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P.O. Box 142005 P.O. Box 142005 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 Salt Lake City, Utah 84114 801.273.6677 801.273.6677 March 2020 March 2020 RURAL HEALTH CONNECT RURAL HEALTH CONNECT Improving the Health of Rural Communities Improving the Health of Rural Communities IN THIS ISSUE: IN THIS ISSUE: What's New New OPCRH Director NHSC Application US Census Report Upcoming Events Rural Health Association Conference Utah AIDS OPCRH Program Updates Health Systems Support Workforce Development Statewide Announcements Salt Lake Cannabis Pharmacy Top 20 Rural Hospital Webinar Opportunities Revenue Cycle Dissemination of Rural Health Suicide Prevention Toolkit Utah Cannabis Program Funding Opportunities HRSA Scholarship Announcements/Reports from: RHIhub HRSA 3RNet What's New What's New New Office of Primary Care and Rural Health New Office of Primary Care and Rural Health Director Director The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health is excited to announce Ashley Moretz Ashley Moretz as the new OPCRH Director! Ashley's vast experience in workforce development and program management have prepared him lead the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health and support our partners. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners throughout the state with the goal making Utah the healthiest state in the country.

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  • P.O. Box 142005P.O. Box 142005Salt Lake City, Utah 84114Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

    801.273.6677801.273.6677March 2020March 2020

    RURAL HEALTH CONNECTRURAL HEALTH CONNECTImproving the Health of Rural CommunitiesImproving the Health of Rural Communities


    New OPCRH DirectorNHSC ApplicationUS Census Report

    Upcoming EventsRural HealthAssociationConferenceUtah AIDS

    OPCRH Program UpdatesHealth Systems SupportWorkforceDevelopment

    Statewide AnnouncementsSalt Lake CannabisPharmacyTop 20 Rural Hospital

    Webinar OpportunitiesRevenue CycleDissemination of RuralHealthSuicide PreventionToolkitUtah CannabisProgram

    Funding OpportunitiesHRSA Scholarship



    What's NewWhat's New

    New Office of Primary Care and Rural HealthNew Office of Primary Care and Rural HealthDirectorDirectorThe Office of Primary Care and Rural Health is excited to announceAshley MoretzAshley Moretz as the new OPCRH Director! Ashley's vast experience inworkforce development and program management have preparedhim lead the Office of Primary Care and Rural Health and support ourpartners. We look forward to continuing to work with our partnersthroughout the state with the goal making Utah the healthiest state inthe country.,+Millcreek,+UT+84106/@40.6896342,-111.8475103,18.06z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x875261db5e76e19f:0x12a4eedb2d41255!8m2!3d40.689903!4d-111.8464159

  • NHSC Loan Repayment Program ApplicationNHSC Loan Repayment Program ApplicationCycle is OPEN.Cycle is OPEN.The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) opened its application forthree loan repayment programs: the NHSC Loan Repayment ProgramNHSC Loan Repayment Program,,the NHSC Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan RepaymentNHSC Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan RepaymentProgramProgram and the NHSC Rural Community Loan Repayment ProgramNHSC Rural Community Loan Repayment Program..

    Accepting applications throughAccepting applications throughThursday, April 23, 7:30 p.m. ETThursday, April 23, 7:30 p.m. ET

    Find which one is right for you:

    United States 2020 CensusUnited States 2020 CensusBetween March 12 and March 20, invitations to participate in the 2020Census will start arriving in households across the country. Below are a listof important dates to note during the process of census taking:

    March 12-20:March 12-20: Initial invitations to respond online and by phone willbe delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Areas that are less likely torespond online will receive a paper questionnaire along with theinvitation to respond online or over the phone.

    March 16-24:March 16-24: Reminder letters will be delivered.

    March 26-April 3:March 26-April 3: Reminder postcards will be delivered to

  • households that have not responded.

    April 8-16:April 8-16: Reminder letters and paper questionnaires will bedelivered to remaining households that have not responded.

    April 20-27:April 20-27: Final reminder postcards will be delivered to householdsthat have not yet responded before census takers follow up inperson.

    May 13-July 31:May 13-July 31: If a household does not respond to any of theinvitations, a census taker will follow up in person.

