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  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


    A limited edition o premium Sako 85 Saari

    ries will be produced every year by Sako master

    gunsmiths.These beautiul ries are made one

    by one with an eye or details and perection.

    The Sako 85 Saari is made to appeal to the most

    discerning bolt action rie connosseurs.

    Sako 85 Saari rifes are honed to perection by Sako master gunsmiths with theiruncompromising attention to accuracy and details. The rst ever Sako 85 Saari rife

    was made or The Saari Club International 2008 Convention and it eatured a speciallyengraved magazine foorplate with a golden SCI emblem.

    Custom details

    A privilege

    ew huntersto be enjoyed by

    in the world.only

    The adjustable iron sights o the Sako 85 Saari model eature quarter rib,rear bladeshallow-V and band type ront sight with ivory white bead.Each Sako 85 Saari may beequipped with a premium scope,installed with Sako Optilock mounts.

    SightsClassic appearance o the handmadeSaari stock is nished o with a custommade Pachmayr recoil pad. The stockin Presentation grade walnut eaturestraditional hand-cut checkering andebony ore-end tip and pistol grip cap.

    Premium stock

    Sako Saari rife is built around the Sako

    85 size L action with Sako Round ControlSystem and integral dovetail rails orscope mounting.

    Sako action

    Sako 85 Saari

  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


    Traditional Sako 85 Deluxe combines an attractive,timeless appearance with superior

    Sako accuracy and reliability.Warmth o high grade walnut stock,rosewood details

    and classic checkering give this fne rie its distinctive looks.Highly polished metal

    parts,fxed magazine and the Sako pistol grip inlay are just couple o the custom

    eatures that Sako oers or this standardactory-made rie.

    The xed magazinewith hinged,polished

    foorplate holdsve cartridges.Allvisible metal parts

    like barrel,bolt

    and receiver o thisbeautiul rife are

    highly polished or

    distinctive looks.


    Customtheright out box.


    Beautiully grained

    selected high-grade walnut stock

    with traditionalcheckering pattern

    and red recoilpad is oil-nished.

    Optional high-gloss

    lacquered stock isalso available.


    Sako 85 Deluxe

  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


    The Sako 85 Bavarian is a masterpiece combining high grade

    walnut stock in traditional European style with the superior

    perormance and technology o the Sako 85 series. Under its

    stylish exterior design are new modern eatures and attention

    to detail,which enhance the experience o owning and

    shooting one o the worlds most popular and respected ries.

    The classic checkering pattern

    o the Sako 85 Bavarian providesunctionality and traditional looks.Other characteristics o this classicmodel are the Bavarian cheek piece

    and comb. The oil nished walnutstock also eatures a Schnabel-typeore-and and pistol grip in rosewood.

    Bavarian stock designLooks great

    -but the real beauty

    when you handle revealed

    Sako 85 Bavarian

  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009



    isn t.

    may be Calling the Sako 85 Hunter standardis a serious matter o understatement:loaded with Sako eatures like the legendary Sako accuracy, smooth boltoperation,and perect balance,it is a delight to own and shoot.The Sako 85

    Hunter eatures high-grade walnut stock and satin-like blued nish on thebarrel and receiver.Sako 85 Hunter model is available with blued or stainlessmetal parts.Optional iron sights are available or the blued barrel.

    This modern newcomer o the Sako 85 amily is made with a true hunterin mind.The straight, weatherproo stock is made o grey laminated

    hardwood and reinorced with two cross-bolts.Short,ree foating bullbarrel eatures adjustable open sights and band type ront swivel. Allmetal parts are made o stainless steel or are specially coated to ensure

    excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

    The Sako 85 Laminated Stainless has a high-grade stainless steel barrel,receiver and bolt.The grey, matte-lacquered laminated hardwood stockprovides a stable platorm to hold up in the toughest conditions.With its grey

    streamlined stock and stainless hardware,the Sako 85 Laminated Stainless iswell matched with a silver grey scope and scope mounts to orm one o thebest-looking hunting rife ensembles in the world.

    Sako 85 Hunter Laminated Stainless

    Sako 85 Kodiak

    Sako 85 Hunter

    The Sako 85 series gives you a choice o materials in both stocks

    and barrels.For a modern look and eel, choose a laminated,matte-

    lacquered hardwood stock with stainless steel barrel.I classic is more

    your style,select an oil-fnished high-grade walnut stock ftted with

    blued barrel.It is also possible to get the all-weather stainless steel

    barrel combined with the traditional walnut stock in Sako 85 Hunter

    Stainless model.The decorative Sako inlay on pistol grip fnalizes the

    appearance o the prestigious Sako 85 models.

