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Safe Quality Food (SQF) and Food Safety

The consumers are more educated today about the food that they are providing to their families. Most of them requiring more knowledge about the food quality. Now a days the customers expecting more from their food service providers and retailers.

The customers are demanding for the verifiable proofs of the food. Now a days the service providers and retailers asking the suppliers for provide the proofs. So the food safety system has been implemented effectively. Its good for the service providers and retailers if they have the Verified proofs.

So the safe Quality Program used around the world. The SQF is recognized by the service providers and the retailers all around the world who needs the credible food safety management. They are giving better services thats why the retailers and service providers giving excellent response to the SQF Services.

The system has lot of benefits like it will reduce the cost of the multiple standards of assessment and it will also help to reduce the inconsistencies of assessment. These benefits are not enough. The certified suppliers are a step ahead from their competitors. Safe Quality Food is the only scheme that integrates food safe as well as quality component.

The mission of Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) is to deliver the globally recognized consistent food quality and safety certification programs based on effective scientific principles, valued by all stakeholders and across all the industry sectors the consistency applied.

The vision of the Safe Quality Food is to be the most trusted source globally for the food quality and safety certification. Its not a big deal to get the SQF Certification. There are lot of SQF Consultants who provide the services for Food Safety Consulting.

There are the three levels of the certification that is available according to the SQF 2000 and SQF 1000Level 1: Food Safety FundamentalsLevel 2: Certified HACCP Food Safety PlansLevel 3: Comprehensive Food Quality and Safety Management Systems

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