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“This skin condition is most common amongst women between 25 and 60 years of age, however it can occur to both men and women at any stage of life. Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the skin and typically occurs in the fair-skinned category. It is often referred to as ‘the curse of the celts’. However many Asian clients also suffer from this condition.


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2. Visit us at This skin condition is most common amongst women between 25 and 60 years of age 3. Visit us at However, it can occur to both men and women at any stage of life 4. Visit us at Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the skin and typically occurs in the fair-skinned category 5. Visit us at It is often referred to as the curse of the celts. However, many Asian clients also suffer from this condition 6. Visit us at There are four classes of rosacea and they can be categorised as: 7. Visit us at Red face and flushing, sometimes developing into a constant redness around the nose or cheek area 8. Visit us at It is usually symmetrical and gives a butterfly effect 9. Visit us at Red bumps or fluid-filled lesions (like acne) that can occur with or without the red face or flushing 10. Visit us at Rosacea of the eyes (ocular rosacea) usually occurs before the skin changes. The skin may experience a burning sensation 11. Visit us at And the eyes and eyelids may begin to redden and become sore. This an advanced form of Rosacea 12. Visit us at Rhinophyma of the nose involves a slow enlargement of the oil glands which thickens the skin on and around the nose 13. Visit us at This is more common in men and is often confused with alcoholism 14. Visit us at Whilst there is no cure for this condition and it may worsen with time 15. Visit us at If you take measures to control the inflammation, you will notice improvements in your skin! 16. Visit us at Typical rosacea symptoms can include: Persistently red cheeks 17. Visit us at Small, visible facial blood vessel/s 18. Visit us at Small red bumps on the face 19. Visit us at Burning sensation or uncomfortable eyes (advanced) 20. Visit us at Red, bulbous nose (advanced) 21. Visit us at Rosacea occurs when there is an abnormal increase in blood flow to the face 22. Visit us at Some factors that can contribute to worsening the condition include: Hot drinks 23. Visit us at Spicy foods 24. Visit us at Excess sunlight (especially without sun protection) 25. Visit us at Alcohol 26. Visit us at Exercising intensely 27. Visit us at High weather temperatures 28. Visit us at Hot baths/saunas 29. Visit us at Emotional stress 30. Visit us at So what can you do to help control your Rosacea? Use the best makeup to provide effective camouflage! 31. Visit us at Synergie Minerals Redness Correct camouflage will remove visible redness for the entire day 32. Visit us at Use Uberzinc every day! It is your daily moisturizer and sun protection 33. Visit us at And will save your skin from UVA and UVB trauma which will contribute to the inflammation 34. Visit us at Zinc oxide is also a natural Anti-inflammatory 35. Visit us at Vitamin B serum is effective for increasing the strength of the skin and reducing inflammation 36. Visit us at Vitamin A regulates the formation of healthy blood vessels 37. Visit us at Retinol molecular film fluid in Synergie Vitamin A serum is the gentlest and most effective way of delivering vitamin A to the skin 38. Visit us at Avoid hot drinks and spicy foods which may increase the blood flow in your face 39. Visit us at Avoid facial products that contain irritants such as SLS, camphor, sorbic acid 40. Visit us at Or alcohol which may irritate the skin and worsen the condition 41. Visit us at Try Synergies Dermacalm Anti-redness serum 42. Visit us at This active serum has be specifically formulated to calm irritated skin prone to redness and flushing 43. Visit us at Use sparingly once or twice daily under your moisturiser 44. Visit us at Apply De-Stress as your moisturiser in the evening 45. Visit us at Pure olive Squalene and sea buckthorn oil is excellent for calming irritated skin 46. Visit us at Reduce stress levels as best you can! 47. Visit us at If you suffer from Rosacea, there are some clinical treatments that can help 48. Visit us at Book a consultation with our Lotus nurses to discuss which line of treatment will be best for your skin on (07) 5509 4488