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Grounded and Rooted The Ethics-led Design Systems of Agroecology John B. Cassel, Agrible

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Grounded and Rooted

Grounded and RootedThe Ethics-led Design Systems of Agroecology

John B. Cassel, Agrible

Designers DiscoverNeeds

Bariatric Support

Germ Resistance

Easy Cleaning


Caregiver Ergonomics


We Hope Certain Needs are Already Obvious


Dont stakeholders have their own needs?

Isnt a neutral perspective required?


Care for the Flourishing of LifeReshaiq Bayramli,

Who understands life andhuman needs?


the study of the entire food system, including ecological, economic, and social implications

Agroecology studies

1. modern food systems2. traditional lifeways3. alternative systems, including agroecological design practices

Agroecological Design Practices

PermacultureHolistic Managementothers.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture for agroecology: design, movement, practice,and worldview. A review

Rafter Sass Ferguson & Sarah Taylor Lovell

Agronomy for Sustain. Development (2014) 34:251274

DOI 10.1007/s13593-013-0181-6

Same TrainingSame ProcessesSame Internal DebatesSame Exploration of Boundaries

Permaculture Practitioners are Systems Designers Advanced Yet Acceptable (sort of)

What does Permaculture bring to Systems Design?

An Ethically-Grounded Phenomenological Attention A Combinatorial System Operations DesignMany others (not to be covered here)Permacultures Contributions to Systems Design


Ethically-Grounded Phenomenological Attention

The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our childrenco-originator Bill Mollison in Permaculture: A Designers Manual

Why is this useful?


Attention to modes of life care implicit in our beingReshaiq Bayramli,

Being in placeCare for habitat

Being in timeCare for Occasion

Being among peopleDeveloping community

Altering resourcesStewarding Systems

Growing and learningStewarding

Finding noveltyDirecting exploration

Being in activityActing with purposefulness and playfulness

Making worlds Grounding attention

Groundedness and RootednessGroundedness: attending to the most phenomenologically rich characterization of basic experiences, needs, and responsibilities.

Rootedness: living a lifeway that facilitates growth of particular grounded ecological and community networks.

Earth carePeople careLimit population and consumptionPermacultures Ethical Basis(in order)


Combinatorial System Operations Design



Functions and Needs



Put Together:Patterns to Details

What does Systems Design bring to Permaculture?

Permaculture practitioners are human

Permacultures Systemic Problems

Systems Design Can HelpObjectives AnalysisTechnology EvaluationStakeholder Engagement

NeedObjectives Analysis

Why Grand StrategyWhat StrategyHow Tactics

A Grounded Grand Strategy

Maximize the sustained flourishing of the resource-renewing cycles in which we participate

Components of Cyclic FlourishingFoster renewing cyclesMinimize cycle disruptionMinimize external dependencies

What are our links in these cycles?

An Agroecological StrategyFeasible Food/Fuel Ecologies

Yield Objectives

Net Considerationsper yearper acreper human hourper external inputper ....

Amortizationcareerlifetimeecoystem lifeliving memoryrecorded memorygenerationsas needed and averaged across:

Further workTactics (real-life numbers)

NeedTechnology Assessment

The Most Basic Engineering Design


PlantTradeShape and ReshapeMaintainProcessEngageRaiseActions

Further work

Grounded Non-parametric Assessment

Further work

Useable MassExperimental Design

NeedStakeholder Engagement

Further Work

Juxtaposing Natural and Asserted Responsibilities

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