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  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Bureau Of Indian Standards LITD-10 CIM WG-3

    Role of CIM in Smart Grid Initiatives and Standards Related

    Activities in India

    Prof. Khaparde, President BIS LITD-10 CIM WG-3 Jose Thomas, Secretary, BIS LITD-10 CIM WG-3 Pradeep Kumar, Member, BIS LITD-10 CIM WG-3

  • Bureau of Indian Standards


    Current Implementation status of CIM Role of CIM on Planned RAPDRP & Smart Grid

    Pilots Standards Activities on CIM as part of Bureau of

    Indian Standards Terms of Reference Sub Group Details Work in Progress Road Map of Activities


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Implementation status of CIM in Indian Power Utilities

    Implementation at very initial stages

    IEC-61970 and IEC-61968 standards specified as the integration standards in the model RFP for R-APDRP by Ministry of Power Govt. of India

    Restructured - Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Program (R-APDRP) Restructuring of State Owned Power Distribution Utilities to

    minimize Aggregate Technical and Commercial Losses which is close to 25-30%

    Fund of 2.5 Billion $ for SCADA and IT Implementation for around 20 Utilities

    Standard IT, SCADA stack for all 20 Utilities. Each Utility will award the project to one of the empanelled

    system Integrator through a bidding process. Many Projects are already awarded and implementations on the


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    RAPDRP - Restructure Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Program Standard IT Stack

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    RAPDRP - Restructure Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Program Standard IT Modules

    Sl.No Systems

    1 Meter Data Acquisition

    2 Energy Audit

    3 New Connection

    4 Disconnection & Dismantling

    5 GIS based customer Indexing and asset mapping

    6 GIS based integrated network analysis module

    7 Centralized Customer Care Services

    8 Management Information System (MIS)

    9 Web Self Service

    10 Identity and Access Management system

    11 System Security Requirement

    12 Development of Commercial Database of Consumers

    13 Billing

    14 Collections

    15 Metering

    16 Asset Management

    17 Maintenance Management

    18 Enterprise Service Bus

  • Bureau of Indian Standards


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    R-APDRP SCADA-IT Integration

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Indian Smart Grid Task Force About ISGTF The India Smart Grid Task Force is an inter ministerial group and will serve as government focal point for activities related to SMART GRID.

    The Main functions of ISGTF pertaining to Smart Grid are:

    To ensure awareness coordination and integration of diverse activities related to Smart Grid Technologies. Practices & services for reasearch & development of SMART GRID. Coordination and integrate other relevant inter governmental activities. Collaborate on interoperability framework. Review & validate recommendations from India Smart Grid Forum etc.

    Five Working groups have been constituted to takeup the different task related to SMART GRID activities i.e.

    WG1 Trials/Pilot on new technologies. WG2 Loss reduction and theft, data gathering and analysis. WG3 Power to rural areas and reliability & quality of power to urban areas. WG4 Dist Generation & renewable. WG5 Physical cyber security, Standards and Spectrum.

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Planned Smart Grid Pilots

    Smart Grid Pilot Bangalore Electricity Supply Company(BESCOM)

    Pilot Scope

    Smart Metering based on DLMS-COSEM

    Demand Side Management, Home Area Network

    Enterprise Asset Management

    Solar PV Integration

    SCADA-DMS Integration

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Standardization Activities Under Bureau of Indian Standards

    Dedicated Working Group on CIM- WG-3 Under LITD-10 Committee on Power System Control and Associated Communication

    Role of CIM WG-3

    Build Application Use Cases for use of CIM

    Localization Requirements of CIM

    As is Adoption of CIM

    Extension of CIM Models

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Use Case Documents

    Extended CIM Models, CIM Profile for use cases

    BIS LITD-10

    Sub Group-1 Standard Adoption, Participation & Contribution

    Sub Group-2 Localization, CIM Model Enhancement

    Sub Group-3 Application Use Cases, Interoperability Events









    Utilities, OEMs, Implementers and Validation Labs (CPRI)

