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Your guide to simple good times along the Sturgeon river.



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    Have a great time at the 2014 River & Sky Festival!


    Its hard to believe that some of us have been at it for six years now - audience and organizers alike. Many, many thanks to Mark Browning for setting up the sonic stuff so nicely over the years. All of our tech crew - love you guys. Thanks to super Dan (and Melis for letting him work on R&S so much). Lara, Sebastian and Quinn - you guys are the best. Chris & Julie & Mark & Lyndon & Paul & Willow - thank you all very, very much.

    Our Board, current and past members, has done a tremendous amount of work that will go a long way to ensuring that R&S is a stable organization for years to come. Many thanks to all of our Board members for pitching in their time, energy, knowledge and experience.

    To all our members/volunteers - thanks for putting the hours in to make it all happen. Enjoy yourselves this weekend and spread the joy and share the load!

    Special thanks to all of our funding and media partners and contributing sponsors. Our relationship with Heritage Canada and the Ontario Arts Council goes beyond grant money - many thanks for all the workshops, networking and knowledge sharing. A&M Remediation deserves tremendous thanks for backing R&S efforts so generously over the past two years. Thanks Paul! It is great to be able to begin to support our emerging artists beyond getting them onto the R&S stage. Sudbury Cyclist Union - I hope you guys take over the city! Keep up the great work. Thank you to all of our working partners and organizations including special thanks to Eat Local Sudbury.

    Confidence. R&S was a leap of faith six years ago. Here we are today. My message to you today is to believe in yourself as an agent of change. You can affect change in this world. Many of you already do. There are so many beautiful caring busy souls in attendance at R&S. I hope you have great fun and fill your hearts full of hope and determination. I hope you are able to recharge your passion. Know that your efforts to make our world cleaner, safer and more loving are appreciated beyond measure.

    There are some great community groups associated with R&S affecting positive change in our neck of the woods. If you do not already volunteer in your community, I urge to meet some of these groups over the weekend.

    Or - start your own! You can do it! Anything is possible.


    Peter Zwarich, Festival Director

  • 4ARTS IN THE WOODSLAND ART WITH MYTHS AND MIRRORSMyths and Mirrors, a multi-disciplinary Sudbury-based community arts organization, invites festival goers to co-create land art installations within the landscape and waterways of the festival grounds. This year, M&M artists are creatively exploring and seeking meaningful moments and deeper connections with the place River and Sky calls home. Look for the signs prompting you to add natural elements to installations begun earlier in the week.

    NITE LITES BY ILLUMINATI COLLECTIVERemember to keep playing while you travel from one stage to the next. Well have some fun lights for you en route.

    THE IMAGINASIUM: PUPPETRY WORKSHOP9:00-11:30 AM SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAIN STAGEKimberley Howe makes rod, sock and carnival puppets. And, shell show you how make them using newspaper, fabric, wood, other recycled materials, and piggy-poo.

    PARADE OF PUPPETS 11:45 AM, SUNDAY Puppeteers can gather, with their creations at her Imaginasium kiosk at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday for a parade starting 15 minutes later. Puppeteers, come in costume or your brightest colours!

    RIVER & SKY: THE GAMEWe are surrounded by technology on a daily basis, and yet, the River and Sky community is also closely invested in celebrating nature. Visit us to explore the intersection of technology and nature with video games and music. Brendan Lehman, Holly Robin, and the Near North Mobile Media Lab will take you on a trip into the digital forest.


    These artist-crafters have brought their makings to show and sell. Theyve also donated items for the R&S silent auction, so make sure you check out the stuff on display and make some bids!

    CHICKWEED DESIGNS Christine Charette is a one-of-a-kind designer and textile artist who specializes in silk screen printing and working with recycled items.

    KRAVE EXPRESSION Kayley Gravelle makes meditation pillows, yoga mat bags, infinity scarves and little change purses.

