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Customer Relationship Marketing Chris Frey Director/Advertising Development Gannett Co., Inc.

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  • 1. Customer Relationship Marketing Chris FreyDirector/Advertising Development Gannett Co., Inc.
  • 2. The CRM Strategy Develop a new advertising selling channel to grow revenue beyond the time honored, dependency of: Physical sales calls Inbound calls to us Historically limited outbound telephone sales The selling magician hadnt kept up w/ technology and needed a new trick
  • 3. The CRM Strategy The goals Manage larger numbers of accounts; and send hundreds of emails and faxes Move parts of inbound to outbound Empower sales reps self serve their own sales campaigns Improve tracking of outbound efforts Frugal technology approach for ROI
  • 4. The CRM Tool A computer application built for account executives: One database of customers and prospects Customer contact management Can target customer behavior and/or business characteristics Sends hundreds of sales e-mail and fax messages at a time Organizes sales follow-up
  • 5. CRM Sales Process Telephone sales on steroids Send plus Phone Select 100 or more accounts each week: lapsed, non-advertisers, or scheduled contacts Select sales message to e-mail or fax Follow-up with sales calls Mon Wed Recruitment goal touch every customer over a month
  • 6. Recruitment Focus First Reasons New competition huge wake-up call, most vulnerable business segment, least degree of customer relationship Largest potential customer base of any advertising category Lower share in some types of businesses Fit models of business-to-business selling CRM expands a finite sales resource Moving on to real estate, then retail
  • 7. Putting the CRM Puzzle Together Case Study Sioux Falls Argus Leader
  • 8. Putting the CRM Puzzle TogetherIts not the technologyIts the people, organizationand willingness to changeand do things differently
  • 9. Making CRM Work Advertising - Organization Changes Sales team/compensation Transient to ledger recruitment conversion Expecting turnover New types of hires Sales management new training
  • 10. Making CRM Work Advertising - New Selling Tasks Disciplined contact gathering Outbound calling New for an inbound recruitment staff Telephone selling Real Estate agents Telephone relationships Selling voicemails Soliciting return calls
  • 11. Making CRM Work Advertising - Memorable Quotes I cant stand this, I want out of whole program! (Employment Sales Representative) You gotta be kidding me, how many extra accounts are we going to have? (Employment Sales Representative) Oh my God, they still dont get it! Will they ever get it?? (Marketing Analyst) Im going to kill them! (Classified Advertising Manager)
  • 12. Making CRM Work Marketing Database Leadership External data supply Understanding the merging customer & marketing data (D&B) Customer files lead to customer & prospect marketing Data consciousness raising Task force and commitment across departments Standard Bearer role Training, FAQs, and enforcement
  • 13. Making CRM Work Marketing - Communication Support New B to B selling materials Direct response orientation Simple messages Customer benefit (not our product) headlines Calls to action Scriptability New graphics software/training Greater calendar planning discipline
  • 14. Making CRM Work Business Office Support Customer database Operational data integrity (getting the bills out) to Operational plus marketing data integrity New data role w/ account setup Account data cleanup role Data gate-keeping Transient to ledger recruitment conversion
  • 15. Making CRM Work IT Department Support Business system database leadership and reporting on data conditions/integrity Keeping things running Network conditions/upgrades Application database administration User installs and training Troubleshooting email/faxing channels
  • 16. . Results Sioux Falls What are people saying CRM helps me make over 400 contacts a month. It would require a lot more work to do what we do without it. (Employment Sales Specialist) It allowed me to reach new customers and bring in new revenue I never thought was there before. (Employment Sales Specialist) CRM is an important tool to help my employment team reach new customers and generate additional revenue. Weve taken a whole new approach with the employment segment and made it fun for all involved by offering new promotions on a regular basis. I cant imagine not utilizing CRM to target new business in all segment advertising. Bring on Real Estate! (Classified Advertising Manager)
  • 17. Results Sioux Falls Before After300 Accounts + Transient 2,774 Customers in CRMAverage account list: 100 Average account list: 500(Per Employment Specialist) (Per Employment Specialist)Average outbound calls:1,600 Average outbound calls: 2,705(Per team, per month) (Per team, per month)Limited non-customer prospecting Goaled on non-customer contactsOne ongoing promotional offer Fresh monthly offersTwo competing publications One competing publication
  • 18. Results Gannett Installed in 15 markets and growing Significant, incremental monthly revenue reported The application technology investment is recovered every month 40,000+ customer contacts developed over 60,000+ CRM advertiser accounts 25,000+ monthly email/fax sales messages sent followed by 30,000+ phone calls
  • 19. Final Thoughts Implementing technology like this Not for the faint hearted What are all the departments needed and affected? What work processes everywhere will be affected? What jobs will be created, changed and even possibly eliminated? Communicate a vision to create community of stakeholders across the departments Cross train/expose the technology to all the stakeholders