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Roman Empire. The Early Empire Life in Ancient Rome The Fall of Rome. What did Augustus achieve?. For centuries the Mediterranean region had been filled with conflict – he began to get it under the control of one empire How did he do that? 150,000 professional soldiers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Early EmpireLife in Ancient RomeThe Fall of Rome

  • What did Augustus achieve?For centuries the Mediterranean region had been filled with conflict he began to get it under the control of one empireHow did he do that?150,000 professional soldiers9,000 Praetorian Guard (notice the root word, I wonder why it is praetor?)

  • What else?His legions conquered many new territories (Spain, Gaul (France), Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria map text p. 292 A.D. 14)Rebuilt RomeStately palaces, fountains, splendid public buildings (I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble) see picture text p. 287Arts flourished as never before

  • Theres more he did?Imported grain to feed population (less likely to cause trouble)Improved Romes governmentProconsul (governor) for each Roman province (they replaced politicians who had been chosen by the Senate)Traveled to provinces to see how things are going

  • Changes made by Augustus (causes and effects)C: builds professional army - E: adds conquered territories to empireC: imported grain E: reduced hungerC: new professional governors E: improved local governmentC: tax collectors were made government workers - E: increased amount of money controlled by government

  • EQ #1 How did Augustus begin Pax Romana?Permanent professional army Restored Romes splendorImported grain to feed the hungry poorAppointed a proconsul for each provinceReformed tax systemHis armies conquered new territories

  • Who follows Augustus and how does that work out?A mixed bag of rulers some good and others were very badCaligula mental illness caused him to act strangely and treat people cruelly (text p. 288)Nero another vicious man, fiddled while Rome burned (text p. 288)

  • OK, so Neros dead and the good emperors are coming what happens in between?Mt Vesuvius/PompeiiTime Traveler text p. 290Linking Past and Present text p. 290Google images of Pompeii/Mt. Vesuvius

  • What made the good emperors good?Agriculture flourishedTrade increasedStandard of living roseThough they overshadowed the Senate more than ever, they did not abuse their power Named trained officials to carry out their orders

    S rank these in order of importance 4 corners for most important defend why

  • Give me some details of what they did to help the peopleTrajan gave money to help poor parents raise and educate their childrenHadrian made Roman law easier to understand and applyAntoninus Pius passed laws to help orphansAll of the emperors supported public building projects (arches, monuments, bridges, road, harbors, aqueducts)

  • How does it work for most people?Most people were farmers who grew olives, grapes, and grain (both small estates and latifundia)Others were artisans who traded with others inside and outside the Roman EmpireA gap existed between rich merchants, shopkeepers, and skilled workers and poor farmers and city dwellers

  • The empire becomes its largestUnder the good rulers (Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius) the empire flourished Under Trajan it becomes its largest - spreading well beyond the Mediterranean including Britain in the north and part of Mesopotamia in the east (see map p. 293)Hadrian realizes it is too big to manage and pulls troops back from most of Mesopotamia, in Europe he sets the empires northern borders at the Rhine and Danube Rivers (see map p. 293, also built Hadrians wall - Exploring Hadrians Wall p. 292, google Hadrians Wall)

  • What keeps it all together?The empire was unified by:Roman lawRoman ruleShared identity as RomansRoman culture had been carried into every province by soldiers who protected the empire and by officials who were sent to govern. Romans were generous in granting citizenship

    5 min Draw each & describe drawing to partner

  • EQ #2 What made the empire rich and prosperous?system of roads 50,000 miles long (oh of how they were made; reasons roads were important)seas naval protection and ports allowed trade to flourishaqueductscommon currency allows trade to be easy all throughout the empirestandard system of weights and measures

    Rank in importance 4 corners defend why