    JEWELER/ARTIST/MAKER PAULA JOHNSON Paula is a fine and abstract artist who makes art, clothing, body care products, jewelry and hair wraps.

  • 5STEPHS POP-UP Art, jewelry and love crafted by Stephanie Skilling.

    TOBIN & LIZS MAGICAL EMPORIUM OF HANDMADE GOODS Tobin makes magic wands with found sticks with different wrappings and also pins/buttons with found collaged images or his artwork. Liz Lott, a sculptor/photographer, makes hand sculpted porcelain pendants, photographs and note cards, all featuring flora and fauna of northern Ontario.


    WILLOWFERN Willow Ritchie makes handmade clothing and accessories from natural fabrics like hemp and organic cotton, as well as vintage and recycled fabrics. Stop by to learn how to spin fleece into yarn using her spinning wheel.

    SHANTI SHACK Receive a Thai yoga massage from Katrina Bultje, who also makes salves, balms, and bug goop out of simple, whole ingredients as well as mandala art and meditation beads. She will be offering 15 minute workshops on how to give a hair yoga massage.

    ANEW - UPCYCLED LIVING Anita Ansamaa upcycles unused items into furniture and home decor items, as well as makes custom upholstering for small furniture pieces. Shell be offering a workshop on crochet basics.

    THE AMAZING TRACY BAKER & GABRIELLE NOEL Tracy is an illustrator, watercolour painter and zine maker not to mention creator of the R&S poster illustration. She shares her booth with Gabrielle Noel who creates all natural beeswax citronella candles with up-cycled materials. Tracy will be offering a watercolour workshop for children teaching them four different techniques and then applying those techniques to a session of plein air painting.

    CAMP R&S

    EXPLORE THE SHALLOWS WITH JUNCTION CREEK RESTORATIONS BUG SEARCH SATURDAY, MAIN STAGEFind out the names for those water-loving creepy crawlies with Junction Creeks Shannon Dennie. Come to their booth Saturday morning to help with the bug hunt and there will be nets left out for the enthusiasts who want to keeping catching and identifying bugs all afternoon.

    FIND YOUR BLISS WITH YOGA ON THE GRASS 9:30 AM, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, MAIN STAGEIndulged in too much dancing the night before? Enjoy the restorative side of yoga with Liz OHara and Katrina Bultje, who will lead the group in some gentle stretches for all abilities in the morning. Better yet, bring a partner and stretch together!


    CHANNEL YOUR CHILDHOOD WITH ACRO YOGA 2:30 PM, SATURDAY, BEACH Saturday afternoon at the beach, its acro yoga with Liz. This partner based yoga will take you back to the acrobatic play of childhood.

    GET COOKING WITH NORTHERN VEGETARIAN SOCIETY 9:30-11:30 AM, SATURDAY MAIN STAGEThe Northern Vegetarian Society has been helping people adopt and maintain healthy vegetarian lifestyles since 1994. Known for their wonderful potlucks, theyll be hosting a camping cooking workshop in front of our cob ovens on Saturday morning.

    MOVE CREATIVELY IN THE SAND, THEN FLASH MOB DANCE LATER 11:30 AM, SATURDAY ON THE BEACHJoin Shannon Falconni of North Bays Global Groove for a creative movement session at the beach that will involve learning a flash mob dance which will come into play later in the day. All ages welcome. Bring your bathing suit for a post dance dip.

    WATCH THE SKY WITH THE NORTH BAY ASTRONOMY CLUB MID-AFTERNOON TO AFTER-DARK, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (WEATHER PERMITTING)All ages are invited to join North Bay astronomers as they reveal the wonders of the cosmos with telescopes for night-time and solar scopes for day-time viewing. Sky maps and handouts will be provided too!

    PICK UP A PADDLE WITH LAURENTIAN UNIVERSITYS OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM SATURDAY, MAIN STAGELaurentian Universitys Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program has a number of canoes for people to try out at no cost. Theyll also offer up some paddling tips and tricks. Folks can now rent canoe tripping gear from Laurentian University if they are interested in paddling to R&S or for future canoe trips. Contact Jean Benoit at jz_benoit@laurentian.ca or 705-675-1151 ext. 1023.

