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CONTENTS:(a) BATTLESHIPS: (b) BATTLECRUISERS: (c) AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: (d) ASSAULT SHIPS: (e) CRUISERS (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) ARMOURED: PROTECTED: SCOUT: HEAVY: LIGHT: page 72 page 86 page 105 page 108 page 117 page 159 page 169 page 185 page 2 page 49 page 54 page 68


Note: The date in parenthesis after the name of the ship is the year in which the ship was commissioned. The second date, if given, is the year in which the ship was placed in a final reserve status, decommissioned, converted to other use or sold for scrap. If the ship was sunk this is noted; + indicates that the Captain was a fatal casualty. Although in some cases the dates during which the ship was undergoing a major refit have been provided this has not always been possible. Many of the ships listed were reduced to Reserve status before being decommissioned. As noted in the general Introduction periods during which a ship was not Commanded by a full Captain are included.


(a): BATTLESHIPS:INDEX: Africa: Agamemnon: Agincourt: Ajax(1913): Albemarle: Albion(1901): Anson(1889): Anson(1942): Audacious: Barfleur: Barham: Bellerophon: Benbow: Britannia: Bulwark(1902): Caesar: Canada: Canopus: Centurion(1894): Centurion(1913): Collingwood: Colossus(1911): Commonwealth: Conqueror: Cornwallis: Dominion: Dreadnought: Duke of York: Duncan: Emperor of India: Empress of India: Erin: Exmouth: Formidable(1901): Glory(1900): page 25 page 25 page 32 page 31 page 20 page 16 page 5 page 47 page 31 page 9 page 38 page 26 page 35 page 24 page 17 page 13 page 35 page 14 page 8 page 32 page 28 page 29 page 23 page 30 page 21 page 23 page 26 page 47 page 20 page 34 page 6 page 35 page 19 page 17 page 15


Goliath: Hannibal: Hercules: Hibernia: Hindustan: Hood(1893): Howe: Illustrious(1898): Implacable(1901): Iron Duke(1914): Irresistible: Jupiter(1897): King Edward VII: King George V(1912): King George V(1940): London(1902): Lord Nelson: Magnificent: Majestic: Malaya: Marlborough(1914): Mars: Monarch: Montagu: Nelson: Neptune(1911): New Zealand/Zealandia(1905): Ocean(1900): Orion(1912): Prince George: Prince of Wales(1904): Prince of Wales(1941): Queen: Queen Elizabeth: Ramillies(1893): Ramillies(1917): Renown(1897): Repulse(1894): Resolution(1893): Resolution(1916):

page 15 page 13 page 29 page 25 page 24 page 5 page 48 page 14 page 16 page 33 page 17 page 12 page 22 page 31 page 47 page 18 page 26 page 10 page 10 page 40 page 34 page 12 page 30 page 20 page 46 page 28 page 24 page 14 page 29 page 11 page 21 page 47 page 21 page 36 page 6 page 45 page 9 page 7 page 7 page 44


Revenge/Redoubtable(1894): Revenge(1916): Rodney: Royal Oak(1896): Royal Oak(1916): Royal Sovereign(1892): Royal Sovereign(1916): Russell: Superb(1909): St. Vincent: Swiftsure(1904): Temeraire: Thunderer: Triumph(1904): Vanguard(1910): Vanguard(1946): Vengence(1902): Venerable(1902): Victorious(1896): Warspite:

page 8 page 41 page 46 page 8 page 42 page 5 page 43 page 19 page 27 page 27 page 22 page 27 page 30 page 22 page 28 page 48 page 18 page 19 page 11 page 37


Anson(1889; 1904): Captain Herbert W.Dowding: Captain William F.S. Mann: Captain William Wilson: Captain William B. Fisher: Captain Arthur A.C. Galloway: September 1893-July 1895 July 1895-October 1897 October 1897-? 1901 August 1901-September 1903 September 1903-? 1904

Royal Sovereign(1892; 1907): Captain Tynte F. Hammill: Captain Charles C. Drury: Captain Reginald F.H. Henderson: Captain Harry T. Grenfell: Captain Michael P. OCallaghan: Captain Charles H. Adair: Captain Frederick S. Inglefield: Captain Thomas MacGill: Captain Alfred W. Paget: Captain Paul W. Bush: March 1892-May 1894 May 1894-October 1895 December 1895-December 1896 December 1896-September 1898 September 1898-January 1900 January 1900-November 1901 November 1901-December 1902 December 1902-May 1903 May 1903-March 1904 March 1904-? 1905

Hood(1893; 1907): Captain Edmund Jeffreys: Captain Charles C. Drury: Captain Arthur Bromley: Captain Alvin C. Corry: Captain John E.Blaxland: Refit: Captain William Stokes Rees: Captain Francis C.M. Noel: June 1893-October 1895 October 1895-September 1897 September 1897-December 1898 December 1898-September 1900 September 1900-? 1902 1902-1903 June 1903-January 1905 January 1905-? 1907


Empress of India(1893; 1907): Captain Adolphus F. St.Clair: Captain Angus Macleod: Captain Charles Campbell: Captain Henry H. Dyke: Captain Henry L. Fleet: Captain Cecil Burney: Captain Herbert A. Warren: Captain Arthur D. Ricardo: Captain Edmond Hyde Parker: June 1893-December 1895 December 1895-June 1897 June 1897-June 1899 June 1899-January 1900 January 1900September 1902-June 1904 September 1904-? 1906 ? 1906-January 1907 January-? 1907

