S UPPORTING S TUDENTS IN K-3 WITH THE O NLINE R EFERENCE C ENTRE Khalsa School Calgary Staff PD Day January 30, 2015 Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator

Download S UPPORTING S TUDENTS IN K-3 WITH THE O NLINE R EFERENCE C ENTRE Khalsa School Calgary Staff PD Day January 30, 2015 Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator

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ORC Update Whats New and Different for 2012

Supporting Students in K-3 with the Online Reference CentreKhalsa School Calgary Staff PD DayJanuary 30, 2015Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator

1What is the ORC?A $1.7 million collection of curricular-aligned, authoritative digital resources licensed on behalf of all Alberta:K-12 students and their parents School staffPre-service teachers Public library staff *

Funded by a yearly Grant-In-Aid from Alberta Education to The Alberta Library (TAL)Return on Investment (ROI) calculation of 3:1 for Alberta Schools

*for the purposes of supporting K-12 patrons

Why should students access the ORC?ORC Resources:Provide authoritative, age appropriate, engaging, curricular-aligned contentAllow students to become familiar and comfortable with the kinds of resources and searching practises that an integral part of 21st century learningGoogle & Wikipedia are the tip of the searching and information literacy icebergAre time savers once you are familiar with using themInclude embedded supports for diverse learners like listen, text translation, citation tools, vetted websites, copyright friendly pictures and videosProvide anytime, from anywhere with Internet access

How does the ORC fit into the 7 Habits? Be ProactiveI am a responsible personI do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.ORC resources can be used to teach and promote digital citizenship. The resources include copyright friendly pictures and videos. ORC resources provide authoritative licensed content along side freely available websites that align with the Alberta curriculum.

Put first things firstI spend time doing things that are most important (e.g. homework)ORC resources allow homework to be completed from anywhere with an Internet connection.Finding authoritative information is faster, subsequent time spent doing homework is reduced.

Seek first to understandI listen to other peoples ideas and feelings. I try to see things from their viewpoints.ORC resources provide a range of perspectives, and articles are often written by someone living in the country.

Why should school staff access the ORC?ORC Resources Provide:Access to ready-to-use or customizable lesson plans, teaching materials and direct curricular correlations Support for ESL and foreign language learnersAccess to journals like Walrus, National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Mens Health, and Macleans just to name a few (RSS feeds available)Consistent and explicit update schedulesAccess to vetted websites Ability to create permalinks that can be posted on a website or in an email blast

Accessing the ORCGo to LearnAlberta.ca Select English or FrenchClick on Online Reference Centre in the tab along the top of the screenIn school automatic authenticationAccess outside of school requires a remote username/passwordKhalsa School Username: LA610 Password: 6101Share your district username/password using low tech methods Email jdavis@thealbertalibrary.ab.ca for your remote username/password

Please do not share the username and password combination on a website that can be accessed by anyone.

School newsletterParent information nightMeet the teacherParent technology nightSchool agenda

6Quick tip for working with young LearnersCreate a direct link to the ORCHave an enlarged icon for the database(s) you will be usingPreload on iPads, SMART Board or computers for quicker access to a learning centre activityModel for whole group Move to pair work Finally individual work Number each child that is the computer they will useRecipe card with access information for every student laminate and put on a ring In class tech helpersExpect age appropriate citations icons, premade sheets, etc.

Questions?Resources to Support Literacy Skills and Language LearningBookFLIXRecommended for K-3105 fiction and non-fiction book pairs organized into themesSearch titles by guided reading level, author, grade level, theme, etc.Lesson plans for each pair providedReal voice audio support embedded throughout resourcesFollow up puzzlers for each pair

Ideas for using BookFLIX in the classroom:Read Aloud or Shared Reading on SMART Board or LCD projectorPlay with read along off or on, have students make specific sounds with a related word, mute words and read along to word highlightingSmall Group or Learning CentreCan use BookFLIX on a computer, netbook or iPad (with a java enabled browser like Puffin) or on the SMART BoardReading and Writing ConnectionRead about the author and their writing process or target a specific writing style and view/discuss togetherResearch and Inquiry projectsNonfiction eBooks on a variety of topics (some direct links to curriculum), in addition to vetted related websitesHave students use these websites at the start of their inquiryAt home reading programNo more ziplocks!Provides a reading experience for students who may not have an adult who can read to them each evening. Reading with someone is obviously preferable but that is not always an option for some of our students.

10TrueFLIXNewly created sister resource to BookFLIX designed for grades 3-6Nonfiction content divided into 2 broad themes with 3-5 subthemesEach ebook includes an introductory video to help build background knowledge of topicHuman voice read along featureInteractive table of contents for each ebookEssential inquiry questions and project ideas for every ebook

11TeachingBooks.netRecommended for K-12Includes a wealth of support material to teach and promote books in your school (book trailers, author interviews and readings, author audio name pronunciation, book guides and lesson plans, etc.)Share pages using share, email or flyer with QR featuresAccess Alberta specific booklists: Canadian Book Award Winners/Canadian Book and Author ResourcesPersonalized Book Lists upon request

Advanced Search allows you to search:French and Spanish resources by selection Foreign Languages and then French/SpanishSpecific grade rangesBook Apps available

Features:1) Hover over any book cover to see a listing of the resources available for that book2) Link for requesting a personalized booklist along the right-hand side of a booklistAlberta Specific Lists at the bottom of the homepage:YRCAELA ApprovedRocky Mountain

Also at the bottom of the homepage find:Curriculum usesWhats NewFeatured ContentNew Material

