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  • Poetry Collection

    By Sabrina Meng

  • Bag Pack Helps me carry books Two straps on the back Sometimes heavy Sometimes light Helps me every time

  • Haiku Fireworks

    Noise from all around Colorful things in the sky

    A beautiful view

  • Golden Retriever Big round eyes with a pointy nose Fur every shade of yellow and gold

    Ears drooping down like a dead flower And last of all tails wagging like a flea

    swatter. !

  • Friends You come to play with me

    When you see me on the playground alone.

    You come sit beside me when Im eating lunch alone

    You help me through obstacles through out the year

    You will always be my Best friend

  • Triple Fudge Ice Cream Sundae

    Fudge an ice cream is like Two best friends. They are only happy When they are together

    Fudge and ice cream are like Husband and wife. They blend together so well They love each other.

    Fudge and ice cream is like Toaster and bread You cant use a toaster Without bread.

    Fudge and ice cream Wont taste as good If it didnt have the other. The warm, soft chocolaty fudge

    Makes all your senses come true And the ice-cold vanilla ice cream Blends right into the warm fudge

  • Jail

    There was a boy named lord He owned a very sharp sword

    He went to jail And paid a very large bail

    He got very bored. !

  • Brothers Brothers

    Evil and mean Plotting to destroy you

    They get away with everything Beware