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  • Roua MuntilorStart Building one Brands Foundation October, 2004

  • Building a brandRomanian mineral water market

    New mineral water brandIntrinsic attributes of the new brandMarket research findings

    Roua Muntilor communication strategy

    3 Years Objectives and Strategy

    Launch Campaign Plan

  • *Source - Canadean 2004MINERAL WATER MARKET- EVOLUTION 1994 2004*

  • Market ConsiderationsSparkling mineral water is 75% of mineral water market**Source - Canadean 2004

  • Market Considerations*Source - Canadean 2004

  • Intrinsic Attributes of the New Product Valea Zanelor/ Covasna

    1882 - Horgasz spring was awarded at Trieste

    600 m altitude - one of the highest levels of negatives ions in Europe, due to the fir forests7 million USD investment

  • Research MethodologyInsight Mining Research

    Usage & Attitudes Research

    Segmentation & Brand Positioning Research

    Naming Research

  • Market research findings

    Key Drivers benefits without strong associations:

    It is very healthy It is 100% natural It is pure/ clean It has a very pleasant taste It is sparkling/ clear

    Key Drivers motivations without strong associations:

    It makes me feel comfortableIt helps me relaxIt offers me a state of quietnessIt makes me feel high-spiritedIt is a feast for my senses

  • Brand names evaluatedAugusta: - originally given to female relatives of Roman emperors; - the name Augusta is a Latin name meaning: majestic, grand

    Valea Zanelor


    Roua Muntilor

  • Naming ResearchRoua Muntilor- the winning one!!!!

    it was associated most with the idea of purity and naturalness

    generated the highest propensity towards purchase

    the most reliable

    the most suitable for carbonated mineral water

    was the most liked

  • Brands image

    Borsec (Romaqua) is the mineral water with tradition

    Izvorul Minunilor (European Drinks) is the good price mineral water which you can find everywhere

    Dorna (Coca Cola) is the most sophisticated mineral water

  • Strategic ConsiderationName the most powerful positioning tool

    Functionality build the product attribute level, build a positioning in the rational territory

  • Target audiencePurity Seekers 33.9% of all consumers

    Younger than averagemore than 70% being aged less than 44 y.o.

    Health oriented

    Drink sparkling water after a physical or mental effort

  • Brand TruthPurity

  • Brand CharacterResponsible



  • 3 years objectives & strategy Objectives to own purity in the consumers mind be among the first 3 brands in the packaged water market in 3 years period

    Strategy consistently transmitting purity by all communication channels

  • Roua Muntilor

    Premiumness of the brand


    Selling line built on Purity

    The logoThe brand name is always used in layouts together with visual identity elements present on the label- the mountainsThe selling line - Apa minerala pura

  • Launch CampaignJuly August 2004

  • Launch Campaign Communication ObjectivesAffectiveCreate a relevant and long term positioning on purityBehavioral Build interest and trial for the new brandBuild a unique Brand CharacterCognitiveStart building awareness for Roua Muntilor

  • Creative ConceptPurity of Nature

  • Communication Mix

  • TV Commercial 45Radio Commercial 30

  • Print

  • POSMs

  • Supermarkets/Key- Accounts

  • Modern Trade

  • HORECATable Tent

  • In 2008, peste 50% din vanzarile de apa minerala ale Pepsi Americas Romania au fost realizate in HoReCa (Roua Muntilor singurul brand local al Pepsi Americas)

    Retailul genereaza cele mai mari vanzari de apa minerala Segmentul HoReCa este important pentru producatori datorita castigurilor aduse brandurilor la nivel de imagine

    in 2008 brandurile internationale (Evian, Vittel si San Pellegrino) aveau cote de piata nesemnificative in retail, insa pozitii puternice in canalul HoReCa

    Brandurile de apa internationale erau aduse in Romania prin distribuitori independenti iar companiile Danone si Nestle nu aveau divizii locale de apa

    Repozitionarea Roua Muntilor - Primavara 2009 -

  • investiie de 10 mil $ intr-o linie noua de imbuteliere in fabrica din Covasna (amabalajul de sticla)

