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<ul><li><p>8/11/2019 Rohlig New Zealand Celebrates its 25th Anniversary</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Rohlig New Zealand Celebrates its 25th Anniversary</p><p>The owner run logistics company Rhlig in New Zealand which was founded in Germany in 1852becomes a uarter of a century old!</p><p>Auckland, New Zealand, September !, 2! " ## This year, Rhlig New Zealand celebrates its</p><p>25th anniversary in Auckland. Rhlig New Zealand, who owns three branches and em loys !"eo le in New Zealand, has been mastering the growing com le#ity o$ global $reight $orwarding $ora %uarter o$ a century.</p><p>&amp;n '()(, the owner run logistics com any Rhlig, $ounded in ')52 in *remen, +ermany, started itssubsidiary in the romising New Zealand market. Rhlig New Zealand s $irst branch o ened inAuckland and in 2""', Rhlig e# anded with the -ellington branch. &amp;n 2""), the hristchurchbranch $ollowed and ever since the com any has e# erienced a considerable su ly chain evolution.All services are based on core com etencies in the $ields o$ sea $reight, air $reight, ro/ect logistics,warehousing and su ly chain management.</p><p>lients bene$it $rom Rhlig as a su lier, who can manage the su ly chain $rom re0manu$acturingto $inal delivery, all at the highest %uality ossible. &amp;t has signi$icantly e# anded its network inrecent years, articularly in the emerging economies o$ Asia and 1outh America. urthermore, incountries where Rhlig does not have its own o$$ices, it has agreements with selected local artners.</p><p>The com any rovides services $or many vertical or industry0s eci$ic manu$acturers 3like wine andseeds $or many $amous New Zealand brands. &amp;n addition, Rhlig is active in the $ast0movingcommodity markets o$ electronics, $urniture and $ood roducts $or both local and globalconsum tion. Rhlig s ort$olio is thus re ared $or New Zealand s economic growth by 4 yearlyover the ne#t $ive years. The com any combines a strong customer $ocus with high0%ualitystandards and state0o$0the0art technology. &amp;n the &amp;T sector, the subsidiary Rhlig blue0net o$$ersindividual inter$aces and web solutions.</p><p>Andrew Antono oulos, 6anaging 7irector o$ Rhlig New Zealand 8td.9 &amp;n 25 years a lot haschanged. -e o$$er our New Zealand customers a long0term artnershi and ongoing su ort in$acing global logistics challenges, such as com le# legislation, high com etition as well asenvironmental and $inancial issues. This is the reason why Rhlig $ocuses on steady im rovementand the highest %uality.</p><p>Contact 9 Rhlig New Zealand, Rhlig New Zealand 8td., 6anaging 7irector, $r% AndrewAntonopoulos , Tel.9 :!; ( 255 '</p></li></ul>