    Use Case Documents, Industry Priorities

    Localization Priorities

    BIS CIM WG-3

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Terms Of Reference BIS LITD-10 WG-3

    a) CIM WG will mirror the IEC TC 57 working group 13,14 and 16 of for contributing on the standards IEC-61970, IEC-61968 and IEC-62325, under LITD 10 Sectional Committee of BIS.

    b)Identify use case and applications scenarios for the above

    International Standards with respect to the local industry and work towards goal to create benchmark power system model for Indian Power system for testing applications and training operators.

    c)Localize Common Information Models with respect to the regional

    requirements. d)Identify CIM profile for exchanging model instances between

    different utilities, and between control centers. e) Provide guidelines and companion standards for adopting the above

    standards and their sub-standards as National Standards 15

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Terms Of Reference BIS LITD-10 WG-3

    f)Propose new work items to the existing working groups for covering up the gaps exists within the standard which is relevent to both a National and International scenario.

    g) Participate in IEC WG 13,14 and 16 to press / involve in India specific

    requirement discussions, and adoption of certain Indian Companion Specifications into International Standards

    h) Evaluate ongoing and proposed IT systems (R-APDRP) Integration

    scenarios and help SCADA and IT Vendors and Utilities in standardization through CIM.

    i) Organize CIM Inter-operability demonstration activities for Indian

    Utilities and Vendors, to enable adoption and expand the areas for further work / localisation.

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Proposed Road Map

    CIM Adoption Plan

    CIM Localization Plan

    Application Use Case Plan

    CIM Interoperability guidelines

    Participation in TC-57 WGs


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    CIM Adoption Plan Activities

    Literature Survey &

    Prioritization (H2 2010)

    Adoption Criteria/Filter

    (H2 2010)


    as it is

    (H1 2011)

    Adoption with companion standards

    (H1 2012 )


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    CIM Localization Plan Activities

    Model Extensions for Regulated Market

    Mechanism(ABT) (H1 2011)

    Exchange profile for regulated and de-regulated

    market participants (H2 2011)

    Model extension for Load Shedding (H1 2012)


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Application Use Case Plan Activities

    For Model Exchange

    EMS & LDC (H2 2010)

    For Data Exchange IEC-61970

    GID (H2 2011)

    For Data Exchange IEC-61968 Messages (H1 2012)

    Release of General Use

    Case Guidelines (H2 2012)


  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Activity Internal Deliverable

    Sub Group-1 Literature Survey List of Applicable Standards, their current status , edition details

    Check List for adaptation Check List Document

    Identifying standards for adopting as it is Report on Adoption as it is

    Identifying Localization Needs Report on Localization Priorities

    Comments on new WIP in TC-13,TC-14,TC-16 Consolidated comments

    Sub Group-2 Example CIM Power System Model creation for Indian Transmission System Operation

    Sample Model of Transmission Power System based on CIM CPSM

    Draft CIM Model for Scheduling Transactions

    developing extensions for regulated structure within ABT, Sample Model for scheduling transaction

    Model Exchange Profile between Transco's EMS CIM RDFS profile document

    Model Exchange Profile between Transco EMS and Load Dispatch Applications CIM RDFS profile document

    Sub Group-3

    Use case of application of CIM models for Transmission System Operation(between EMS) Use Case Document

    Use case of application of Information & models between NLDC's and RLDC's Use Case Document

    Use Cases for Information Exchange between RLDC's and SLDC's Use Case Document

    Use Cases for Information Exchange between LDC's and other stake holders Use Case Document

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Scope of Application Use Cases for use of CIM Regional Load Dispatch Centers

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    CIM Extension for Availability Based Tariff Mechanism

    One of the Class Diagram for CIM Extensions for Tariff Model based on ABT

  • Bureau of Indian Standards

    Dkuji Thank You

    Prof. Khaparde, President BIS LITD-10 CIM WG-3, Jose Thomas, Secretary, BIS LITD-10 CIM WG-3, Pradeep Kumar, Member, BIS LITD-10 CIM WG-3,