    LEARN ABOUT THE FOREST WITH FRIENDS OF TEMAGAMI Learn about the work this all-volunteer conservation organization is doing to protect the worlds largest old-growth red pine forest, Ontarios highest point at Ishpatina Ridge, Lake Temagamis 1,200 islands, and 4,700 km of Anishinabe canoe routes




    Claude Gravelle MPclaude.gravelle@parl.gc.cawww.claudegravelle.ca


    R&S SNACK SHACK & GENERAL STORESupplied by Eat Local Sudburys vendor farms, the kitchen will serve up a pancake breakfast, with sausages, and oats. If youre an R&S member, flash your wristband and enjoy breakfast on us. Also serving up iced tea and pressed coffee using St Josephs Island roasted beans. Later in the day, oven roasted veggie and potato skewers with a choice of beef or tempeh, sandwiches, salads, and wood fired pizzas cooked in our cob ovens. Well also be carrying snacks from Eat Local Sudbury and camping supplies. Need ice? Well keep you cool.

    FROMAGERIE ELGINThe Fro makes to-die-for grilled cheeses: Brie-Oka on light rye, Smoke Bomb-Thorneloe on garlic bread, Pesto Magic Goat-Goat cheese on dark rye, Spice of Life-Fruliano with peppers on a hoagie, as well as your childhood classic grilled cheese. Also on the menu: pulled pork and vegan bean burritos (gluten-free option too). For the sweet tooth... Paradise Smores!

    MOTLEY KITCHENSudburys first incubator kitchen will be barbecuing chorizo and portabello burgers, chicken skewers, and grilled fruit, as well as serving up chickpea salad and homemade lemonade too. The Motley Kitchen is the home of Iron Pan Bakery, who will be turning out breads and buns.

    SHARIS ICE CREAM SANDWICHES Shari makes amazing treats using Farquars ice cream from Manitoulin Island. Shes bringing back Eat Locals signature festival flavour, peanut butter chocolate, on homemade cookies. Look for her on her ice-cream tricycle.

    GOLD WRENCH CAF Home of the best pour-over coffee with vegan treats by Oh My Bakeshop Sudburys favourite vegan desserts. There will be other beverages as well: loose leaf tea, iced coffee, and coconut water.

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    FIREWORKS? No. Never. Ever. In fact, we will ask you to leave if you set them off. You will be responsible for finding a way home, from the middle of the woods. So, please dont put us, or yourself in that situation. Save them for your birthday or Canada Day. Theyre just not safe with so many people around.

    WHAT HAS LEAVES OF THREE AND YOURE ADVISED TO LET IT BE? Poison ivy. While we have taken precautions to remove this highly reactive vine, keep an eye out and stick to the trails.

    CAN I START A FIRE? Fires need to be contained in fire pits. Wood will be provided in drop off areas. MNR fire bans apply to R&S. If youre planning on cooking, bring a stove. Be sure to have water standing by if you need to douse the fire in an emergency.

    WHAT DO I DO WITH MY VEHICLE? Most cars need to be at the top of the hill in the general parking lot. Once the festival starts no driving on site! Riders from the Sudbury Cyclists Union will help you get your gear in with bike trailers.

    GETTING AROUND AT R&S? Bikes are the best. When walking protect and cover your toes. A flashlight really helps in making your way to the late night campfire stage at the beach.

    CAN I SWIM? CAN YOU? If so, go for it at your own risk and never under the influence! Note: Our beach area is unsupervised and the Sturgeon River has a mild current. You can also feel free to jump in the Oxbow beside the main stage too. Children must be supervised by their parents in the water at all times.

    I AM SO THIRSTY. That is not a question and this is not Jeopardy, but thats ok because there is free drinking water available via a fill station near the Main Stage. Bring containers.

