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Roman Empire. The Fall of Rome. EQ #1 What began the weakening of the Roman Empire?. Dishonest govt officials results in poor leadership Social problems Declining economy with falling wages and tax revenues. Dishonest govt. officials results in poor leadership. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Roman EmpireThe Fall of Rome

  • EQ #1 What began the weakening of the Roman Empire?Dishonest govt officials results in poor leadershipSocial problems Declining economy with falling wages and tax revenues

  • Dishonest govt. officials results in poor leadershipThere were a series of rulers who grew weaker and weakeri.e. Commodus was cruel, wasted money, and spent much of his time fighting as a gladiatorA series of rulers called Severans spent much of their time putting down revolts and protecting Romes borders. They stayed in power by paying the army well, but ignored the growing problems of poverty and crimeThen a series of army leaders fought each other for the throne (does history repeat itself?)

  • Social ProblemsFewer Romans honored the old ideals of duty courage, honesty (our moral values declining?)Govt officials took bribes (us, too?)Talented people refused to serve in govt (reduced executive pay)Fewer people attended schoolLarge number of the empires people are slaves and wealthy Romans supported slavery (cheap labor; see p. 319 The Way it Was)VALUES MATTER

  • Social problems cont.Famine and disease spread throughout the empirePlague

  • Declining economy with falling wages and tax revenuesIncome and wages fallPeople buy fewer goods businesses lose money businesses close and workers lose jobs workers enter army Wealthy fail to pay taxesResult? Inflation and govt cant pay army so they put less gold in coins coins lose value prices go so high people stop using money and barter (and p. 320 Distrust of Money connect to trust of today)

  • Dang, thats a lot to handle, when do the bad guys start coming?In the west Germanic tribes raid Roman farms and townsEast Persians push into Roman territoryRome doesnt have enough soldiers so they began using Germanic warriors in their army (wonder if they are loyal to Rome?)

  • OK, so review what just happened (and answers EQ #1)1. Dishonest government officials result in poor government THEN2. There are a bunch of social problems THEN3. The economy declines with falling wages and declining tax revenues

  • EQ #2 What caused Rome to fall?Different leaders try different things, but eventually the empire gets divided into 2 parts (Western and Eastern Empires)Increasing violence within the empireAttacks by invadersFall of last emperor in AD 476

  • The Walls Start Crumblin DownAD 284 Diocletians reformsDivides it into 4 partsWorks to boost economy (sets prices and wages Jimmy Carter), orders workers to stay at same job until they die (to make sure goods are produced)How you think its gonna work out? Would you follow rules like this?

  • Uh, things dont look good now what?AD 305 Constantine (general who becomes emperor)Orders a bunch of economic changes, but this doesnt change the economy so he moves the capital to a new city in the east Then named Byzantium, changed to Constantinople, now called Istanbul (Turkey)Builds Hippodrome (google)Constantine the Great p. 321 (read all + Teacher notes)

  • Here come the bad guysWe had 4 parts, then Constantine moves the capital, now Theodosius divides the empire into 2 parts. This is THE big moveWestern empire (capital Rome), falls AD 476Eastern empire (capital Constantinople), lasts 1,000 more years

    See map p. 323

  • Rome is invadedGermanic tribes (Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Franks, Vandals, Angles, and Saxons) goths, vandalism, WASPWhy?Searching for warmer climate to graze their cattleDrawn by Romes wealth and cultureFleeing the Huns

    See Rome is Attacked p. 322

  • Whats Rome gonna do?Huns are on the march, so Visigoths ask Rome for protection. Emperor lets them settle just inside the border in return for a promise to be loyal to RomeThe Romans treat them badly (make them pay higher prices for food, kidnap and enslave many)

  • Yeah, thats gonna work outVisigoths defeat Rome in a battle and Rome has to surrender land to them (AD 378)Tribes now know Rome cannot defend herselfThey gradually march toward RomeAD 410 Visigoth leader (Alaric) captures Rome, burns records, loots treasury. 1st time Rome has been conquered in 800 years

  • I remember something about Vandals why did they get the bum rap? (or did they earn the title)AD 455 Vandals enter Rome and spend 12 days stripping buildings of everything, valuable and burning them. Vandalism has come to mean the willful destruction of property

  • What is the final event that most historians call the Fall of Rome? 1st of all, its only the fall of the Western Roman Empire cuz, remember the Eastern Empire goes for 1,000 more years, but most people dont really think about thatWell, a series of Germans hold positions in Romes army and govt for a long timeFinally, AD 476 Odoacer overthrows the Roman emperor and no emperor ever ruled from Rome.

  • OK, but youve been saying the Eastern Empire lasts for 1,000 years

    Its known as the Byzantine Empire and Christianity really takes off from there (remember Constantine?), but we arent going to study that part of history

  • OK, you lost me long time ago. What was EQ #2 and what is the answer?

    EQ #2 What caused Rome to fall?

    Different leaders try different things, but eventually the empire gets divided into 2 partsIncreasing violence within the empireAttacks by invadersFall of last emperor in AD 476

  • Cant you just draw me a picture?You asked for it, you get it see page 318

  • Heres the big question: so what? (EQ #3 What is Romes legacy?)Our language/words/their writers and literatureGovernment/lawsKnowledge of engineering Religion (Christianity)Oh, yeah, you also got stuff like roads, water supply (aqueducts), and Julian calendar

  • languageUsed their alphabet, but expanded it from 22 26 letters Latin shaped Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese, Romanian, and EnglishMany English words come from LatinScientists, doctors, and lawyers still use Latin phrasesEvery species of plant and animal has a Latin nameWe still admire the works of writers like Virgil, Horace, Livy and Tacitus (the last 2 are historians I didnt tell you about)

  • Government/lawsRepublic (which both believe is the best system of government)Government works best if people do their duty, participate in government and work to make their society betterPeople are equal under the lawJudges are to decide cases fairlyYou are considered innocent until proven guilty

  • You said, engineering? We dont use aqueductsConcreteArchitectural style in public buildingsState and federal capitals have many domes and arches