    Ambalajul de sticl destinat exclusiv distributiei in HoReCa

    Paraseste segmentul mainstream dominat de: Borsec, Dorna, Izvorul Alb si Izvorul Minunilor

    Roua Muntilor intra in lupta cu brandurile internationale: Evian (Danone) Vittel si San Pellegrino (Nestle)

    Repozitionarea Roua Muntilor - Primavara 2009 -

  • repozitionare pe segmentul premium

    Roua Muntilor isi dezvaluie noua identitate pornind de la apartenenta la zona de lifestyle, o zona neexploatata pe piata romaneasca

    Roua Muntilor propune un look elegant, urban si plin de stil

    Se adreseaza celor care se preocupa de imaginea lor, cei care pun pret pe un look mereu actual

    Repozitionarea Roua Muntilor - Primavara 2009 -

  • Repozitionarea Roua Muntilor - Primavara 2009 -

    Semnatura a trei dintre cei mai cunoscuti designeri romani: Catalin Botezatu, Mihai Albu si Kristina Dragomir

  • Repozitionarea Roua Muntilor - Primavara 2009 - Pure Style

    Platforma de comunicare asociaza design-ul sticlei Roua Muntilor cu ideea de accesoriu

    - Focus pe locurile de consum on-premise (consum imediat) de imagine

  • Repozitionarea Roua Muntilor - Primavara 2009 -

    Rochia creata de Catalin Botezatu, o tinuta care abunda in rafinament si eleganta

    Perechea de pantofi Mihai Albu, ce transmite ideea de avangarda si stil

    Palaria Kristinei Dragomir, un accesoriu de un aer sofisticat, cu trasaturi urbane

  • Anul decisiv 2011

  • Conclusions

    Do not ignore the power of naming & packaging

    Branding is not about form, nice identity & colors

    Branding is about:positioningrelevancedifferentiation

    *Romanians are more and more concerned about their health, therefore the sparkling mineral water is more and more appreciated. Starting 1994, mineral water market had the biggest increase in non-alcoholic drinks*The spring is in Valea Zanelor/ Covasna, a non-polluted area, with a long tradition in exploiting the water. Since 1882, the mineral water originated in this area- Horgasz spring has been awarded at Trieste, and this fact demonstrates its quality.Being at 600 m altitude, Covasna has a climate with one of the highest levels of negatives ions in Europe, due to the fir forests.The natural exceptional qualities of the new brand (Roua Muntilor) are kept unchanged by the catching procedure directly from the source and by the bottling in a factory in which 7 million USD were invested for latest technology.

    *awareness, trial, usage, preference for carbonated mineral waterbenefits sought motivations behind consuming circumstances for consuming personality of carbonated mineral waterbrands image (according to benefits sought, motivations, circumstances of consumption and personality)market segments based upon the benefits sought in carbonated mineral water and upon their demographic viewpointthe brands positioning on the marketconsumption and buying habits for carbonated mineral waterattitudes towards health, life values and leisure time activities

    *The name is the best way to position a new brand and the communication should articulate some of the name connotations

    The mineral water category is a very functional one and that is why first of all we have to build the product attribute level and to build a strong positioning around the rational territory*The Purity Seekers as a segment (33,9% from all consumers) differ from the others both in terms of socio-demographic characteristics, but also in terms of lifestyle and attitudes. Socio-demographics younger than averagemore than 70% being aged less than 44 y.o.

    Attitudes towards health sportive, dynamic personsalmost 60% of them (far above average) mentioned that making physical exercises, fitness, jogging, sport is the most helpful way of maintaining their healththey tend to supply their body with vitamins on a regular basis (indexed 136 from the average)

    Consumption habits strongly related to sport and physical activities53,2% consume sparkling water after a physical or mental effort

    **The label was developed having always in mind the premiumness of the brand and the positioningPlastic label, with silver special colorHalf printed label, with the back transparent, as to see through the bottleThe logoThe brand name is always used in layouts together with visual identity elements present on the label- the mountainsThe selling line- Apa minerala pura