s are now becoming bossesLack experience training subordinates

2. CICOM BRAINS Inc. CICOM BRAINS Value Proposition n People can learn needed skills by using a framework to create a common language Systematize conversation skills with clients which tend to depend on individual intuition and tips Three Elements in Meetings Systematize complicated B2B sales process Four Steps of Consulting Sales n Suggest plans to maximize the outcome of trainings/OJT Design & suggest training programs which are practical in a real business situation (i.e. role-plays, strategic planning, action planning) Provide useful assessment tools to identify issues, train subordinates, and measure outcomes HPC Sales Skills Diagnosis Program Development of tools (i.e. media materials, sales manuals, training handbooks) 3. CICOM BRAINS Inc. Three Elements in Meetings HPC H P C H : Hearing P : Proposal C : Closing HPC How to practice Before meeting Preparation Gathering information Developing hypothesis Making plans During meeting Introduction Self-introduction Stating the goal of the meeting Hearing Active listening and note-taking skills Problem-solving type questioning Proposal Proposing actions Proposing unique advantages for clients Handling objections Closing Making agreement on the next step Clarifying eagerness to buy After meeting Looking back at each element Reviewing the entire proposal Improving meeting skills Making plans for the next meeting Tracking the proposal By analyzing best practices from all industries, universal sales skills are systemized and can be used for new hires to the more experienced. Required skills should be established through implementing trainings and OJT using HPC as a common language. 4. CICOM BRAINS Inc. 4 Steps of Consulting Sales IDEA This framework describes four steps to achieve high-level sales target in a B2B setting. The focus is on understanding the clients true objectives & desires by discussing hypothetical situations. AED I Phase Actions of salesperson I Case is not yet established Understand needs before competitors Analyze clients market position, environment, strengths, weaknesses, management issues Make hypothesis D Deliver hypothesis and listen Discuss ways to address problems Decide on the proposal direction E Satisfy client needs Utilize own company strengths Understand clients purchasing process Make arrangements for proposal Involve other people in/outside of company A Think of closing process Prepare alternatives and negotiate Approach several departments I : Inspire D : Dialogue E : Embody A : Achieve 5. CICOM BRAINS Inc. HPC Sales Skills Diagnosis Program Diagnosis screen Diagnosis Report Coaching meeting manual Targeted salesperson and boss (mentor) answer all 40 web- based questions on impressions and abilities/skills. Diagnostic report to be provided with gap analysis and recommendations for salesperson. After the program, salesperson meets with boss (mentor), who uses coaching meeting manual to address any gaps. Salesperson should then understand/realize own weaknesses and take specific actions to improve. WEB diagnosis + Coaching will clarify which point to focus on