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Sachin Tendulkar

Date Of Birth 21/04/1973 Format(dd/mm/yyyy) Time Of 18:00:00 Format(hh:mm:ss) Birth City Bombay District State Country Latitude Longitude ZoneAscLord Yoga Yoni Vashya Hansak

Maharashtra India 18:58N 72:50E 82:30EVirMercury Variyan Mrig Keetak Jal Jyestha-2Mercury Rakshas Vipra Antya Yaa

Rasi-Lord Karan Nadi Varga Paya(RasiNak)

Sco-Mars Balava Adya Mrig CopperCopper

Nak-Lord Gan Varan Yunja NameAlphabet

Pln R C Asc Su n Mo n Ma r Me r Jup Ve n Sat Ra R h

Sig Hous Exalte Rasi Nak Sub Pa Na Degree n e d L L L d v 25:11:4 Vir ----Mer Mar Rah 1 5 1 07:46:1 8 3 21:35:4 Sco 3 3 Ari Cap Pis 24:43:1 5 3 Exalte Mar d Dblited Mar Exalte Sat d Dblited Jup Dblited Sat Neutra Mar l Ket Jup 3 3 10 5 7 2 4 5 5

Vimsotta Dasa ri Mercury 10Y8M17 D Venus 08/01/1991 08/01/2011 Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter 09/05/19 94 10/05/19 95 07/01/19 97 10/03/19 98 09/03/20 01 08/11/20 03

Mer Sun 2 Mar Rah 1 Sat Mar 3

12:40:1 7 6 16:17:0 Cap 5 0 10:48:2 C Ari 8 5 Tau Sag 23:58:0 9 1 16:36:1 4 8

Mon Sat 2 Ket Sat 4

Friend Ven Mar Mar 1 Dblited Jup Ven Mon 1

Ket R Ura R Ne R p Plu R NOTE :

Ge m Vir Sco Vir

16:36:1 10 8 27:05:5 1 4 13:28:3 3 1 08:50:2 1 1

Dblited Mer ------Mer Mar Mer

Rah Ven 3 Mar Jup 2 Sat Rah 4

11 6 8 12

Saturn Mercury Ketu

08/01/20 07 08/11/20 09 08/01/20 11

Sun Ven 4

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Adolf HitlerDate Of Birth 20/04/1889 Format(dd/mm/yyyy) Time Of 18:30:00 Format(hh:mm:ss) Birth City Braune am Inn District State Country Latitude Austria 48:15N

Longitude Zone

13:02E 82:30ESag-Jupiter Gara Adya Mooshak Silver-Copper Nak-Lord Gan Varan Yunja Name-Alphabet Moola-4-Ketu Rakshas Kshatriya Antya Bhee

Asc-Lord Leo-Sun Rasi-Lord Yoga Shiva Karan Yoni Shwan Nadi Vashya Hansak Manav Agni Varga Paya(Rasi-Nak)

Pln R C Sign Degree House Exalted RasiL NakL SubL Pad Nav Vimsottari Dasa Asc Leo 13:26:20 ----Sun Ven Ven 1 5 Ketu 0Y11M5D Sun Mon Mar Mer Jup Ven R Sat Rah R Ket R Ura R Nep Plu NOTE : Ari Sag C Ari C Ari Sag 08:18:43 9 11:33:26 5 23:56:05 9 02:57:46 9 15:56:09 5 Exalted Mar Neutral Jup OwnSign Mar Neutral Mar OwnSign Jup Neutral Mar Enemy Mon Exalted Mer Exalted ------Jup Mer Ven Ven Ket Ket Ven Ket Ven Ven Mer Jup Ven Mar Sun Mon Jup Mer Sat Ven Sun Mer Ven Sat Sat Jup Ven Rah 3 4 4 1 1 4 2 1 3 2 4 1 3 4 8 1 5 8 10 1 7 6 12 1 Ketu 28/03/2003 21/04/2009 Ketu 24/08/2003 Venus 23/10/2004 Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury 28/02/2005 29/09/2005 25/02/2006 16/03/2007 20/02/2008 31/03/2009 21/04/2009

Ari 24:28:14 9 Can 21:09:03 12 Gem 22:45:05 11 Sag Vir Tau Tau 22:45:05 5 27:11:27 2 08:31:50 10 12:21:16 10

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NapoleanDate Of Birth 15/08/1769 Format(dd/mm/yyyy) Time Of 11:34:00 Format(hh:mm:ss) Birth City Ajaccio District State Country Latitude Longitude Zone France 41:55N 8:44E 0:00ECap-Saturn Nak-Lord Gara Antya Simha Iron-Copper Gan Varan Yunja Name-Alphabet Uttarasadha-4-Sun Manushya Vaishya Antya Jee

Asc-Lord Lib-Venus Rasi-Lord Yoga Yoni Vashya Hansak Sobhagya Nakul Jalchar Bhoomi Karan Nadi Varga Paya(Rasi-Nak)

