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The Grammar School Putney Vermont Publication


  • Winter 2014

    The Grammar School

  • 2 the grammar school

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the fall 2013 edition of Roots & Wings,The Grammar Schools publication de-signed to highlight and celebrate the vast accomplishments and noteworthy undertakings of our students, faculty,alumni, and friends.

    This has been an exciting and particularlybusy fall for TGS as we have embarked on a number of new initiatives. From ournew afterschool program, The Power ofDiscovery, to our community dinners, tothe development of a new website, TGS

    has been busy. Perhaps most exciting has been the collaborativework of the community to create a new Strategic Plan, which willhelp guide The Grammar Schools direction and energy for thenext five years. We are slated to finish our aspirational and realis-tic Strategic Plan before the Board of Trustees reconvenes inJanuary. I am confident that this plan addresses important issuesfacing TGS, while also assuring that the magic of our traditionsand incredibly strong school culture will remain as vibrant as ever.

    As the new Head of School, I have enjoyed countless conversa-tions with faculty, parents, students, alumni, and friends of TGS,and I am continually impressed with the imprint a TGS educationhas on the lives of our students and their families. TGS providesthe first educational experiences for many young minds, and creates a strong platform for academic success in our alumni, asstudents leave with both a love for learning and honed criticalthinking skills.

    I am confident that with the strong leadership of our talentedBoard of Trustees, our exceptional faculty and staff, and the commitment of our alumni and friends, TGS is well poised to stay vibrant and healthy for years to come.


    Dan J. Marchetti, P 24Head of School

    message from the head

    Printed on recycled paper 100% post consumer, PCF

    Faculty and StaffDan Marchetti, Head of School P 24

    Phil Blood P 23Karen Blumberg

    Charlie Boswell P 13Ken Brautigam P 11,13

    Carol Cutts P 01Ponnie Derby P 97

    Sara Dunbar Laurie Fichter P 04,06

    Johanna Gardner P 08, 10Debby Gray P 02

    Chris Harlow P 96, 98, 99Paul Hop Hopkins 19, 21

    David Hull P 19, 21Liz Jackson P 19, 21Linda Kosiba P 02, 04

    Alli Lubin Libby McCawley P 07, 09Eve McDermott P 06, 08

    Tara Meinhard 88 Mary Heller Osgood 68 P 95, 97

    Nick Racco P 15, 17Hannah Richards

    Kathy Richardson 67, P 02, 03, 05 Tracy Rodriguez P 13, 15

    Suzanne Rubinstein P 14, 17, 18Jessica Sardinas P 20, 22Jared Stolper P 11, 15

    Emily Weinberg P 17, 19Tammy Neathawk P 14, 16

    Board of Trustees 20132014Chris Adams P 17Walpole, NH

    Julie Burns Vice Chair P 19, 24 Walpole, NHPeter Eden, Chair P 22Walpole, NH

    Kevin Frietas P 14(NG), 17Guilford, VTErika Gustafson 91Medford, MA Peter Howe P 03, 06 Alstead, NHMarcia Leader P 82, 85Putney, VTMaggie Smith P 90, 93Putney, VTBeth Stickney P 19Bellows Falls, VT

    Natalie Thomson P 13, 15Walpole, NHEric Velto P 21Bellows Fall, VT

    Trustees Emeritus/Co-foundersGeorge and Kitty Shumlin P 69, 70, 74Roy (Dick)* and Dottie Richardson

    P 63, 67, 68, 69, 74, 76 * deceased

    Editors:Mary Heller Osgood and Dan Marchetti

    Photography: David Hull, Suzanne Rubinstein, Zach Caldwell, Mary Heller Osgood,

    and other submissions.

    Design/production:Susan Kochinskas, Flocksholm Design

    Cover photo:David Hull

    The Grammar School 69 Hickory Ridge Road, Putney, VT 05346

    ContentsNew Faces at TGS .........3

    Ecuador Projects...........4

    Focus on Ecuador at TGS.......................5

    School Field Trips.........6

    The Grammar SchoolInstalls Wood PelletSystem ......................8

    Seventh GradeParticipates inVermont State Woolly Adelgid Study ........................9

    Medieval Faire ............10

    Third Grade Poetry ....14

    Olympic Skier VisitsTGS Fourth Grade ..14

    TGS Preschool TeacherKen Brautigam, P 11,13, Named 2013Early Child Educatorof the Year byWindham Childcare................15

    XCRunning at TGS.....16


    TGS Student Highlights20132014..............19

    The Power of DiscoveryAfter School STEMProgram: WhereChildren Learn byDoing! .....................20

