saint vitus cathedral

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Saint Vitus Cathedral

Saint Vitus Cathedral Who are the most famous people buried in The Saint Vitus Cathedral?Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors, for example: Charles IVPremysl Otakar IILadislav Pohrobek

Charles IV

Premysl Otakar II

Ladislav Pohrobek

Who was the first master builder and who was his successor?The first master builder was Matyas from Arras

And his successor was Peter Parler

Matyas from Arras

Peter Parler

How many chapels are there in The Saint Vitus Cathedral?There are 21 chapelsWhich is the most famous of them?Chapel of The Saint Ludmila

What is the name of the place where The Saint Vitus Cathedral is situated?The Saint Vitus Cathedral is situated in Prague Castle

Which architectural style is The Cathedral built in?The Cathedral is built in Gothic styleSome information about Gothic style:Vertical emphasis high constructionsLancet arch, Equilateral arch, Flamboyant arch, Depressed archAccomplished supporting system and narrow walls

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