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  • Romeo and Juliet Comic Strip

    Criteria for comic strip project

    1. Time and Effort is evident in the

    comic strip.

    2. The comic strip shows a good deal of


    3. The content in the comic strip is

    directly relatable to the play

    4. Contains a Written Analysis of the

    comic strip

    Written Analysis, a detailed paragraph that


    1. How does your comic strip illustrate

    your character’s personality?

    2. How did you represent the

    characters in your comic strip?

    3. Why did you choose these


    Paragraph Format, your paragraph should include...

    1. A hook

    2. Main commentary on your comic strip (see the Written Analysis above)

    3. A concluding sentence that leaves the readers satisfied with a better

    understanding of your character.

    4. Should be at least 7 sentences long.