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chemistry guidance "a matter"


  • 1.Gu i da nc e he mi stryC 10 12 afo r gr ade m atterRa nthosh epo J os eph 12 By Mr. T 0U J R vo 2

2. What is a matter A mater is anything that has massand volume.Which means anything that can fill upspace. E.g. water, gases and act.Mr. Tshepo Joseph Rantho 3. Properties of Matter 4. A matter comes in threephases and in two forms. Three phases of a mater1. Solid phase2. Liquid phase3. Gaseous phase (gas)Mr. Tshepo Joseph Rantho 5. Two forms of a matera) Mixtures:Homogenous mixtureHeterogeneous mixtureb) Pure - substancesElementscompoundsMr. Tshepo Joseph Rantho 6. Example of mixtures Homogenous mixture: Salt and water solution Suger and water solution Coffee Heterogeneous mixtures Pizza Fruit salad Cows, goads and sheepsMr. Tshepo Joseph Rantho 7. Example of pure -substancesCompounds Carbon dioxide (CO2) Sulphuric acid (HSO4)Elements Oxygen Hydrogen CalciumMr. Tshepo Joseph Rantho 8. Mr. Tshepo Joseph Rantho


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