    OPCRH Office Highlight:OPCRH Office Highlight:

    Each month the OPCRH teamhighlights a significant event orproject in our office. This month,we're highlighting our MentalMentalHealth Safety Net MapHealth Safety Net Map for thestate of Utah! The Mental HealthSafety Net Map is a newlydeveloped map, if you have anysuggestions or edits, pleaseforward them [email protected]

    Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events

    Rural HealthRural HealthAssociationAssociationConferenceConference"Building Partnerships for Rural"Building Partnerships for RuralWell-Being"Well-Being"

    The well-being of communities andindividuals is complex and requirescollaboration through effectivepartnerships that address multiplefactors that affect health such as,social, financial, and environmental.Rural communities have uniquechallenges, yet great opportunities, tofoster partnerships and collaborationsfor improved health and well-being.

    Hospitals, clinics, and providers oftenneed community resources to supporttheir patients to improve health. Some

  • examples include: pre-diabetes anddiabetes education, opioiddependency resources, access to freshfruits and vegetables, or physicalactivity and social connections. Thisconference will address how toconnect community resources, engagethe community at large, and developeffective partnerships.

    April 10, 2020April 10, 2020St. George, UtahSt. George, Utah

    For more information and registration,For more information and registration,please click here.please click here.

    Utah AIDS EducationUtah AIDS Educationand Training Centerand Training CenterProgram (AETC)Program (AETC)"HIV Prevention in Primary Care""HIV Prevention in Primary Care"This conference is designed for primarycare providers in Family Medicine,Internal Medicine, OB/Gyn, AdolescentMedicine, Pediatrics, and Pharmacyworking in the Mountain West andbeyond who are interested in attendinga comprehensive medicalconference to learn how to provide HIVpre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) throughpharmacotherapy within their practice.

    "Transgender Medicine Pre-"Transgender Medicine Pre-Conference"Conference"

    This pre-conference is geared towardprimary care providers who areinterested in learning more about multi-disciplinary carefor transgender/gender non-conforming patients. Visit theregistration link below for moreinformation and topics covered!

    For more information on theFor more information on theConference and Pre-Conference,Conference and Pre-Conference,please see the attached Save the Dateplease see the attached Save the DateFlyer here.Flyer here.

    April 2-3, 2020 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.April 2-3, 2020 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.Viridian Event CenterViridian Event Center8030 S 1825 W8030 S 1825 WWest Jordan, Utah 84088West Jordan, Utah 84088

    OPCRH Program UpdatesOPCRH Program Updates


  • Save the Date:Save the Date: April 9, 2020.April 9, 2020.OPCRH is sponsoring aworkshop for Rural HealthRural HealthClinics Clinics and will cover surveypreparedness, billing, andcoding. This is in conjunctionwith the RHAU conferenceon April 10 in St. George,Utah.

    Save the Date: Save the Date: June 11-12,June 11-12,20202020 the OPCRH is hostingour annual FLEX SummitFLEX Summit atRuby's Inn in Bryce Canyon,UT.

    The legislative session iswrapping up in the nextcouple of weeks. Once thefinal budget is released, wewill be posting notices offunding and applicationcycle information for ourthree state fundedprograms: Health CareHealth CareWorkforce FinancialWorkforce FinancialAssistance Program, RuralAssistance Program, RuralPhysician's Loan RepaymentPhysician's Loan RepaymentProgram, and State PrimaryProgram, and State PrimaryCare Grants ProgramCare Grants Program. Keepan eye out for thoseannouncements! If youhave any questions, pleasecontact Robbin Williamsat [email protected]

    The OPCRH is establishing aHealth Workforce CoalitionHealth Workforce Coalitionto develop a coordinatedapproach to addressinghealth workforce issues inrural and underserved Utah.The first coalition meetingwill be held March 26, 2020March 26, 2020and will focus on the rootcauses of health workforceshortages, identify emergingissues affecting Utah's healthworkforce, and sharesuccessful models andopportunities to scale them.Members may includegovernment, health industry,education institutions, andassociated organizations.We are still in the process ofreaching out to potentiallyinterested stakeholders. Ifyou would like toparticipate or learn moreabout this initiative, pleasecontact Ashley Moretz,Ashley Moretz,OPCRH Director, atOPCRH Director, [email protected]