Ramillies(1893; 1907): Captain Francis C.B. Bridgeman: Captain William H. May: Captain William des V. Hamilton: Captain Robert S. Lowry: Captain Francis G. Kirby: Captain Hugh P. Williams: Captain Robert G. Fraser: Captain Charles H. Dare: Captain Casper J. Baker: Captain the Hon. George A. Hardinge: Captain Hubert Grant-Dalton: October 1893-December 1894 January 1895-December 1896 December 1896-January 1900 January 1900-October 1902 October 1902-? 1903 January-March 1905 March 1905-? 1906 ?-September 1906 September 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-February 1908 February-? 1908


Resolution(1893; 1907): Captain William H. Hall: Captain Andrew K. Bickford: Captain John H. Bainbridge: Captain Charles R. Arbuthnot: Captain James E.C. Goodrich: Captain William Wilson: Captain Alexander W. Chisholm-Batten: Captain John E. Bearcroft: Captain Henry L. Fleet: Captain Arthur Hayes Sadler: Captain Bertram M. Chambers: December 1893-February 1895 February 1895-December 1896 December 1896-April 1898 April 1898-March 1900 March 1900-? ?-June 1901 June-October 1901 September 1902-? 1903 ? 1903-January 1905 January 1905-January 1907 January-? 1907

Repulse(1894): Captain Burges Watson: Captain Ernest N. Rolfe: Captain Robert L. Groome: Captain Randolph F.O.Foote: Captain Spencer H.M. Login: Captain Henry Loftus Tottenham: Captain Herbert L. Heath: Captain Sackville H. Carden: Captain Charles E. Kingsmill: Captain John P. Rolleston: October 1893-October 1895 October 1895-December 1897 December 1897-June 1899 June 1899-September 1900 September 1900-? 1903 January-February 1905 February 1905-? 1906 ? 1906-May 1907 May 1907-August 1908 August 1908-?


Revenge/Redoubtable(1894; 1915): Captain the Hon. Assheton G.Curzon-Howe: Captain Reginald C. Prothero: Captain Charles J. Briggs: Captain Frederic W. Fisher: Captain Edward E. Bradford: Captain Arthur A.C. Galloway: Captain William de Salis: Captain Frederick C. A. Ogilvy: Captain Vivian H.G. Bernard: Captain Constantine H.Hughes-Onslow: Captain Vincent B. Molteno: January December 1896 December 1896-January 1898 January 1898-April 1900 April 1900-May 1903 May 1904-May 1904 May 1904-September 1905 September 1905-August 1906 August 1906-August 1908 August 1908-? October 1914-July 1915 July-December 1915

Royal Oak(1896; 1907): Captain Burges Watson: Captain William Marrack: Captain Walter H.B.Graham: Captain Arthur W.E. Prothero: Captain Robert S. Rolleston: Captain Archibald P. Stoddart: Captain Ernest G. Barton: January-November 1896 March 1897-March 1899 March 1899-January 1901 January 1901-February 1903 February 1903-June 1904 June 1904-July 1905 July 1905-? 1906

Centurion(1894; 1907): Captain John M. McQuhae: Captain Spencer H.M. Login: Captain John R. Jellicoe: Refit: Captain Frederick F. Fegen: Captain Frederick St.G. Rich: Captain Reginald A. Allenby: April 1892-March 1895 March 1895-December 1897 December 1897-September 1901 1901-1903 November 1903-August 1905 August 1905-February 1906 February 1906-March 1907


Barfleur(1894; 1909): Captain Reginald N. Custance: Captain the Hon. Stanley C.J. Colville: Captain Sir George J.S. Warrender, Bt.: Refit: Captain Arthur D. Ricardo: Captain Charles H. Adair: Captain Leslie C. Stuart: Captain the Hon. Edward S. Fitzherbert: Captain Claud A.W. Hamilton: Captain Hugh H.D. Tothill: Captain Peyton Hoskyns: Captain Alfred E.A. Grant: Captain Hugh T. Hibbert: February 1895-September 1898 September 1898-October 1899 October 1899-January 1902 1902-1905 January-February 1905 February-April 1905 April-May 1905 May-November 1905 November 1905-March 1906 March 1906-February 1907 February-October 1907 October 1907-June 1908 June 1908-?

Renown(1897; 1909): Captain Daniel McN. Riddel: Captain the Hon. Hugh Tyrwhitt: Captain Arthur M. Farquhar: Captain T.Dawson L. Sheppard: Captain the Marquess of Bristol: August 1897-March 1900 March 1900-May 1902 May 1902-? 1904 September 1905-? 1906 October-December 1907


Majestic(1895; sunk Dardanelles 27 May 1915): Captain Arthur Barrow: Captain Prince Louis of Battenberg: Captain George le C. Egerton: Captain Edward E. Bradford: Captain Hugh Evan-Thomas: Captain Charles E. Kingsmill: Captain Robert G. Fraser: Captain Harry H. Stileman: Captain Ernest F.A. Gaunt: Captain Herbert A.S. Fyler: Captain Bertram N. Chambers: Captain George H. Borrett: Captain Guy R.A. Gaunt: Captain Edwin V. Underhill: Captain Henry F.G. Talbot: May 1895-June 1897 June 1897-June 1899 June 1899-April 1901 April 1901-April 1903 April 1903-February 1904 January 1905-March 1906 March 1906-? 1907 ? 1907-January 1908 January 1908-January 1910 February-August 1910 August 1910-February 1911 February 1911-September 1912 October 1912-August 1913 August 1913-June 1914 July 1914-May 1915

Magnificent(1895; 1916): Captain Charles J. Barlow: Captain Gerald C. Langley: Captain John Ferris: Captain Arthur J. Horsley: Captain Sackville H. Carden: Captain Arthur M. Farquhar: Captain Sackville H. Car


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