Roof integrated Photovoltaic Systems - Roof integrated Photovoltaic Systems THE CLEVER SUBCONSTRUCTION CONCEPT FOR ROOF RENOVATIONS AND NEW BUILDINGS

Download Roof integrated Photovoltaic Systems -   Roof integrated Photovoltaic Systems THE CLEVER SUBCONSTRUCTION CONCEPT FOR ROOF RENOVATIONS AND NEW BUILDINGS

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<ul><li><p></p><p>Roof integrated Photovoltaic Systems </p><p>T H E C L E V E R S U B C O N S T R U C T I O N C O N C E P T </p><p>F O R R O O F R E N O VAT I O N S A N D N E W B U I L D I N G S</p></li><li><p>The integrated solutionfor your solar roof.</p><p> Are you looking to renovate the roof of your building since corrosion, storm damage, </p><p> or pollutants have left their marks? </p><p> Are you interested in an economical alternative for immediate asbestos removal </p><p> from your corrugated roof? </p><p> Are you planning to build a new home?</p><p>Then our new subconstruction concept is the ideal solution for you!</p><p>The photovoltaic modules are installed directly onto the sheet metal roof (different variants) with an </p><p>integrated rail system. This gives you a double benefit: You gain a new roof and save the costs for an </p><p>elaborate subconstruction for fastening the modules.</p><p>The advantages at a glance</p><p> Easy and economical installation of a partially integrated PV roof system </p><p> Licensed installer of First Solar thin-film modules </p><p> All frame systems are suitable for nearly all roof inclinations</p><p> No additional penetration of the roof required </p><p> Lengths of up to 13.5 m, special lengths on request</p><p> No rail system required</p></li><li><p>The assembling systemin detail.</p><p>A broad range of accessories and extensions are available for the special frame system. Given </p><p>its geometry and the use of the INTEGRA clip, you can install your photovoltaic module directly </p><p>onto the roof using module clamps alone. That means there is no need for a rail system. The </p><p>system has been developed to use the innovative thin-film technologies. The low operative </p><p>weight, high annual</p><p>energy yields and the self-cleaning effect of thin-film modules make the technology a strong </p><p>partner. Naturally, all variants are approved for use with First Solar thin-film PV-modules. First Solars </p><p>warranty policy and the take-back and recycling program are fully valid.</p><p>The same requirements apply to the supporting roof subconstruction as for conventional trapezoidal </p><p>sheet roofs. Special accessories such as coatings for roof penetration, filler profiles and stainless </p><p>steel module clips allow individual configuration of your roof.</p><p>BELECTRIC does not perform the renovation, disposal and new covering of your roof. Instead, we or our </p><p>partners arrange the appropriate disposal companies and roof renovators.</p><p>The sheet metal roof for partially-integrated solutions </p><p>with no roof penetration!</p><p>Technical Data</p><p>Crown distance: 303.7 mm</p><p>Sheet thickness: 0.75 mm</p><p>CEIAB: Submitted</p><p>CSTB: Submitted</p><p>Total width: 911 mm</p><p>Standard lengths: Up to 13.5 m</p><p>Material: Steel, galvanized</p><p>Polyester-coated: 25 m</p><p>911 mm</p></li><li><p>Being the fi rst company to install more than 1.5GWp of</p><p>solar power worldwide BELECTRIC supplies more than</p><p>1 million people with the energy from the sun.</p><p>The better electric.</p><p></p><p>Rev.</p><p> 201</p><p>6_04</p><p>23_E</p><p>N</p><p>BELECTRIC PV-Dachsysteme Thringen GmbHAm Unterwege 7 </p><p>99610 Smmerda, Germany </p><p>Phone +49 3634-31456-0Fax +49 3634-31456-11 </p><p></p></li></ul>