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Articles in this issue: The Dilemma of Nationalism; Science in Bygone Times; Analyzing Mental Tendencies; The Art of Self-Expression; Self-Righteousness; The Awakening in Nigeria; and many more...


  • A nalyzingM ental

    T endenciesT w o basic causes o f suffering.

    V A V

    Science in

    Bygone T im e sLost m eanings in familiar objects.

    V A V

    R ein carn atio n , Its A pp ealW h e re from and where to?

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    ' p e a t c v U t t y : M ysticism Science The A rts

    V A V

    T te x tT h e W o rst of H u m a n

    W eaknesses

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    Islamic W o r ld


    S E P T E M B E R

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  • BETWEEN TWO PO IN T SDo G s ^Jou Would fie Done fi\jT H E ab ov e is m ore tlian a moral m axim it is a rule of efficiency tha t

    app l ies to social a n d business correspondence. You dislike vo lum inous letlers w h ich b ury the essential inform ation or facts b e tw een m yriad lines ol unnecessary w ords so do others. A letter, or a book, o r a report th a t is concise a n d th a t relates every w ord to the sub jec t a t h a n d is a lw a y s w elcom e a n d thoroughly read. C a n you im agine a n a t to rney 's brief p repared w i th o u t reference to legal requirem ents or a financial s ta tem ent not confo rm ing to (he rules ol a c c o u n ta n c y ? Your study reports can also be m ade more effective they can present your though ts a n d expressions in a more in t im a te style, il you use the s tu d e n t co rrespondence tablet. 1 his special table t will save you time in w ri t ing , a n d assure you more prom pt replies to your questions . Il h as been carefully designed , w ith the R osicruc ian s tu d e n t s needs in m ind. I lie cover of the table t is a useful b lo tter a n d upon it are p rin ted all of the

    essential ins tructions, as: I O W H O M , W H E R E , an d W H E N T O W R I I E. A t the top ol eac h sheet is p resen ted inform ation for the proper d irection ol your letters. T h e tab le t consists of 50 large business-s ize sheets ol strong, yet light, b o n d paper. O rd e r a table t today. Y ou will b e p leased w i th its adva n tag es . S e n d order a n d rem ittance to:

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  • HELICOPTER LANDS IN ROSICRUCIAN PARKAn incident of especial interest during the recently concluded International Convention was the arrival in Rosicrucian

    Park of the Consul General of Egypt. Abdel M oneim El-Khedry. He was accompanied by the Consul of Egypt, Abdelsalam Mansour. A t the controls was Pilot Don A rm strong, who hovered iust above the ground while hundreds of members from throughout the world crowded about the lawn and applauded the arrival. M r. El-K hedry addressed the Convention session and was enthusiastically received. * A M 0 R V

  • I k ePYRAMIDSPEARSF rom tlie pages of one of the m ost fasc ina ting ancl a cc u ra te acc ou n ts of the

    G r e a t P yram id , comes a revelation of supe r m inds w hose im p ac t u p o n society lias b een felt for cen turies . W h a t w onders lie h id de n in this vast m o n u m e n t ol s to ne? W h a t does it tell us of the fu ture?

    I his ac c o u n t con ta in s references to S c iences latest discovery, th e h id de n su b te r ra n e a n passagew ays of the P y ram id ; it explains the ir secret purpose.

    R E L I V E THE G L O R Y O F A N C I E N T E G Y P T


    The Symbolic Prophecy of the GREAT PYRAMID

    By Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, F. R. C.

    H e re is a concise a n d m ost en l igh ten ing story of the m ysterious race of people w h o b u i l t the G r e a t P yram id . It tells of the mystical pu rpo se b e h in d its cons truc t ionof the great in i t ia t ions th a t w ere held in its c h am b ers a n d u n d e rg ro u n d passagew ays.