    WHAT ABOUT SMOKING? Discretion is always appreciated, especially around children. Make sure your butts are well put out and disposed of properly in a tin can or your pocket. Butts dont biodegrade and we want to keep Fishers Paradise free of them.

    WOOF/NEIGH? Dogs are awesome but need to be on a leash. Please dont bring them directly in front of the main stage it is a stressful place for dogs and a nice place for humans to sit on the grass. Same applies to horses.

    WHERE CAN I WASH MY BODY? If you want to freshen up, go for a swim. But dont use soap or shampoo with phosphates in the river! Think biodegradable soap.

  • WHAT IF I NEED MEDICAL HELP? St. John Ambulance is on site at the festival, ready to help out. In case of emergency, the closest hospital (with an ER) is the West Nipissing Community Health Centre, 145 Main Street, Sturgeon Falls. Turn right when you leave the property and follow the signs to Sturgeon it is about a 25 minute drive.

    WHERES THE CLOSEST PLACE TO STOCK UP? Turn left as you leave the property and 9 kms will take you to the LCBO in River Valley. River Valley also has a chip stand and a Family Restaurant/bluegrass bar. Or turn right, and about 6 kms will take you to Fields LCBO in its general store. You can buy cake at the store too! Both general stores ask that you buy something, if stopping in to use the can.

    IS GLASS ON THE GRASS A GOOD IDEA? No. Please avoid glass. Pour it into a cup and youre gold. Absolutely no glass near the main stage. And wed prefer that you not bring glass containers at all, wherever possible.

    WHAT DO I DO WITH MY GARBAGE? Look to sort your stash before you trash. Your empties go toward keeping R&S rolling.

    HEY, ARE THOSE MOSQUITOS? Welcome to Northern Ontario! The witching hour comes just as darkness falls. Prepare with some bug dope, long sleeves & pants. FYI Mosquitos like dark colours and bite through black tights. Light colours are best.

    We were so busy piecing together this cute little Survival Guide that we forgot

    to come up with a brilliant ad of our own.

    Well come up with something better next year.

  • FRIDAY, JULY 18th

    GEYSER (SUDBURY, ON) 8 PMThis three-piece garage band rising from the cigarette ashes of Bunnies in Berlin is quickly becoming a local favourite with the release of their debut self-titled EP on Sudburys Radiclaw Records.

    MURDER MURDER (PETERBOROUGH, ON) 11:30 PM These lads might look young and innocent, but their songs tell of a dark, troubled past. Delivering murder ballads exclusively, Murder Murder plays what it calls bloodgrass bluegrass gets into a bar fight with outlaw country and no one walks out alive.

    BRY WEBB (LONDON, ON) 9 PM Best known as the lead singer for indie-rock band The Constantines, Bry Webbs celebrated solo work maintains the edge of the Cons with more than a hint of folk.

    THE DODOS (SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA) 10 PM The unpredictable San Francisco indie rock duo acquired their new moniker with the arrival of Logan Kroeber, whose penchant for experimental drumming and progressive metal melded perfectly with multi-instrumentalist Meric Longs interest in West African Ewe drumming and country blues fingerpicking.

    THE SILVER HEARTS (PETERBOROUGH, ON) 12:30 AMAlmost 15 years in the making, this 10-piece collective seeped in western roots music with edges of blues, bluegrass, tin-pan-alley jazz and rock, will deliver a a triumphantly fun whirlwind set you wont want to miss.




    THIS HARBOUR (NORTH BAY, ON) 12:30 PMSet sail in 2011 from the vastness of Lake Nipissing, This Harbour released their first full-length indie rock album, entitled The Wicked and Wild, in January of 2014.

    HUGH JAZZ (SUDBURY, ON) 10:30 AMA mainstay of the Sudbury night life, you can catch Hugh Jazz wooing crowds twice a week at the Fromagerie and Speakeasy. Their catchy brand of Django Reinhardt-style jazz aside, these guys had me at the Simpsons reference.

