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PLAYING IT MY WAY-Autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar

AUTHORS:Sachin TendulkarBoria Majumdar


AUTHORSSachin Tendulkar & Boria MajumdarCOUNTRYIndiaLANGUAGEEnglishGENREAutobiographyPUBLISHERHodder & Stoughton (worldwide)Hachette India(In the subcontinentPUBLISHING DATE5 November 2014MEDIA TYPEPrint (Hardcover)PAGES486ISBN NO.978-14-736-0520-6



Sachin Tendulkar & Boria MajumdarSachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a formerIndiancricketerand captain, widely regarded as one of the greatestbatsmenof all time. He isthe the only player to complete more than 30,000runsin international cricket.

Boria Majumdaris an Indian sports journalist and author. He completed BA & MA in history fromUniversity of Calcutta. He was awardedDPhilin history fromUniversity of Oxfordin 2004.


The Autobiography has 28 chapters, covering every aspect of the authors life, along with the dedication ,acknowledgement and the prologue page.


When Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar made his test debut against Pakistan as a 16 year old, little did the world know that the curly-haired teenager would one day become one of the greatest legends of the game.

Childhood & Early LifeHe was born as the youngest of four siblings to Ramesh Tendulkar, a Marathi novelist and Rajni, who worked in the insurance industry. He was named after his fathers favorite music director, Sachin Dev Burman.As a young boy he was a bully. His older brother encouraged him to play cricket in order to divert his attention from fights and got him enrolled at the academy of the coach, Ramakant Achrekar.He went to Sharadashram Vidyamandir High School at the advice of Achrekar as the school had a rich cricketing tradition. He shone as a star cricketer playing for his school.Along with his friend Vinod Kambli, he was involved in a record 664-run partnership in an inter school match against St. Xaviers High School in 1988.

Sachins early years of cricket

School: Sharadashram Vidyamandir where he began his cricketing career Coach and mentor : Ramakant Achrekar. First professional camp : MRF Pace Foundation to train as a fast bowler Chief coach Dennis Lillee was unimpressed with his bowling and suggested that he focus on his batting instead.

Achrekar would put a coin on the top of the stumps, and the bowler who dismissed Tendulkar would win the coin. If Tendulkar passed the whole session without getting dismissed, the coach would give him the coin. Tendulkar now considers the 13 coins he won then as some of his most prized possessions.

First cricket camp:Mentor and coach :


The two of them first met at the Mumbai International Airport. Sachin was returning from his first international cricket tour in 1990 while Anjali was at the airport to receive her mother. Later, the two met at a common friends place and got to know each other better. On May 24,1995, after a five-year long period of dating each other ,these two got married.

Also, at the launch of Sachin's autobiography,Playing It My Way, Anjali shared a few interesting secrets of their courtship days. And, here they are:She told that she used to write letters to Sachin just to save on international telephone bills.She also mentioned that she used to walk across 46 acres in darkness and brave goons to call Sachin in New Zealand.Anjli also revealed that she went to Sachin's house for the first time disguised as a journalist.


He first took over as skipper in 1996 but by1997 the team was performing so poorly that he was droppedfrom the position.

Heres what he had to say about his captaincy :

To me, cricket is team work and not about individuals.There are stages where captain come into play and captain willguide, take important decisions on the field but eventuallythe batsmen would have to go out and score runs and thebowlers have to land the ball in those areas.My tenure was not long enough and it was a bigdisappointment for me to overcome.


Captaincy Record in TestsHe captained India in 25 test matches, between 1996 to 2000. (4 vs Australia, 3 vs New Zealand, 8 vs South Africa, 5 vs Sri Lanka and 5 vs West Indies). He won 4 tests, lost 9 and drew 12 tests as captain of Indian test team. Tendulkar made 2054 runs as captain with 7 centuries, average of 51.35, best of 217 and even took 4 wickets with best bowling of 3 for 10 wkts against South Africa.

