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Ignite Wine presentation about enjoying wine and getting out of your comfort zone and your ivory tower to go meet other wine drinkers!


  • 1. Get out of your Chteau.Ryan OConnell @mroconnell

2. Winemaker in the south of France@mroconnell 3. we all have CHTEAUX.@mroconnell 4. France can be pretty complicated INAOVin de Pays AOCVin de Table IGPVin de Pays rgionalAOPVin de France Vin de Pays dpartemental VDQS 1er Cru Bordelais Vin de Pays de zone1er cru Bourgeois Grand Cru Bourguignon UIVD Grand Cul du Languedoc CIVSCIVJLocal ODGCNPCCIVA InterRhone SOPEXA CIVA AgriMerCIVCInterBeaujolais CIVRSyndicat BIVC Anivin CIVL Inter OcCIVRB Vignerons IndependentsBIVB Sud de France Export de France CIVP CIVBUIVC@mroconnell IVSO InterLoireIntervins Sud Est 5. Yall can be pretty complicated too. Will restaurants carry you?maybe yes WinemakeryesWHAT WOULDAre you overseas? noPARKER DO? Will stores carry you?yesno maybeDo you have yesdistribution?Do you havean importerno noNobody will evertaste your wine Consumer@mroconnellMWUHAHAHAHA 6. Its a miracle!@mroconnell 7. No free lunch@mroconnell 8. Despite it all@mroconnell 9. And back in France@mroconnell 10. We know how to complain@mroconnell 11. Who will pay us to sit around drinking?@mroconnell 12. Are you working hard enough?@mroconnell 13. Are you innovating enough?@mroconnell 14. Do you know your audience?@mroconnell 15. Do you know your audience?@mroconnell 16. Be more proactive consumers.@mroconnell 17. So lets get to work!@mroconnell 18. Get out of your freaking Chteau@mroconnell 19. Drink wine. But dont JUST drink wine.@mroconnell 20. Thanks for listening.Go out and do something. Ask me about: Creative commons attribution European Wine Bloggers Conference Naked Wines French POWs by Drake Goodman OVineyards http://ovineyards.com Carcassonne -- Jean-Pierre Lavoie Star Wars Wine aisle by magister418 Burning money Christine Urias Tumbleweed Deni Sarkozy Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko@mroconnell