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Everyday your phone rings with potential new members and in this session youll learn how to maximise every contact on the phone. But then also learn the skills to convert a soft enquiry to a hard lead! You will even receive a fool proof script to get you started on converting leads to sales!


Sales Process

*Welcome to the Webinar Series!Todays session is: The Lifeline to Our Business the incoming call.You may also like to check out while you wait.

*The Lifeline to Your Business the incoming call~ Your first opportunity to make a friend, make the most of it ~

Over 1000 mystery calls in the last 12 months:90% didnt re-introduce themselves87% didnt ask my name95% said Yes and nothing else when we asked Do you have . . .78% appeared not to be listening to our answers42% converted to an appointment95% of clubs had huge variations between how different staff handled the calls

If you want more information on the Mystery Shopper Service contact Stacey

_____________ What I would suggest, and I think you would agree, is that the best way for you to find out if the facilities will meet your needs is for you to pop in and visit the club. What time of day would you be using the club: before work, during the day or after work?

Would today or tomorrow suit you best?If neither time is convenient No problem, then what would suit you bestIf they say today or tomorrowI have times at ___ or ___. What would suit you better?

Still no appointment

No problem. How about I put some information together for you, including a guest pass and post them to you. What is your address? And your contact number at work? And home?

If no details end the call at this point

_____________ and your last name? If there is a problem at our end, I would like to be able to call you and reschedule, could I ask your mobile number? And at work? If you have a problem at your end, could you give us a call as we work by appointment? Is that OK?

Do you know where we are located?

Thank you. Now when you get to the Club, go to the Front Desk and let them know that you are getting together with me. Again, my name is _____________. Theyll give you an Exercise History to complete which we will run through together, Ok

Great (Name) we look forward to meeting you on _____________ at _____________. Have a great day and see you then.

Giving LIFE-A to your incoming calls:

Listen:Ask open questions about themTake notesRe-confirm you understand what they have said

Giving LIFE-A to your incoming calls:

InterestImagine this is your first date with an amazing super model/celebrity you have always wanted to date This is all about rapport

Giving LIFE-A to your incoming calls:

FocusGive the callers 100% of your attention

Giving LIFE-A to your incoming calls:

EnergyStand upSmileUse voice tonalityGoal have the energy come through the phone so they are thinking: I have to go to meet this person!

Giving LIFE-A to your incoming calls:

Alternate ChoiceThe number 1 goal of every incoming call is to get an appointment.

Final Tips

*Remember . . .

The greatest sales people today are not the greatest persuaders but rather the greatest creative problem solvers!

*Any questions . . .

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