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  • Answers for energy.


    With the phasing-out of the SIMATIC S5 PLC, service and support for this system will become rare and difficult to obtain.

    Spare parts procurement and service wil become increasingly difficult and with your present S5 controls you risk the danger of one day being unable to sustain operation of your compressor.

    The dangers of S5 obsolescence

    Lack of or no availability of spare parts

    No OEM support available

    Skills required to service and operate are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire and maintain

    The functional capability of the previous system is limited and does not permit needed additions.

    Plant expansions

    Upgrade benefits

    With an upgrade to SIMATIC S7 you will benefit from

    Availability of spare parts

    Ample functionality and performance through the use of the market-leading programmable logic control system SIMATIC S7

    Optimized migration with regard to performance and quality

    Short downtimes through toolsupported system analysis and professional implementation of the previous system configuration

    Upgrade to SIMATIC S7

    To ensure continued trouble free operation of your site, Siemens Turbomachinery Solutions strongly recommend upgrading to SIMATIC S7.

    As a quality supplier Siemens Turbomachinery Solutions are in a position to offer our customers a customized upgrade solution for the phased out Siemens S5 based systems.

    Our upgrade solution enables you to evolve from your previous system to the market-leading SIMATIC S7 PLC. And that not only opens the door to all functional possibilities of the most advanced automation technology available, it frees you of all concerns associated with continuing to use an obsolete system.

    Migration to the SIMATIC S7 world provides you with a host of new functions, open interfaces, and comprehensive service and technical support.

    The compressor specific benefits of upgrading are

    On-line support through GSM modem is possible

    Easy connection to your PCS / Scada system via Profibus DP or TCP/IP

    Trending of process data

    History of alarms to help process optimization

    Multi language interface

    Detailed process information

    S5 control System Upgrade

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    Siemens Power Generation, Inc. 4400 Alafaya Trail Orlando, FL 32826-2399, USA

    For more information, contact our Customer Support Center. Phone: +49 180/524 70 00 Fax: +49 180/524 24 71 (Charges depending on provider) e-mail: support.energy@siemens.com www.siemens.com/energy

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    The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available, which may not apply in all cases. The required technical options should therefore be specified in the contract.

    Your new automation system will be configured from the SIMATIC S7 components best suited to your application, and optimized with regard to performance and functionality.

    Kindly contact your nearest Siemens Tubomachinery Solutions representative for further information, details and budget pricing.

    Siemens Turbomachinery Solutions look forward to assist you with a successful up-grade.

    At Siemens Turbomachinery Solutionswe strive to provide the best service to you as a customer.

    Therefore, you will always get solutions and service products designed to suit your individual needs. We can assist you with everything from spare parts and training, to refurbishment and upgrades of old equipment and maintenance of existing installations.

    You can choose between a wide range of service solutions:

    Installation and commissioning

    Highly qualified experts install the equipment, put it into operation and provide on-site training of your staff.

    Maintenance contracts

    We can also offer cost-efficient maintenance contracts. You may choose between our package contracts with lump sum prices or agreements billing actually incurred expenses.

    Consultation and process optimization

    Use our outstanding experience to improve your processing facility.

    Service & trouble shooting

    Our service team with its experience and know-how is at your disposal to assist you in achieving optimum utilization of your machines.

    Refurbishment and upgrades

    We offer complete technical consultation as well as project management on refurbishments and upgrades.

    Genuine Spare Parts

    Our spare parts are manufactured to the highest quality standards ensuring continued trouble free operation.


    Our in-house service workshop takes care of any repair work which may not be effected directly on the spot.

    Our other service offerings

    For more information please contact:

    Siemens A/STurbomachinery SolutionsAllegade 4DK-3000 Helsingr DenmarkPhone: +45 49 21 14 00Fax: +45 49 21 52 25


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