    Statewide AnnouncementsStatewide Announcements

    Rural Utah Hospitals on Top 20 Best Rural andRural Utah Hospitals on Top 20 Best Rural andCommunity Hospital ListCommunity Hospital ListThree of Utah's rural hospitals have been included on the National RuralHealth Association's Best Rural and Community Hospital. We are proudto announce that Castleview Hospital in Price, Cedar City Hospital andSevier Valley Hospital in Richfield were in the top 20 out of 1,821 rural

    mailto:[email protected]

  • and community hospitals across the U.S.For more information and to view the list of hospitals, please follow thelink

    Utah's First Medical Cannabis Pharmacy OpensUtah's First Medical Cannabis Pharmacy Opensin Salt Lake Cityin Salt Lake CityUtah's first medical cannabis pharmacy has officially opened in SaltLake City this week. The opening of Dragonfly Wellness at 711 SouthState Street, is the first of 14 medical cannabis dispensaries openingthroughout the state.

    For more information on the opening, please view the article

    Below is a list of the pharmacies that will open in the coming months:

    Beehive’s Own (two licenses), Salt Lake City and location TBD butwill be in Box Elder, Morgan, or Rich CountiesBloom Medicinals, Cedar CityColumbia Care, SpringvilleCuraleaf, LindonDeseret Wellness (two licenses), Park City and ProvoDragonfly Wellness, Salt Lake CityJustice Grown Utah (two licenses), Salt Lake City and St. GeorgePure UT, VernalTrue North of Utah (two licenses), Logan and OgdenWholesome Therapy, West Bountiful

    For more information, please follow the link

    Utah Department of Health CampaignsUtah Department of Health Campaigns

  • WebinarsWebinars

    Celebrating RNs inCelebrating RNs inPrimary Care and thePrimary Care and theLeadership Roles thatLeadership Roles thatSupport ThemSupport ThemIn this webinar, Community HealthCenter, Inc (CHCI) will celebrate thetremendous progress that healthcenters have made in advancing andtransforming the role of the primarycare registered nurse (RN). As theprimary care RN workforce in healthcenters grows, leadership structuremust evolve as well. In this webinar,expert faculty will explore the keydrivers and strategies for creating therole of the Chief Nursing Officer in yourinstitution. We will discuss the benefits ofa model of clinical leadership in whichclinical chiefs of medicine, dentistry,

  • behavioral health and nursing worktogether as a team of interdisciplinaryleaders. CHCI will map out how RNsinfluence and intersect with keycommittees and workgroups across allclinical disciplines. We hope to inspirehealth centers to invest in the future ofRNs, and to empower RNs within theirhealth centers to become leaders.

    March 25th, 20202-3 PM, EST

    To register, please follow the link hereTo register, please follow the link here

    Addressing RevenueAddressing RevenueCycle ManagementCycle ManagementChallenges in RuralChallenges in RuralHospitalsHospitalsKey elements of this one hour webinarinclude the critical role eachdepartment plays in the revenue cycle,identifying RCM champions, andaddressing over and under payments.Time for Q&A will be available followingthe presentation.Sylvia Alcala, MA,RHIA,CDIP,CCS,CPC-Iwill be the guest presenter. Ms. Alcala isan approved ICD-10 trainer and AAPCapproved instructor with more than 30years of experience as a leader in HIM.Ms. Alcala is an adjunct codinginstructor at Texas State University andthe Director of HIM at ConnallyMemorial Medical Center. In additionto having served as president of theALAMO Health Information Association(AAHIMA) she has also served on theAHIMA committee for accreditingcoding exam questions. If you havequestions or wish to submit a questionprior to the webinar, pleaseemail: [email protected]

    To register, please follow the link here.To register, please follow the link here.

    Dissemination of RuralHealth Research: AToolkitThe emphasis of knowledge translationis to ensure health providers,consumers, researchers, advocates,and policymakers are aware of, can[email protected]://

  • access, and are able to use healthresearch findings to inform decision-making. Differences among audiencesmake it imperative to know when andhow to utilize various modes ofdissemination for health research.

    This toolkit aims to assist researcherswith step four in the knowledgetranslation process, reaching theirtarget audiences. By developingappropriate, timely, accessible, andapplicable products, researchers havethe opportunity to inform step five, achange in policy or practice. This toolkitprovides descriptions for multiplemodes of dissemination and includesdiscussions of the purpose of eachproduct, which product is appropriategiven the topic and audience, andhow to develop each. Effectiveexamples are also provided.