Pln R C Sign Degree House Exalted RasiL NakL SubL Pad Nav Vimsottari Dasa Asc Lib 23:14:26 ----Ven Jup Sat 1 1 Sun 0Y7M13D Sun Leo 02:08:38 11 Moltrkn Sun Ket Ven 1 1 Sun Mon Cap 08:37:28 4 Neutral Sat Sun Ven 4 12 30/03/1884 Mar Leo 21:25:56 11 Friend Sun Ven Jup 3 7 16/08/1889 Mer Jup Ven Sat Rah Ket Ura Nep Plu R R S R Can 15:33:21 10 Lib 24:22:31 1 Gem 16:25:21 9 Can Sag Gem Ari Leo Sag 05:15:53 10 01:37:45 3 01:37:45 9 20:51:54 7 18:03:47 11 23:47:01 3 Enemy Enemy Friend Enemy Dblited Dblited ------Mon Ven Mer Mon Jup Mer Mar Sun Jup Sat Jup Rah Sat Ket Mar Ven Ven Ven Jup Mer Ven Sat Ven Mer Jup Mar Sat 4 2 3 1 1 3 3 2 4 8 2 11 5 1 7 7 6 8 Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Venus 17/07/1884 16/01/1885 24/05/1885 17/04/1886 04/02/1887 17/01/1888 22/11/1888 30/03/1889 16/08/1889


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Page 8 Ch. 35. Raja Yogas 1. This science is mainly useful to rulers. Hence I explain in this Ch. the configurations, that make one a king. 2. KINGLY/WEALTHY YOGAS. One born in a royal scion will become a ruler, if 3, or 4 planets, with strength, occupy their exaltation/Mulatrikona Signs at birth. If 5, or 6 planets be so placed, even a person of mean birth will attain rulership. If one, or two heavenly bodies be so, the native will only be rich, being equal to a king, but not really be a king. 3. According to Yavanas, if only malefics are exalted, the native will become a king indulging, in cruel deeds. But, as per Jeevasarma, such planets will make one valorous, but not a king. One with such a Yoga (according to Kalyanavarma) will be honoured and will become the head of a region.

4. Explained below are the Yogas, that will make even a person of base birth a king, according to Shastras. 5. If all the four of the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, or three of them, be exalted and one of them be simultaneously in the Ascendant, a total of 16 kinds of Raja Yogas are formed. One born even in a mean caste with such a Yoga will become a ruler. Again a different group of 16 Raja Yogas are formed, if one, or two out of the above four planets are in exaltation, while one of the exalted planets occupies the Ascendant, as the Moon remains in Cancer. According to great sages, these 32 Yogas will make one a ruler, who reigns the whole earth, as though it is just a garden. 6. If at the time of birth either the Ascendant, or the Moon be in Vargothama Nav a and be in aspect to 5, or 6 planets other than the Moon (when the Ascendant being considered) one will become a king in spite of his having taken birth in a mean family. 7. If at birth Aries be the Ascendant containing the Moon, Mars and Jupiter one will become an emperor of the whole earth encircled by the seas and the Udayagiri (i.e. the mountain, from which the Sun etc. are supposed to rise) and will roaringly destroy his enemies. 8. Should Jupiter be in Cancer, while Mars occupies Aries identical with the Ascendant, or should both Jupiter and Mars be in Aries Ascendant, the native will become a ruler whose enemies dare not approach him, while his minister will be favourable to him. 9. Should the Moon be in the 11th House along with Venus and Jupiter, while Aries, Capricorn and Virgo are occupied by their Lords, one born in Virgo Ascendant will doubtlessly become a very knowledgeable king. 10. If Cancer Ascendant contain the Moon with full bright rays, while the 7th, 6th, 4th, 10th and 3rd are, respectively, occupied by Mercury, Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, the native will become a ruler. Simultaneously Mars should be conjunct Saturn. 11. Should Taurus ascend at birth with the Full Moon, as Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio are tenanted, respectively, by Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter, the native will become a king with abundant riches and with conveyances. 12. If Capricorn Ascendant birth along with Saturn, while Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius are, respectively, occupied by the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, one will become a ruler equal to Indra, Lord of the Lords. 13. If the Moon is in Pisces identical with Ascendant, while Capricorn, Aquarius and Leo are in their order occupied by Mars, Saturn and the Sun, one will become a ruler well versed in all arts. 14. One will become an unconquerable king, with knowledge of the Vedas, if he takes birth in Capricorn Ascendant with exalted Mars, if it opposed by Full Moon in Cancer. 15. If exalted Sun is in the Ascendant along with the Moon, the native will become a ruler, who will be endowed with pleasing appearance and with whose very reminiscence the

enemies will shed tears and will sparkle fire of grief in their hearts. 16. Should Venus, Mars and Jupiter by respective]y placed in Aquarius, Aries and Cancer, one born so will become a king spreading his fame to all the directions. 17. If the planet Jupiter, with the splendour of heated yellow metal, be in Cancer identical with Ascendant, while the Sun is in the 10th in Aries and the Moon, Mercury and Venus are in Taurus (in the 11th), one will conquer the entire earth with his own prowess. 18. The native will become a king, if the Moon occupies Sagittarius along with Jupiter, while Mars occupies Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo in Ascendant. 19. If the Luminaries occupy the first half of Sagittarius, while Saturn is exalted, with exceeding strength, in Libra Ascendant and Mars is in Capricorn, one will become a ruler whose valour will provoke only honour from his foes. 20-21. CHANDRADHI YOGA. Adhi Yoga is caused by all benefics being in the 6th, 7th and 8th from the Moon. These Houses should exclude the Sun and not receive any aspect from malefics. One born with this Yoga will become a king possessing a kingdom boundaried by seas whose band of intoxicated elephants will eke out ichor, which the black forest bees will drink (mistaking the ichor to be flower's honey). Such a native will be immune to senescence and sickness, be bereft of fear from enemies, be valorous, fortunate and happy. 22. Mercury in exaltation in the Ascendant, the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, while Venus is in Gemini: this configuration will produce a ruler destroying his enemies. The dust formed by the movements of his elephant Army will darken the entire earth. 23. One will become a king with the following planetar