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    Welcometo your latest issue of

    Jenny Topham Acting Chief Executive Steve Meakin MBE Chair

    When the RoundUp editorial team met to talk about the theme of this edition we wanted to make sure we were focusing on somethingthat is affecting our members everyday in their homes.It didnt take us long to talk about the difficulty we all face in keeping ourselves warm at home and eating well. We have seen the evidence from research

    landlord staff member or a tenant volunteer have this dilemma at home howcan you focus on chairing your next panel meeting or coordinate an event or tackle an estate inspection? We allneed to look after ourselves well before we can look after one another. Weve asked lots of our members to explain how they tackle the food or fuel challenge as a tenant and a landlord in partnership.This edition is packed full of your stories, top tips and strategies for how youre staying warm and well together.

    such as Real Life Reform which tells us that many tenants feel they have to sacrifice one for the other.

    It may not be an obvious tenant empowerment theme, but we looked at the issue in this way; If you as a

    Find out more at: the links on the home page tofollow us on: &


    To book or get more information about this Tenant Central conference contact:Freephone 0800 035 6351 Email and subscribe to our mailing list.Write Tenant Central Team, TPAS, Suite 4b Trafford Plaza, 73 Seymour Grove, Manchester M16 0LD.

    Energy Focus


    Join us and be inspired to review and improve your scrutiny groups. This conference will be chaired by resident volunteers and all workshops will be hosted by co-regulatory champions jointly.


    Thats what I call scrutiny Scrutiny in action Being an effective group Managing a project.

    26th March 2014

    9.30am - 4pmMarriott HotelLeeds, LS1 6E





    RTTenants go free.

    How are you promoting

    renewable energy in my area?

    Question TimePage 9

  • With Stephens new budget, hes used some money to buy a new carpet which keeps his home even warmer...

    At North Lincolnshire Homes we believe everyone has the right to be warm in their homes & that it doesnt have to cost the earth.

    Many of our tenants seemed to be struggling with this so they came to us to see what solutions we could create together.

    As part of a major improvement works plan were making sure our homes are well insulated & many properties now have air source heat pumps & solar panels offering amore cost effective way to heat homes.

    3 4

    Email us at: tell us how youre Stronger Together in your area.Visit:

    Stronger Together - Welfare reform

    Stronger Together celebratesTPAS tenant and landlordmembers who are facing upto the challenges of thewelfare reforms in partnership.Bringing real tenants andlandlords from around thecountry to share theirinteresting stories of success.See how theyre Stronger Together.

    We run drop in sessions for tenants about keeping warm on a budget & cooking lessons.

    Were also supporting Age UKs work with home energy checks & showing residents how to claim discounts on energy bills.

    Meet Stuart & Stephen. Stuart is one of our Support Workers & hes been working with 64-year-old Stephen Bowers of Broughton, for almost three years.

    Tenants like Stephen are becoming distressed about the rising cost of heating bills & want to work with us to save money. As with other tenants, Stuart worked together with Stephen to monitor his usage.

    Stuart helped Stephen create a budget planner where they worked out together how much he could afford to pay for his bills, food & how to save. It was agreed Stephen would pay 10 per week each for gas & electric.A new energy meter was fitted into Stephens home & the debt on his account was cleared. Since then Stephen has remained in credit with his heating.

    Weve teamed up with National Energy Action, a charity set up to cut fuel poverty & have created 20 Affordable Warmth Champions.

    Our staff have been trained to offer practical advice on how to become more energy efficient therefore keeping heating cost down.

    With his new budget hes used some money to buy a new carpet which keeps his home even warmer & hes able to save towards his hobby of keeping fish & birds.

    Stephen said: Stuart offers common sense advice& Im being rewarded with a lovely warm home.I really appreciate the help & look forward to [Stuart] calling. Im now in charge of my own warmth with no concerns & with a bit of support I can live an independent life.Stuart said: I enjoy my job because I get to help people & seeing the end result rewards me. Im here to make sure people can live as independently as they wish.


    TPAS Membership

    Green advice from a TPAS Member

    Energy efficient Regional meetings are coming back...


    Call 0161 868 3500 or email: Follow us on @tpasenglandLike us on /tpasengland

    We know how much members value the TPAS regional meetings so we are pleased to announce they are returning for 2014 from April onwards.

    We hold meetings in the following six regions but members are free to attend any of them. We are not restricted by boundaries here at TPAS!

    South West, London & South East, Eastern, Midlands, North West and North East.

    If the event looks of interest to you please come along. Free for tenants and staff alike to attend. The meetings are relaxed and informative events to network and share good practice.

    For details of all the meetings please visit the TPAS website and book your place.

    See you there!

    Its always a pleasure to welcome new members to the TPAS family. Looking forward to working with you: Orbit Living Hornsey Housing Trust Greenfields Community Housing Trust Victory Housing Trust

    TPAS AGM 2013Members gathered in Birmingham just before Christmas for the 2013 TPAS AGM. Members had the opportunity to ask questions of both Michelle Reid, outgoing Chief Executive and myself as incoming Acting Chief Executive. The meeting focused on the investments and the changes that TPAS have made to plan for the future. And the AGM gave a great opportunity to update members on the work we have been doing in delivering the Tenant Central programme

    The AGM Minutes 2013 can be found on the members page at:

    Welcome to new members...

    Contact Jenny Topham for Membership details

    The outcome is a community ready to be more planet smart...

    At Gentoo were passionate about all things green.We want to inspire our communities and hope ourpassion rubs off through workshops, events and schooleducation programmes. By bringing customers together from all walks of life, in a way that suits them, and offering a range of flexible ways to be involved, weve found people are much more interested in what weve got to say. Our aim is to help more people be planet smart and reduce fuel poverty for all and to do this we share the following tips:

    Turn your heating down by 1 to save 10% of your energy use Wash clothes at 30 or 40 Keep radiators clear - dont block with furniture or washing Reduce usage of your tumble dryer and dry clothes outside When cooking, put a lid on a saucepan to reduce the amount of energy needed

    Only fill the kettle with amount of water you need

    However, if we were only to talk to customers about reducing their carbon footprints, wed have a fraction of the success. Instead, weve learnt what is important to our customers and have put benefits on long-term behavioural change over one year into real terms:

    Delaying turning on the heating from October to November saves enough money for a ticket to a football match Turning lights off when not in use saves enough money for two cinema tickets Turning your thermostat down by 2 from 20 to 18 saves enough to buy an iPod

    As well as savings to fuel bills weve found surprise benefits including, improvements to health and wellbeing and being able to heat the whole house instead of one room. This has a knock-on effect, improving family harmony and even improvements at school.

    These are the valuable findings our customers share with each other. Its the conversations over the garden fence that have proved to be most powerful. Not only would they see significant monetary savings but keymessages will be taken into the community. The outcome is a community ready to be more planet smart and aware of how to help themselves be more energy efficient.

    For more information,

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