  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


    Heart o steel,cruel andtotallyinsensitive.

    Perect mate or the weekend trip.

    Sako 85 Synthetic Stainless is an all-time avorite giving you trouble-ree

    ownership and the rmest hold you have experienced.Black grip areas againstthe black satin-like stock create a stunning prole.Stainless steel barrel andreceiver are non-refective and give all-weather durability or years.

    Sako 85 Synthetic Stainless

    Sako 85 Finnlight is or those who go deeper into the wild or their enjoyment.On mountain trails,trekked heights and long distance walks,some hunterspreer high perormance ull size rifes that are light in weight.The futed barrelo the Finnlight is just one o the many eatures that make it ideal or the hunter

    seeking a light rife thats perectly trimmed.The Sako 85 Finnlight is also anexcellent choice or women and younger shooters.

    Sako 85 Finnlight

    Sturdy,accurate,weatherproo and precise.Sako 85 synthetic modelsorm a solid platorm on which hunters can rely in all weather

    conditions.There is more that just durability and ease o use.

    There is the special Sako eel:non-reecting,sot stock material

    or added comort,ten slip-proo grip areas or frmest hold you

    have experienced and specially engineered,ree oating barrel in

    satin-like matte fnish.The synthetic Sako 85 models also eature

    an innovative recoil pad system that absorbs recoil eectively.

    The synthetic Sako 85models are upgraded

    with new sot stockcoating that oersthe hunter morecomort and better

    grip in all situations.


  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


    The Sako 85 Varmint Laminated Stainless comes with all the same qualities as theVarmint,but with its stainless metal parts and stabile laminate stock it is perect inrough conditions.The futed barrel accelerates barrel cooling and urthermore,

    gives this beautiul rife an extra dose o good looks.

    Sako 85 Varmint Laminated Stainless

    The Sako 85 Varmint is a long-range hunting rife built to deliver pinpointaccuracy or hunting and target shooting.The heavy, ree-foating barrel

    diminishes vibration and recoil, and makes it easy to zero in and stay ontarget.Selected walnut used in Varmint rife stock enhances both comort andaccuracy,and eatures an extra wide, fat-bottomed beavertail ore-end andmore pronounced pistol grip or better bench shooting position.

    Sako 85 Varmint

    Sakos accuracy is legendary.It is achieved through a painstaking development

    process and balancing all the aspects o putting together a rie.Sako weighs each

    and every ingredient involved in manuacturing a rie and brings out the fnest

    blend o them all.The outcome is a rie that eels extraordinarily smooth and solid,

    and provides perormance that can take your marksmanship to a new level.

    Everything we doocuses on perormance.

    Your perormance.

  • 8/14/2019 Sako Export 2009


    Sako Quad Hunter Pro was designed to look and eel like traditionalSako hunting rifes, but all eatures in it are up-to-date.The ull-size

    walnut stock resembles the amous Sako 75 design and it oers the sameout-o-the-box accuracy as all legendary Sako hunting rifes.

    Sako Quad Synthetic comes with stylish modern synthetic stock,bluedbarrels and black rubber recoil pad. Sako Quad butt stock spacers areavailable or modiying the length o pull.

    Quad Synthetic

    Quad Hunter Pro

    Best way to store and display your Sako Quad rimre rife is the Quad case.Sturdy aluminium ramed construction,with the prominent Sako Quad

    logo on ront. Internal compartments hold barrels and accessories.

    Quad Case

    Sako Quad minimizes the uncertainty o choosing a small-bore rie,

    because it is really several ries in one.With the Sako Quad concept you can

    build the rimfre rie that best fts or your game.The Sako Quad is made

    with the best materials,using cold-hammered orged precision barrels and

    Sako workmanship to produce awless accuracy and operation.Sako Quad has been a runaway success with shooters,oering both

    practical versatility and serious perormance.Choose your avourite stock

    material and match it with the Quad calibers and barrel options to suit

    your needs.Sako Quad barrels are interchangeable and can be swapped in

    seconds,without losing the point o impact.A Sako Quad isnt just one rie

    - its a unique package o hunting and range equipment,al