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  • (noun/verb)give honor or showadmiration for a deityDeities and places ofworshipART201Ms. BekaExploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approachdeity (n.)a god or goddess

Deities and places ofworshipRituals, oral tradition, sacredwritings, meditation, prayer, and music arebut a few paths used by humans toconnect to the Transcendent. Art is another[path].religiousceremonies/actions doneregularlyby word ofmouth(spoken, notwritten)(holy) religiousand deservingrespect orhonorthink deeplyand focus for along timeabove normal(relating toGod) where Christianity and IslambeginMonotheism is the belief in one godand that there is no othergod. The three monotheisticreligions of the Westernworld areJudaism, Christianity, and Islam. Judaism is thefoundation of Christianityand Islam. MONOTHEISTMWESTERNRELIGIONSJudaism(Abraham/Moses)c.1800 BCChristianity(Jesus/Apostle Paul)c.30 CEIslam(Mohammed)622 CE MONOTHEISTICPLACES OFWORSHIPJudaismTabernacle,Solomons TempleChristianityChurchesIslamMosques JUDAISM Judaism: Places of worshipThe Tabernacle, 1491BCESolomons Temple, 957BCE Judaism: Places of worshipThe Tabernacle, 1491BCE This place ofworship was mobile! Replaced bytemple... Judaism: Places of worshipThe Tabernacle, 1491BCESolomons Temple, 957BCE Judaism: Places of worshipSolomons Temple, 957BCE Built by King Solomon inJerusalem Destroyed in 586 BCE A second temple built in 515;destroyed 70 CE Judaism: Places of worshipThe Tabernacle, 1491BCESolomons Temple, 957BCE Christianity CHRISTIANITY: Places of worshipChurches became the mainplace of worship for bothCatholic and Protestantbranches of Christianityafter Christianity waslegalized in the 4th centuryCE. CHURCHDESIGNFloor PlanBishops Seat (Cathedrals) CHURCHDESIGNFloor PlanBishops Seat (Cathedrals)Spire or Steeple Points toGod/theheavens Prestige/status Church Design:Window DesignFloor PlanBishops Seat (Cathedrals)Spire or SteepleWindow Design Islam ISLAM:Places of WorshipMosquesPoint to:Mecca, Saudi Arabia ISLAM:Dome of the RockBuilt 691 CE.Built exactly where SolomonsTemple and the second templesHoly of Holies were built anddestroyed.The rock inside is where Abrahamwas tested by God to sacrifice hisson, Isaac. ISLAM:HAGIA SOPHIAOriginally built in 360 CE.Burnt down in 404.Rebuilt in 415, burned down in532.Reconstruction began a monthafter it was destroyed in 532, andit was completed in 537.In 1453, the Christian church wasconquered by Muslims.They covered the Christianmosaics with plaster.In 1935, the plaster wasremoved, and the mosque is nowa museum! ISLAMWithout Islam, theRenaissancewouldve neverhappened. (n.)death, notpermanent(n.)live forever, never dieMortality and immortalityART201Ms. BekaExploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach Cremate (v.)burn a deadbody and keepthe ashesChristian burialsEarly Christians buried their dead ratherthan cremating them because they believedthe body would be resurrected and rejointhe soul at the end of time.putundergroundrestore a deadperson to lifeagain Christian BurialsBaldacchinoThe tomb of Saint Peter.Artist: GIANLORENZO BERNINILocation: St. Peters, Rome, ItalyWhen: 1623-1634Media: Gilded BronzeDimension: 100 ft high (30.5 m) Christian BurialsThe rich and powerful enjoyedchurch burials.The poor and working class wereburied outside in cemeteries andin rural church yards. ISLAMICMASUSOLEUMS:TAJ MAHALBuilt in 1653.Built in memory of the third andfavorite wife of emperor ShahJahan, Mumtaz, MahalMumtaz Mahal died giving birth toher 14th child.Also, a symbol of Allahs throne nextto the Garden of Paradise. ARCHITECTS ATTACK!3 GROUPS ARCHITECTS ATTACK!Each group will try to build the best building from ourlesson.You may only build one piece at a time, only 3 people atbox.You must sketch your ideas before your start to build.Use linear perspective if you can! GROUP 1 : JUDAISMBUILD THE TABERNACLE OR SOLOMONS TEMPLE GROUP 2 : ISLAMBUILD THE DOME OF THE ROCK OR THE TAJ MAHAL GROUP 3 :CHRISTIANITYBUILD CHARTRES CATHEDRAL OR ANOTHERCHURCH/CATHEDRAL ARCHITECTS ATTACK!You may attack your opponents only 1 time each.When you are attacked, you must rebuild, start all overagain!Attacks must cease in the last 5 minutes. GROUP 1 : JUDAISMATTACK ISLAM: ZIONISM CARDATTACK CHRISTIANITY: CIRCUMCISION KNIFE GROUP 2 : ISLAMATTACK JUDAISM: DOME OF THE ROCK CARDATTACK CHRSITIANITY: ALLAH CARD GROUP 3 :CHRISTIANITYATTACK ISLAM: CRUSADE SHEILD CARDATTACK JUDAISM: GOSPEL BOOKS CARD JOURNAL #3: GalleryVisit. Please HAND THISIN TO MS. BEKA1,000 word essays and/or alternativegallery visits : Please talk to Ms. Beka Journal #4:Due Session 11 Team CollaborationHow are you doing?Questions?