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Tribute To Sachin Tendulkar


  • 1. MY DEAR SON .

2. My Dear Son Get me all the video clippings of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , Wherein umpire had given him out when he was not out I want you to watch Sachins reaction. Almost 99% of the time he had accepted the decision without showing any form of resentment.Sometimes I feel that much before A for apple Sachins parent had taught Him A for Acceptance. (In Sri lanka 3 decisions went against Sachin. The entire Nation Was outraged by the decisions . I was least interested in manner In which he was given out, instead I was observing how Sachin reacted to The decisions and the following lines were born. Kaisa bhi nirnay hota hai sweekar kar lete Apna aapa kabhi naa khote chupke se chal dete My dear son, In life you will get many unfavorable decisions ,JUST ACCEPT THEM 3. My Dear Son When people criticize you, demoralize you , weigh you down, DONT use your favorite tool called anger. Instead Remember how greats like Sachin had reacted under similar Situation.KAISI KAISI MUSHKILO SE JHUNJHE SACHIN HAMARA MUH SE KUCH NA BOLE LETA BALLE KA HI SAHARA 4. My Dear Son When bouncers are hurled at you there are 2 ways of handling them :(1) Avoid eye contact with the ball ; Duck them (2) (Copy book style) This is how greats like Sachin face the bouncers : They follow the ball till the ball reaches wicket keepers glove (In life you will face many hurdles , there are two ways to tackle them (a) Escape Route (b) Face the situation boldly 5. My Dear Son If you want to become successful cricketer as Sachin TendulkarHere are the ingredients for success Banna hai gar Sachin kisiko Guru Achrekar dhoond ke laao (Preceptor) Guru Kripa ho (Gurus Grace) Talent bhi ho (Talent) Ekagrata ho (Concentration) Mehnat ho (Hard Work) sayyam ho (Patience) Sanskar ho (upbringing) Vinamrata ho (Humbleness) Dridhta ho (Steadfastness) Anushashan bhi ho (Discipline) Tab Bharat ka tiranga Jhanda Lehrayega kandho pe tumhareBut I must admit that YE KATHIN ABHIYAAN HAI 6. My Dear Son Whenever there is any argument going on whether Sachin is great or Ponting is Great, whether Sachin has won matches for us etc , etcMy advice to you to will be : Dont enter into any sort of arguments. My years of experience has taught me that it is sheer wastage of time and Mind you, arguments are ALWAYS INCONCLUSIVE.ALWAYS REMEMBER GANDHIS PHILOSOPHY DUSORO KE JAY SE PEHLE KHUD KO JAY KARE 7. My Dear Son Inculcate the habit of always finding good qualities in others.This requires years of sadhana, practice. But after years of practice , a day will come in your life when You will be able to appreciate everything in life spontaneously. Start with Sachin. I have already listed the qualities in slide no. 4 My dear son, there is divinity in all of us. But what seperates Likes of Sachin and people like me is that while Sachin allows the Divinity to take the center-stage I do exactly the opposite (I allow my ego to take the center-stage) So it is a huge mistake to call Sachin GOD. But it is safe to saySACHIN TUJH ME RAB DIKHTA HAI 8. My Dear Son TREAT THIS IS AS MY INSURANCE PREMIUM FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 9. My dear son, I wrote the song, roped in Anup Jalota to sing the song, Recorded, every thing was done but things did not materialized . I HAVE LEARNT TO ACCEPT THINGS . FOR ME THE BIGGEST LEARNING IS JOURNEY IS BETTER THAN DESTINATION (This was the front cover of the album) 10. JAB BHI MAI SACHIN KO KHELTE DEKHTA HU CHARCHE UNKE SUNTA HU KHUDA PAR HO RAHA MUJH KO YAKIN AHISTA , AHISTA - JAGJIT SINGH 11. HAR MULAKAT KA ANJAAM JUDAAI KYU HAI AB TO HAR WAQT YAHI BAAT SATAATI HAI HAME - TALAT AZIZ 12. DEKH LO AAJ HAMKO JI BHAR KE -- JAGJIT KAUR AND KHAYYAM