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    Royal Australian Navy Using Todays Digital Technology To prepare for tomorrows missions

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    When the Royal Australian Navy provides its officers with training and experience in piloting, navigating, operating and maintaining its fleet, it utilises state-of-the-art simulation and training facilities developed and supported by DXC Technology.

    DXC helping maintain and strengthen the Navys fleet systems







    Electronic Support Measures


    Infra Red Search and Track

    Navigation Equipment

    Vertical Lanch System



    Surface Launched Torpedo System


    Fire Control Director Optronics

    Gun bore camera


    AMD Nulka



    Multi-Link (Link-11/16, VMF, JREAP)


    Underwater Telephone

    Ships Communications System

    Seahawk Helicopter Model

    Flight Deck Camera

    DIS Data

    DIS Voice

























    Simulations built for ANZAC, owned by Defence, applicable and ready for other ships.

    * Some conversion may be required

    Royal Australian Navy Using Todays Digital Technology

    Simulators allow trainees to experience challenging situations at sea, from bad weather to enemy action, and learn how to respond. Serving officers and crew also use simulators to practise innovative tactical responses and learn how to use new or upgraded equipment.

    For more than 35 years, the Royal Australian Navys strategic partnership with DXC has helped support, maintain and strengthen its fleet systems and enhance the preparedness of Navy personnel.

    DXCs Defence Team has built a highly skilled workforce capable of creating, developing and supporting technical solutions to meet the needs of the Royal Australian Navy.

    Our team of engineers consistently meets current and future requirements by applying contemporary technology to our developments and operating environment.

    DXC is contracted to provide maintenance support for the ANZAC Ships Project Office in Rockingham, Western Australia, and the ANZAC Ship Combat System Simulators in Sydney, Rockingham and Adelaide.

    ANZAC Simulation and Training Program

    In 1990, the Royal Australian Navy commissioned DXC to build three training simulators.

    The $100 million contract involved creating purpose-built simulators based on the ANZAC ship-fit Combat System, which are used for training, software testing and integration testing.

    Delivered in 1996, the simulators have been in constant use for more than 20 years at HMAS WATSON in Sydney, HMAS STIRLING in Rockingham and at the Adelaide Test Site. Virtually all ANZAC Ship Command Teams have been trained by utilising these simulators since their delivery. The Navy utilises these simulators to develop and test modifications to the Command and Control system, as well as conduct end-user training. The training environment consists of a physically accurate mock-up of an operations room with a voice communication system and instructor facilities for set-up, control and monitoring of:

    Navigation systems

    Radars and IFF


    Electronic support measures

    Weapons systems

    Data Links

    Tactical Environment.

    Since delivery DXC has continued to provide support, upgrades and enhancements to the ANZAC simulators. This enables the training to remain current, as the equipment in the ships has changed over the years.

    DXC has provided upgrades to the ANZAC simulation systems landmass representation, phased array radar, navigation radars, sonar, MOAS, Harpoon, Nixie, Nulka, torpedoes, voice communications and tactical data links. We also provide train the trainer services for every upgrade.

    DXC built DIS capability into the simulation system which has provided interoperability with other ADF and Coalition simulators for more than 10 years. Variants of these simulators have also been supplied to CSEG, DSTO, and the AWD program. DXC continuously improves the ANZAC simulator, and current generation server computers have reduced the size of the simulator from six 19 inch racks to a half of one rack. This allows the simulator to be fitted on-board the ship to provide a level of training that could previously only be achieved at shore sites. A current project is underway to fit the simulator on-board.

    Harnessing our Intellectual Property

    As joint owners of the intellectual property (IP) of ANZAC Ship Combat System Simulators, the Royal Australian Navy and DXC have a unique opportunity to use the IP to deliver cost-effective and high-fidelity training simulators for Canberra Class LHD and Hobart Class AWD ships.

    Building on this partnership and shared IP, the Royal Australian Navy can reduce expenditure on simulation design and development, and reinvest the savings in other initiatives.

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    About DXC DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) is the worlds leading independent, end-to-end IT services company, helping clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change. Created by the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, DXC Technology serves nearly 6,000 private and public sector clients across 70 countries. The companys technology independence, global talent and extensive partner alliance combine to deliver powerful next-generation IT services and solutions. DXC Technology is recognized among the best corporate citizens globally. For more information, visit

    2017 DXC Technology Company. All rights reserved Imagery courtesy of the Royal Australian Navy.

    Why Choose DXC?DXC offers the Royal Australian Navy a low-risk solution that is comparatively easy to implement, highly compatible with the Navys existing technology and a complete training package.

    Proven Partnership

    DXC currently supports numerous high-fidelity, reliable simulation solutions for the Royal Australian Navy. With more than 35 years partnership experience, we have well-developed and diverse domain knowledge and a strong understanding of the Defence sector.

    Value for Money

    The partnership between the Royal Australian Navy and DXC will continue to provide cost savings to the Navy by reducing the timeframe for delivery of simulation solutions.

    The Navy will also benefit from reduced simulation training costs as DXC does not charge annual or continuing software licensing fees.

    Experienced Workforce

    Our workforce largely comprises of Australian tertiary-qualified professionals with experience in project management, and systems, software and test engineering. A significant number of DXC managers and staff have a Defence sector background.

    DXCs experience and proven ability to collaborate with the Royal Australian Navy will reduce the risk of interruptions to training schedules and programs.

    Simplified System Management

    Using a common technology platform for simulation and training software ensures the Royal Australian Navy benefits from simplified management. A single point of technical management for its systems will remove the need for additional training, resulting in time and cost savings.

    Benefits to Defence

    Proven alliance partner

    Highly experienced workforce

    Cost savings

    Reduced risk

    Multi-location training

    24-hour support.


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