    News from TheDevelopment Office......................20

    Fourth Annual ForeignLanguage Night atTGS.........................21

    A Special Evening toCelebrate TGS andGive Thanks ...........22

    The Grammar SchoolGraduation June 13,2013 ........................23

    Obituaries ...................25

    Alumni Notes andPhotos Fall 2013.....26

    On the cover: New Head of School, Dan Marchettiwith Sam Elliot 17 and Ava Clarke 17

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    The Grammar School welcomes new members to its community,as well as previous faculty and staff with new responsibilities.Dan Marchetti began his tenure as Head of School in July; PeterEden, President of Landmark College, is the new chair of theBoard of Trustees; and Hannah Richards is the new art teacher.David Hull, who was a half year fifth grade substitute last spring,is the technology coordinator, and Liz Jackson, Spanish teacher,has added fifth grade Spanish classes to her position.

    Welcome from TGS Board Chair Peter Eden

    The Board of Trustees of The Grammar School joins you in thiscelebration of community that occurs through Roots & Wings.We have so much to recognize and honor, and this terrific publi-cation is but just one way we display the strengths of TGS.

    Trustees have a duty of care and a duty of loyalty to TGS. In ourduty of care we provide oversight to TGS and strive to ensure thatgood judgment occurs with any decision or initiative. In our dutyof loyalty, allegiance to TGS is of paramount importance, as weare careful to put the best interest of the School ahead of all else.

    This is an important time for TGS to have a board committed tothe duties of care and loyalty. Head of School Dan Marchetti is offto a very good start, and the excellent faculty and staff of TGS areworking hard to strengthen existing traditions and elements ofthe School, while simultaneously creating a bold but achievablestrategic plan that we believe will create a TGS that best serves thestudents of today and those of tomorrow.

    TGS has an enduring ethos built on our ability to shape younglearners and provide an exquisitely balanced overall student expe-rience. This success has continued even in times of economicchallenge. An ability to provide excellence for our students underany conditions is a wonderful, rare quality but imagine whatTGS could do if financial strength were truly ensured througheven greater support to this important non-profit private institu-tion. Imagine what a gift it would be to Dan, the faculty and staff,the founders and the many past and present TGS donors, and es-pecially the students, if we all lived up to this duty of care and loy-alty and put TGS at the very top of the list when consideringphilanthropic support each year. That added support, combinedwith the pervading sense of goodness that comes from the cam-pus and the community, will allow TGS to reach new heights andchange even more lives every day.

    Thank you for your support of TGS. It is our duty, as a commu-nity, to keep this important institution strong and vibrant as weevolve to meet our goals.

    With kind regards,Peter Eden, Ph.D., P 22

    David Hull, Technology CoordinatorDavid Hull, father of Lucy, 22, and Zinnia,20, is the new technology coordinator atTGS. He has taken over from Alli Lubin,who was eager to focus exclusively on herbusy job as music director. David had beenthe fifth grade teacher since January 2013,filling in for Charlie Boswell, who was on ahalf year sabbatical.

    The school was in the process of changing its internet service andemail platform, and since the beginning of the fall, TGS has gottena fiber optic internet line that allows multiple users to access theinternet. David has provided leadership for The Grammar Schoolfaculty and staff to use a new Google email platform that enablesthem to connect with each other more readily.

    Davids expertise, optimism, and continual good humor havemade him an invaluable addition to TGS.

    Hannah Richards, Art Teacher Hannah Richards, the new art teacher atTGS, has experience teaching kindergartenthrough college level art students. Her goalis to encourage the serious work of play inher classroom. In her own studio, Hannahmakes drawings, paintings, and mono-prints about contingency and opposition,and thinks about the intersection of scien-tific inquiry with art. Hannahs work has

    been exhibited locally and internationally, and she is the recipientof both a Schultz Foundation grant and a Kahn Liberal ArtsInstitute Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship. For the past ten years, shehas been involved in developing non-toxic and sustainable print-making techniques for professional artists.

    For her first multi-grade art project, Hannah had students designand paint a mural. All first through eighth graders participated inthe activity, which portrays a lively, welcoming tree at the entranceto the main building.

    New Faces at TGS

  • With Ecuador as this years Global Education Theme, it hasbeen a focus for the first interdisciplinary art projects of theyear. Public art in Ecuador is common, and often governmentfunded; in keeping with that theme, each class has worked on amural at the entryway to the cubby room in the lower school.


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