    SPENCER JOSE (SUDBURY, ON) 1:30 PMA member of many local bands in many capacities throughout the years (Willett, Big Z & Me, Coast Redwood) Spencer Jose is finally focusing on his own stuff with his first solo record due out this year. Spencers unmistakable voice and earnest delivery will make him a treat to catch live on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

    ODD YEARS (GUELPH, ON) 2:30 MM You may recognize some of these guys from past R&S acts such as Minotaurs and Cuff the Duke. Full of hooks and harmonies, the bands debut record Drawing Lines came out last year and was lauded for its great influences and spot-on production.



    STELLA ELLA OLLA (TORONTO, ON) 3:30 MM Remember the happiness of Hollerado? This spinoff surf/garage band features members Nixon and Jake Boyd who hooked up Anne Douris and Vince Rice. Short Muppet influenced songs.


    B.A. JOHNSTON (HAMILTON, ON) 11:30 PM B.A. turns lemons into no-name brand lemonade with his rock pop at the campfire stage. Playing since the 50s, he won a Juno in 1985 for best hard rock record but then returned it when he found out he had to pay for it.

    FREELOVE FENNER (MONTREAL, QC) 8 PM This Montreal three-piece pop bands new EP Do Not Affect a Breezy Manner moves like a bike ride on a hazy summer day. Lovely.

    CUFF THE DUKE (TORONTO, ON) 9 PMFormed in Oshawa over a decade ago, this Northern Ontario favourite is back to charm us with some more of their alt-country ditties.

    THE BESNARD LAKES (MONTREAL, QC) 10 PM The Besnard Lakes will whisk you away one moment with hazy, spacey pop and command you back to Earth the next with riffy 70s guitar. Formed in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, this Montreal bands albums have garnered not one, but two Polaris Prize nominations.

    KETAMINES (TORONTO, ON) 12:30 PM The Ketamines move from Lethbridge to Toronto means we get to catch them way more often, and no ones complaining about that. Their most recent LP You Cant Serve Two Masters has been called one of the better psych listens of 2013.

    THE HIGHEST ORDER (TORONTO, ON) 7 PM With two Simones Schmidts guitar/voice and TBs percussion along with Kyle Porter on bass and Paul Mortimer on guitar, this new collective, born from some of the members of One Hundred Dollars, has a psych-rock feel. Welcome back.



  • SUNDAY, JULY 20th

    SNOWBLINK (SUDBURY, ON) 12 PM Another husband/wife duo, Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman of Snowblink boast rich soundscapes and one of the most compelling new voices on the Canadian scene (CBC).

    BISON BILLY & THE RODEO CLOWNS(SUDBURY, ON) 10:30 AMBorn in the backwoods of small town nowhere, Bison Billy was raised on a steady diet of dusty church filled gospel and front porch spittoon sing-a-longs. Rodeo life was good to Billy, until that fateful day he was pinned under his bull and never walked straight again. Soon after, Bison Billy found himself lamenting his fate to the rodeo clowns, writing and singing songs with them.

    DANIEL ROMANO (WELLAND, ON) 1 PM He played year one of R&S with Attack in Black, then came back to sing folk-country songs at our first Campfire Stage the next year. Since then, Daniel Romano has received one Juno and two Polaris Prize nominations for his storytelling lyrics and melodies that hark back to countrys golden age.




    ONCE NOMADIC (SUDBURY, ON) 11:30 PM Once Nomadic is an acoustic folk duo comprised of Simon Jongsma and Meredith Charbonneau. Their debut album Til the Birds Come Down, is out now on Cosmic Daves Record Factory.

    DANIEL ROMANO (WELLAND, ON) 12:30 PM He played year one of R&S with Attack in Black, then came back to sing folk-country songs at our first Campfire Stage the next year. Since then, Daniel Romano has received one Juno and two Polaris Prize nominations for his storytelling lyrics and melodies that hark back to countrys golden age.