    T o the early initiates, the K in g s C h a m b e r w a s the cu lm ina t io n of the ir mystical rites. A cc o rd in g to m odern interpreters of the py ram id s m e asu re m ents a n d prophecies, c iv ilization symbolically h as n ow en tered in to the K in g s C h a m b e r . D oes this m ean the cu lm ina tio n of c iv il iza tion s existence of its progress a n d a d v a n c e m e n t? W h e r e do w e go from here?

    N o reader of this book can fail to grasp the great know ledge possessed by the E gy p tian s , no t only as it w as ap p l ied to the G re a t P y ram id , b u t to m any o ther m agnif icent s truc tures as well. T re a t yourself to the bes to b ta in a copy a t once.

    Only $2.75 (19/9 sterling), including postage.


  • lie f iX Q X S 3 3 3 X S :


    T H E O F F I C I A L I N T E R N A T I O N A L R O S I C R U C I A N M A G A Z I N E O F T H E W O R L D - W I D E R O S I C R U C I A N O R D E R

    Vol. X X X IV SEPTEM BER, 1956

    Helicopter Lands in Rosicrucian Parle (Frontispiece) Thought of the Month: The Dilemma of NationalismScience in Bygone Times................................................Analyzing Mental Tendencies.......................................The 1956 International Rosicrucian ConventionAdjustment to the Tim es................ ..............................Cathedral Contacts: The A rt of Self-Expression.......Self-Righteousness ...................................................... .The Awakening in Nigeria ...........................................Temple Echoes ................................................................Reincarnation, Its Appeal ..............................................Can You Explain This?....................................................Dignitaries Attend Convention (Illustration)..............

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    Published Monthly by the Supreme Council ofTH E R O S IC R U C IA N O R D ER A M O R C

    R O S IC R U C IA N PA R K S A N JO S E , C A L IF O R N IAED ITO R: Frances Vejtasa

    Copyright, 1956, by the Supreme Grand Lodge of AM O RC , Inc. A ll rights reserved.

  • T heRosicrucianD igestSeptem ber1956



    By T H E IM PERA T O R

    a t i o n a l i s m is the sovereignty of a s ta te . In theoiy and practice, it consists of detaching a certain area of the land of the earth from all others by means of p o l i t ic a l boundaries. W ithin these boundaries are set up customs. social orders, and political systems to which the people subscribe their

    allegiance or are obliged to. The nation is thus an entity, which its citizens are to respect above all other states. The people of the state are presumed to be independent of any obligations, laws or proscriptions, established by any other political power. Their power of governm ent is likewise confined to the boundaries of their state and its dependencies.

    W hat are the advantages of these formations of groups of people and thus dividing of the earths surface into nations? Tf we review history, we find that, in most instances, the state, the nation, was at first the result of compulsion rather than choice. Land was a prize that determined the strength and wealth of a people. It provided pasture, crops, water, natural resources, and means of defense. Each individual, family, or tribe sought to seize, bargain for, or purchase and then hold as much land as possible. If the land were rich in resources, the economic welfare of its owners was assured. In the beginning each such society formulated its own laws which mostly had their origin in customs indigenous to the region. These customs and practices were perpetuated because they were in factor seemed

    to bethe best for the people and favorably adapted to the region.The customs in a land became traditional, though often some were obsolete

    in their application to a more advanced period. The tradition acquired an aura of reverence. It became an integral part of the standard of living which, if found substantially beneficial, was respected and revered. The customs, laws, standard of living, and ideals of a people became associated with their own entity. They developed a possessory sense for these things. There w?as likewise often developed a blind allegiance to the things of m y land, my country , or m y people. It was instinctive and yet provincial, and inculcated an isolated point of view. This whole spirit of the defense of that which is incorporated in the word state or nation is better known as patriotism.

    W hat men think best, w'hether it be so in fact or not, they will defend vigorously. They are merely defending w hat they think of in terms of an extension of themselves, their opinions, their p re fe re n c e s , and their ideals. Since the ardent nat