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  • 1. Rasmus Scheelke Volunteer and one of the founders of Rub & Stub

2. Lets take some quick facts. The proper English translation would be Lock, Stock and Barrel Rub & Stub is the first restaurant in Copenhagen to fight the waste of food.Limiting food waste is the focal point of the restaurant: -We limit our kitchens own food waste -Our portions are a bit smaller than useal but people can get a 2. round -We use supplus food from supermarkeds and vendors 3. The Big Picture 303.000 Ton edible food is thrown out every year in the Food Sector in Denmark alone 237.000 Ton edible food is thrown out in the Danish Households Estimated value: Danish Kroner every year! Food waste is the 3. worst cause of CO2 emissions Danes are the Nordic champions in food waste 42,3 % of the Danes throw edible food out between one and three times a week. Europeans are using more ressources than the European continent can supply 4. We can do better than this!How can we limit food waste? How can we make people reflect upon their own food consumption? Can a supplus here be used to help people elsewhere? Can we help supermarkets and vendors limit their food waste? 5. Surplus Food? No dumpsterdiving! Foodwaste - Food close to their best before-date - Food in improper packaging - Logistisk Safety first! - Food Chain Responsibility - Transport Surpliers Supermarkedets (Rema 1000) Farms Specialists shops 6. Rub & Stub as an organization ~100 volunteers organized in 6 teams A budget of 2.014.000 kr. in 2014 No budget for marketing: Our volunteers are our ambassadors A full time cook and a project leader Mentioned in more than 300 news articles. From BCC to Latvia to Argentina An integrated part of the cultural hotspot Huset i Magstrde 7. What are the positive spin-offs of volunteering?What are the positive spin-offs? 1st hand experience with entrepreneurship! Project management You get to meet interesting people with all backgrounds You learn to work with people with a different background than your own 8. Where do we go on from here? 9. Questions?