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    OUR BATTLE-TESTEDBOARD OF DIRECTORSric BlondinDan Carnovale Rachel Horsley

    OUR CHARMING MEMBERSAdam Alexander Matthew Argall Ellen Arteca Mary Bery ric Blondin Lara Bradley Julia Brousseau Danyka Byrnes Alistair Cameron Heather Cambell Dan Carnovale Brittany-Lyne Carriere Randy Cavallin Kyle Chisholm James CookBailey Cooke Kayla Cornthwaite Heather Dahlstrom Jennifer Davidson Shane Day Roslyn Deisinger Korey Deshaw Jason Dollemont Emily Donato Kristina Donato Jolene Dosch

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    BECOME A MEMBERSupport the festival, eat pancakes, vote at our AGM, help out and more! Stop by the Cosmic Daves Merch Tent to find out more.

    Holly RobinEileen RothAngele SabourinIsabella Scola-LawryshynMichael ScherzingerMike SchwendenerMaggie ShainKyle StephensMaret TaeEvelyn TomlinRichard TomlinSophie TomlinMlanie TrottierJosh TurnbullMiranda WanamakerVeronica Rachel Weldon David WiewelMatthew WiewelLogan WilkinsonDavid WhitePeter ZwarichQuinn ZwarichSebastian Zwarich

    Peter Zwarich, Festival DirectorMark Browning, Music Director

  • R&S AWARD OF CORPORATE COMMUNITY BUILDING EXCELLENCE Goes again to A&M Remediation and Paul Thususka, who contributed not only to the festival but building emerging music in the Northeast region by funding R&Ss inaugural R&S Campout Series - Song Development from Pen & Paper to Stage & Mic. At this workshop, regional musicians were mentored by performers Bry Webb, Daniel Romano and Simone Schmidt.

    OUR VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS Christian Pelletier our graphic designer extraordinaire; Tracy Baker for her glowing jewel of a poster and silk screening up-cycled t-shirts; Jen McKerral for corralling all our volunteers; Andrew Knapp, our website designer; Venue Lead Dan Carnovale for all his driving energy and tools; Melissa Mehes for everything; Mlanie Trottier and Richard Tomlin for keeping the kitchen cookin and all their work on the Board; Rachel Horsley for pushing policy; Eric Blondin and Peggy Gene Baillie for making sure we eat local; Anthony Machum for bushwhacking and building; Charmaine Hughes for signing stuff; Rx Neufeld for making the screens; Pierre Coutu, for clearing campsites; Chris and Julie for the beauty that is FP; Mark Fisher, for plumbing and so much more; Jason for his knowledge of local flora; Jean Benoit and Jim Little, for bringing a bevy of canoes; Ersin Abdullah for bringing his Planet Earth crew to help out; Roger Forager for brush clearing; Luc Gignac, for his amazing chainsaw benches; Gerry Legendre, our neighbor for always lending a hand; Dave Roscoe for the sun and the stars; Max Merrifield, Luke Sellen, Matt Wiewel, and Scott Pollock for sound; and Louise Simpson and Melissa for beautiful lighting; the Drake Brothers for always lending a hand; and Marcel for rocking the sauna. Finally, a special thank you to Lara Bradley for compiling and writing this fun Survival Guide.

    OUR PARTNERSSteam Whistle, Stack Brewing, Investors Group (tents), ITT Flygt (generator): Planet Earth Organic Landscaping, Agilis Networks, We Live Up Here, Studio123, Cosmic Daves Vinyl Emporium (merch table), Motley Kitchen, Fromagerie Elgin, The Speakeasy, Boyuk Towing, Fishers Paradise, Laurentian Universitys Adventure Leadership Program, Myths and Mirrors Community Arts, Eat Local Sudbury, Journal Printing, DBSL Sound and Lighting, Municipality of West Nipissing, St. John Ambulance, North Bay Astronomy Club, Friends of Temagami, West Nipissing Sanitation and the Sudbury Cyclists Union.




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