Captaincy Record in ODIsSachin Tendulkar lead India in 73 ODI (8 vs Australia, 1 vs Bangladesh, 1 vs England, 6 vs New Zealand, 21 vs Pakistan, 10 vs South Africa, 13 vs Sri Lanka, 7 vs West Indies & 6 vs Zimbabwe)He won 23, lost 43, tied once and 6 were no results. As captain plus batsman, Tendulkar made 2454 ODI runs at an average of only 37.75 with best score of 186* vs New Zealand along side 6 centuries and took 11 wickets.



THE BEGINNING OF THE QUESTSachin Tendulkarproduced a fairytale run in the 2003 World Cup. In the 2003 World Cup, he didn't bat a single ball in the nets, right through the tournament. He only got throw-downs. He just received hundreds of throw-downs through the whole tournament.

"All were wondering ,Why is he doing that? When Rahul Dravid asked him, he said, I'm feeling good. I don't want to go into the nets and waste the touch. I want to feel good about my batting. If I have that sort of feeling, I will score runs when I go in.

The teams underwhelming performances in South Africa so far were not going down well with supporters at home and some irate fans had vented their fury that evening by throwing tar at Mohammad Kaifs home in Uttar Pradesh. It was alarming to read about the hostile reaction in India and Sachin eventually had to issue a formal appeal, in the form of a media release, to try to pacify the fans. This had some effect and they were able to concentrate once again on the task at hand.


The first time he heard people talking about the IndiaPakistan fixture at Centurion Park on 1 March 2003 was exactly a year earlier, when some of his friends had been discussing it with great excitement. The intensity of the game was such that he could not sleep properly for three nights before the game. If there was ever a match everyone wanted to win, it was this one. The nation would brook no failure and for many of our fans this was the true final. It really did not matter to them what happened in the rest of the tournament, as long as we managed to beat Pakistan at Centurion.During the break he hardly spoke to anyone at all. Nor did he eat much. In fact, for most of the time he had his headphones on and listened to music, trying to work himself into the right frame of mind.

During the innings break, he didnt ate much. He just had a big bowl of ice cream and a banana to give himself some energy and asked Parthiv Patel to let him know as soon as the umpires had walked out to the middle. When they were in position, Sachin picked up his bat and went out to start the run chase.

Sachin took the strike on that day as they needed to play out the initial burst from the Pakistani fast bowlers. Needless to say, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Shoaib Akhtar were capable of doing a lot of early damage.

He scored 98 runs in this match. Sachin ranks this innings as one of the best he ever played because of the immense pressure it was played under. Each boundary brought him an ovation from the raucous crowd. After winning the match, the team decided to go out for something to eat. It was close to midnight and they ended up going to a roadside stall for Chinese food. However he forgot his MOM award at the food stall himself. The team manager immediately called the stall and told the stall owner about the same. The team then rushed back and, to their enormous relief, an elderly lady handed over the bag with a smile.

THE FINALS V/S AUSTRALIAWhen the team got to the ground the next match day, they immediately went over to take a look at the surface. There was some moisture in the pitch and, given it was a day game, the fast bowlers were sure to get some early assistance. The team decided to field first if they won the toss. And thats what they did, but the decision turned out to be a disaster, with Ricky Ponting playing one of the best one-day innings of all time making 140 .Australia scored a mammoth 359 in their fifty overs.

The team was highly disappointed after this. But in the team discussion at the interval Sachin reckoned that they needed to hit one boundary every over and then score the remaining 160 runs in 250 balls. It was an attempt to be positive, as there was no other option left to them at that point.

In the middle of the innings there was some light drizzle and it turned really dark. This time the whole team was praying for rain and hoping that the match would be washed out, forcing a re-match the next day. But that didnt happened.

In my disappointment, Sachin did not even noticed that the bat he was presented with as the Man of the Tournament was made of gold and was specially crafted. Most of the players were still upset and were in no mood to talk. It would take a long time to get over the disappointment.

Heres what he had to say after the WC 2003

Looking back, the 2003 World Cup remains a bitter-sweet memory. We played some excellent cricket as a team and I contributed well in almost all of the matchesbut not in the fin