    To access the toolkit, please follow thelink here.

    Rural SuicideRural SuicidePrevention ToolkitPrevention ToolkitThe Rural Suicide Prevention Toolkitcompiles evidence-based andpromising models and resources tosupport organizations implementingsuicide prevention programs in ruralcommunities across the United States.The modules in the toolkit containresources and information focused ondeveloping, implementing, evaluating,and sustaining rural suicide preventionprograms. There are more resources ongeneral community health strategiesavailable in the Rural CommunityRural CommunityHealth ToolkitHealth Toolkit.

    To access the toolkit, please follow theTo access the toolkit, please follow thelink here.

    Utah MedicalUtah MedicalCannabis ProgramCannabis Program4-Hr Required Course4-Hr Required CourseThis course introduces theendocannabinoid system and itsinteraction with the components of thecannabis plant, and addressesadministration, therapeutic use, drugmetabolism, physiologic and cognitive

  • effects, potential risks, and druginteractions. The use of marijuana in obstetricpatients, pediatric patients, adolescentpatients, and elderly patients isdiscussed in detail. In addition, thehealth effects of marijuana andcannabinoids in epilepsy are reviewed.Important considerations for patientswith ischemic heart disease, hepaticdisease, psychotic illness, and thosewith a history of drug dependence areprovided. This course also informs the readerabout the legal and medicalconsiderations in the recommendationof medical marijuana, and addressesthe parts of H.B. 3001, including theUtah Medical Cannabis Act, that wouldbe of interest to a Utah healthcareprovider. For more information about the course,please follow the link

    Funding OpportunitiesFunding Opportunities

    Scholarships forScholarships forDisadvantagedDisadvantagedStudents (SDS)Students (SDS)ProgramProgramThe Health Resources and ServicesAdministration (HRSA) is acceptingapplications for the fiscal year2020 Scholarships for DisadvantagedScholarships for DisadvantagedStudents (SDS) ProgramStudents (SDS) Program. Theapplication cycle closes on March 3,2020.

    The SDS program increases the diversityof the health workforce by fundingeligible academic institutions that aretraining health profession students. Theinstitutions then make scholarshipsavailable to students fromdisadvantaged backgrounds whohave financial need.

    Eligible applicants are accreditedschools of allopathic and osteopathicmedicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy,podiatric medicine, optometry,veterinary medicine, public health,chiropractic, and allied health; schoolsoffering a graduate program in

  • behavioral and mental health practice;and programs for physician assistanttraining. Students should contact theirfinancial aid office to find out if theirschool participates.

    HRSA has $48,200,000 $48,200,000 available tomake approximately 79 awards in FY 79 awards in FY20202020. No student may receive SDS fundsNo student may receive SDS fundsgreater than $40,000 per academicgreater than $40,000 per academicyear.year.

    For more information and to apply,For more information and to apply,please click here.please click here.

    Please check our website for updated fundingPlease check our website for updated fundingopportunities. You can find the table byopportunities. You can find the table byfollowing the link following the link herehere..

    National OrganizationsNational OrganizationsHuman Services to Support Rural HealthHuman Services to Support Rural Health

    Oral Health in Rural CommunitiesOral Health in Rural Communities

    Overdose Data to Action (RFA-CE19-Overdose Data to Action (RFA-CE19-1904)1904)

    HRSA US Fact Sheet by StateHRSA US Fact Sheet by State

    Rural Health Care Professional JobRural Health Care Professional JobPostingPosting

    Find UsFind Us3760 South Highland DriveSuite 361CSLC, UT 84106

    Call UsCall UsOffice: 801-273-6677Fax: 801-273-6512

    Email UsEmail [email protected]

    The OPCRH provides support to our stakeholders and clients in the form of hands-on support,economic impact analysis, research, community health needs assessments, and healthcare

    workforce needs assessment. We also provide technical assistance and pertinent information onstudent loan repayment programs and grant opportunities

  • If you would like to be a part of our newsletter in the future and/or would like tosubmit a success story, announcement, or communicate any other information tous or your rural health partners, please contact Colton Gordon Program Specialist

    801-230-6570, [email protected]

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