Canadian Authors:Large listing, always changingAuthors include Melanie Watt, Sigmund Brouwer, Eric Walters, Cory Doctorow, Marty Chan

Marie-Louise Gay Canadian authorVideo recording from her home, available in French or EnglishCan use to learn about the writing process to include in your own writing curriculumName pronunciationAccess her materials two waysBottom of the page links share this page or email this page

Help and Training Available:Video demonstrations that can be sharedSelf-guided professional development

Contact:Make author/illustrator suggestions Suggest links to be included in TeachingBooks 12Muzzy OnlineRecommended for students in K-6Learning languages through the context of a storyHundreds of words and phrases embedded in storiesSix movies in each language level with subtitles that can be turned on/off101 thematic video lessons with embedded language learning games divided into level I & IIAll new 3D animationAll new recording studio and 4 new languages coming in 2015

Resources to Support the Science CurriculumAmazing Animals of the World Recommended for K-6Lists animal classes, orders and speciesRead Aloud availableProvides quick access to the animal stats at the top and a brief article belowLinks to information about animal habitat, and orderVetted weblinks that open within the database

PowerKnowledge Suite Recommended for grades 1-3Content divided into 3 databases: Earth Space, Life Science and Physical ScienceIncludes a customizable read aloud featureShort, segmented articles with introductory videos to build background knowledgeEmbedded science experiments and educational games Aligns with 95% of the grade 3-6 science curriculum and 87% of grade 1-6 science curriculum16PowerKnowledge: Earth SpaceCurriculum areas covered:Grade 1 Seasonal Changes Grade 2 Exploring LiquidsGrade 3 Rocks and Minerals

Grade 4 Light and Shadows, and Waste and Our WorldGrade 5 Weather Watch, and Wetland EcosystemsSocial Studies mapping skillsGrade 6 Sky Science

17PowerKnowledge: Life ScienceCurriculum areas covered:Grade 1 Needs of Animals and PlantsGrade 2 Small Flying and Crawling AnimalsGrade 3 Animal Life Cycles and Hearing and Sound

Grade 4 Plant Growth and Changes, Wetland Ecosystems and Waste and Our WorldGrade 6 Trees and Forests

18PowerKnowledge:Physical ScienceCurriculum areas covered:Grade 1 Needs of Animals and PlantsGrade 2 Hot and Cold Temperatures and Magnetism

Grade 4 Wheels and LeversGrade 5 Electricity and Magnetism and Classroom ChemistryGrade 6 Trees and Forests

19Resources to Support the Social Studies CurriculumCulturegramsRecommended for grades 3-12Very strong alignment to the grade 3 Social Studies curriculumAlso support grade 2 Social Studies curriculumUpdated every 6 monthsIncludes a World, Kids Edition and Provinces EditionArticles are written and reviewed by in-country consultantsCultural recipes included for each country and provinceCreate customizes graphs and tables using current data from the countries and provincesTools include world time, distance calculator, and currency converter

Provinces Homepage:Link to provincial recipes from homepageCheck out what has been added recentlyAccess PDF of maps and map outlines

Provinces Page:Left-hand sideInformation is divided into categories and students can click to learn more about the countrys land and climate, history, lifestyle, etc.) Right-hand sideAccess PSF maps and flagsBottomQuick facts about the provinceDistance calculatorProvincial timeTop links barIn the Graphs and Tables links you can select multiple provinces and data sets or you can access pre-made graphs and table for the provincesProvincial flag galleryRecipes

Kids Edition Homepage:Search by the globe of the search bar on the top right hand cornerSearch any country including Tunisia

Country page:Left-hand side

Information is divided into categories and students can click to learn more about the countrys land and climate, history, lifestyle, etc.)

Right-hand side Embedded tools like customizable graphs and tablesIn graphs and tables you can select multiple countries and data sets or you can access pre-made graphs and tables for the countriesDistance calculatorLinks to photos and interviews from the countryRecipes A listing of famous people and why they are considered famousTeaching activitiesBottomListen to how the name of the country is pronouncedListen to the countrys anthem

Other Engaging Multidisciplinary Resources to Check OutWorld Book KidsRecommended for students in K-3Text to speech featureEasy online database for young usersUse the compare option to find similarities and differences between animals, countries and placesAvailable on iPadsOnline Training Available

Support for School Staff MembersORC Support Sitewww.onlinereferencecentre.caResource training materials - podcasts, videos, archived webinars, and guidesInformation about upcoming free ORC PD opportunitiesInformation about province-wide resource trials and surveysOnline booking system for ORC sessionsCalendar of ORC EventsLinks to ORC Twitter and Facebook accounts

Curricular Mapping for Division I ScienceAlong with training materials provided by the vendors, the ORC Support Site also includes curricular mapping documents for the division I Science Curriculum at: http://www.onlinereferencecentre.ca/curricular-mapping-for-division-i-science.html

Social Studies will be coming soon.ORC ListservWeekly email updates organized by E/J/S:New resources and featuresProvince-wide trialsSurveysFree PD opportunitiesNo emails during school breaksMembership has its benefits joining incentiveEmail jdavis@thealbertalibrary.ab.ca or visit the ORC Support Site to join today27ContactFor more information or to schedule a school presentation please contact Jamie Davis, ORC Coordinator

Call 780-414-0805 ext.229OREmail: jdavis@thealbertalibrary.ab.ca 28Links to Check outORC Support Sitehttp://www.onlinereferencecentre.ca/

ORC ListServhttps://lists.talonline.ca/listinfo/orc

ORC Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/OnlineReferenceCentre



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